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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Notes on JFK assassination:

Detective Gus Rose said that he went to Ruth Payne's home to question Oswald's wife Marina about his ownership of a rifle, asking her to show him where the rifle was. Marina led them out to the garage, where she confirmed the identity of Oswald's rifle, wrapped in a blanket. Ruth Payne confirmed her own shock at discovering this, as she was unaware that he owned a rifle. Meanwhile back at the TSBD, police had already found Oswald's rifle, initially identified by a gun shop owner as a German Mauser, later re-identified as an Italian Manliker Carcano??

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hitler's New World Order

Nazis - The Occult Conspiracy - Complete:

This film reveals how Hitler was recruited as a young German soldier in the aftermath of WW1 to infiltrate a radical left wing group of political extremists. Unbeknown to him, he was recruited as a Rothschild agent. Once inside the group he'd found all the hallmarks of Illuminati indoctrination. The group was not as communist as he'd expected to find, but was instead actually extremely right wing, masquerading as something totally different. Inside the group Hitler heard radical right wing ideology and increasingly liked what he had heard. This had sewn the seeds for what was to become Hitler's New World Order. Rising to lead the group, it soon became known as the Nazi Party. It grew to encapsulate all the doctrines of the Illuminati agenda first implemented by Adam Weishaupt as instructed by Rothschild in 1770s Bavaria. The operation to build the Nazi war machine was entirely funded by the Rockefeller's and associated interests.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

20th Century countdown to an esoteric luciferian agenda

In 1947 US president Harry S. Truman signed the The National Security Act. This was to have a significant impact on world events thereafter. What this effectively did was to hand the US over to what is known today as "The Shadow or Secret Government". This was to be administered by the newly formed CIA, now that the US had raided all the remnants of Nazi Germany, including their entire scientific and technological research expertise, in a program that became known as "Project Paperclip". Of course, one might argue that the US president would not willingly submit the national sovereignty of the USA to these people. However, if the president already knew that it was his dutiful right and destiny to place the tenancy of the nation into the hands of these people, then he would gladly and obligingly do so.

The USA was founded by, established by, and a constitution written by Freemasons. Almost all signatories of the constitution were masons, old including wooden teeth, George Washington. He knew and was indeed informed that the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated and taken dominance in the freemasonry. Harry S. Truman was a 33+ Freemason and was duty bound to fulfill his role to his brethren. Mission indeed was accomplished on that day in 1947. Global dominance was next on the Illuminati agenda. Of course, this was just advancement to another stage. The objectives had been set as far back as 1776. Prior to Truman, other US presidents had expressed fearful dismay, once they'd learned their true function and destiny once they'd entered the Whitehouse. Woodrow Wilson was inconsolable when he'd learned that he'd been deceived into handing over powers to wealthy elites in 1913 as was planned during a secret meeting of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds at JP Morgans secluded estate on Jekyll Island, close to Georgia. The US Supreme Courts had just denied these bankers a new tax, and had previously been refused it on a number of prior occasions, declaring the tax on labor as unlawful, ever since the elites had assassinated Abraham Lincoln for his attempts to introduce Government issued currency. This tax is still to this day "unlawful". US citizens DO NOT have to pay tax on their labor. If a taxpayer is brought before the courts for not paying taxes, then they can request that the sitting judge shows them where it is written in law that a citizen must pay such a tax. If the judge cannot produce such evidence, then he cannot legally pursue the case.

We already know that the successor to president Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower was equally destiny bound and chosen to fulfill a specific role in history, albeit reluctantly. This was vastly implied in his outgoing address to the nation. Ike made it painfully clear to us all that throughout his presidency that he was being manipulated by forces beyond his control, and that he was just a caretaker. When JFK inherited the role from Eisenhower, he wasn't aware that it came with such vast conditions, and that as the US President, his powers would be extremely limited, hence JFK sought Eisenhower's consul. The Kennedy's were idealistic, with big ambitions for America and the world in general. So, it's easy to imagine the brother's reaction when they realise that their only function is to be a figure head for the American people, and nothing else. They were to represent the family values that were so intrinsically indoctrinated into the American Dream. That manufactured bastion of American Capitalism to be protected from any infringement. The birth of the American nuclear family in the 1950s was to be the perfect ideology for all things USA.

Of course, the real reason why the family unit is held with such high esteem in American social ideology is because it makes it much easier to control the masses - Form the people into social units so that certain programmed values can be easily embedded and passed on and handed down to each generation. Upholding such values inevitably becomes competitive between units, which serves only to distract them from the bigger picture and of what is really going on. However, that indoctrinate programming of the masses was to be put to the test on 22 November 1963. If the cohesion remained intact, then it could be manipulated and built upon. Over a period of time, such units became an integral part of society, as they expanded and modified into new units with various labels. In time, they were to be tested again to measure the strength of cohesion among the groups. 9/11 signaled a recognition that the units had grown and evolved into much larger groups, much more manageable and controllable because there were now fewer of them. Now, they could be divided into mere handfuls and terms, such as Globalisation and New World Order could be used freely, wheeled out on cue to be fed into the mass psyche.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Narrating the future of mankind

Imagine if earth was invaded by malevolent beings, who had at first approached us in peace before they gradually conquered us through indoctrination/assimilation and proceeded to enslave the rest of humanity. Imagine how they watch over us and monitor us from crafts, stationed at various positions around earths orbit. The likely response from many of us would be resistance. Small groups would emerge to fight back for our freedoms. They would be labeled as terrorists and ruthless murderers, and widespread media propaganda would demonise them.

Sounds like a familiar, popular plot for a classic Sci-Fi movie, doesn't it?

While such a scenario is not difficult to imagine, what is difficult to imagine is believing that it may already have happened! Doesn't anyone ever remember what happened to the "Star Wars Program", or were we supposed to forget about that??

How would we cope if our cell phones or SatNavs were taken away from us, or if all our television channels were drastically reduced, along with our ability to communicate and use the internet? Now, how would we react if every single aspect of our lives were being meticulously scrutinized? Imagine if the chip buried beneath our skin becomes compulsory. You pay for everything by Direct Debit from it. You cannot eat, sleep, take your medication without it. If you're having sleeping problems, the chip can even induce a small pulse that sends a signal to your brain, telling you to sleep. It can even wake you at a specific time.

Then, one day you stop and remember how life used to be. You're telling your grandchildren what the 1980s were like. You find yourself letting slip that we used be free back then.....

How did we get to this? How did we become robots, controlled by the eye in the sky? We can't complain about it. We asked for this. We demanded it. We willingly surrendered ourselves to global servitude. You're dong it right now as you read this, and you aren't even aware of it. That's because you're being programmed not to be........

Me and Lee Harvey Oswald, Dr. Mary's Monkey Cancer Monkey Viruses