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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 22 November 2010

Sexual Assault at airports. What next?

What next? So long as we accept Pavlovian conditioning, who knows what we will submit ourselves to next. Its as "Brave New World" author, Aldous Huxley had said in 1961, "We will learn to love our servitude...!"

Even children are being sexually assaulted at airports now. This is what we have allowed ourselves to become by believing the official 9/11 nonsense, and the more we sit in front of that box at home, the more subdued and dumbed down we become.

We can no longer afford to simply dismiss conspiracytheorists, while the overwhelming evidence is revealing itself so openly today. Stop being taken in so easily by false flag stories of fake terrorist incidents. It should more apparent to us all by now of what is really going on in the world. The globalist elite have stepped up their New World Order agenda, so visibly that to dismiss it now is to submit yourself to it. Nations throughout the world are falling like dominoes due to the engineered global recession. The people of each nation will no longer have an elected sovereign government, as each country is enslaved to the World Bank. For God sake, "Wake up!"

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Atheism: The God Delusion or the Acerbic Derision of a Fool

Modern atheism has become more aggressive in recent years, partly due to high profile academics, who place more faith in mankind's exploration of knowledge beyond its limitations. Although, academics are so often consumed with incredible arrogance in their quest that they are dangerously neglectful, failing to take into account that before we go looking for intelligent life beyond our own world, we should first begin our search closer to home. Some prominent atheists are so radical that they hurl abuse at the divine being  most cultures  believe in and worship, blaming him for all the worlds woes. Dawkins describes religion as, "Two evils at war!" Yet, it begs the question, how can the target of their vitriolic attacks be so deranged, if they don't believe in him? If evil is a concept of religion, how can they even entertain the notion that evil  exists? Yes, it's true that religion is used as a tool to beat us all with. and to maintain order. Both atheism  and religion are  loaded with contradictions. Surely, it is unreasonable to assume that either one holds all the answers? Therefore, a crucial distinction needs to be made somewhere. Faith in mankind, or faith in God? Mankind has to accept responsibility for its own destiny. All men are corruptible, including priests, rabbis, Imams and spiritual/religious leaders. Therefore, either way, like it or not, it all boils down to a question of faith, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Coming soon....

The Illuminati diary, from the masonic "legend" of Hiram Habiff to the Knights Templar to1776 - present: Chronicling choreographed momentous events in history. Here, I will present the time line of world events, including the French Revolution, London 1888, Jekyll Island, JFK and 9/11....

I have already written some of this on my website, but I will present it here for easier reading, in the format of a diary or time line. I may make brief references to the Neo-Assyrian Empire and the Sumerian inscriptions discovered in the ancient province of northern Mesopotamia (modern-day northern Iraq). The idea is to present it in a form to enable you to see the obvious undeniable connections for yourself, including modern physical representations, such as the Statue of Liberty, Britannia etc. (aka, Queen Semiramis Assyria). I am tempted to make mention of Hitlers, Spear of Destiny, said to be the spear that pierced and killed Christ on the cross. This is now in the hands of an American Museum. However, I doubt it is genuine, as it has been replicated down through the ages so many times, and I've examined the inscriptions on it, and it they don't appear to be written in Aramaic. Besides, the reasons for writing on a Roman spear is questionable. I mean, what's it going to say, "Made in Rome?"

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The ongoing elites HAARP induced crisis in Pakistan and Haiti.....

I was absolutely disgusted when I heard the World Bank had "loaned" Pakistan $900bn.

These bastards know that Pakistan could never afford to pay that back, so the elite can steal it from their resources. This is why I am convinced that the floods were HAARP induced. If you doubt this, let me point out that in 1977, the UN signed a resolution that the US, under the Carter administration, and the USSR would agree not to use weather modification technology as a weapon. How much further do you think they would have developed by now. The US HAARP site is based in Northern Alaska.

What astonishes me is that nobody has noticed that all the regions to be hit by alleged natural disasters in recent times have all been the most impoverished regions on earth. This is because it has always been a traditional Rockefeller ambition to reduce the global population, especially of those who are too poor to contribute to human or global development, hence the Rockefeller funded Third Reich. This is the ultimate goal of these evil eugenicists. Therefore, the Rockefeller/Rothschild associated interests move in to steal whatever resources they have, i.e. oil, water, and soon the very air we breath. However, these scum are so insanely clever, they know that the masses are increasingly aware that war is used as population control. Therefore, the next stage is to pollute the skies with toxic chemicals (Chemtrails), and increasingly vaccines and domestic pharmaceuticals, which is also highly profitable to the elite.

Its no coincidence that Britain's newly unelected PM, David Cameron blasted Pakistan as a "terrorist" state during his visit to India, right at the moment when the floods hit, therefore reducing any chances of any charitable donations, which I might also add is also stolen back as debt, with interest by the world bank, despite the fact that it is given with a generous heart from your own pocket. However, what was more alarming, was that after Cameron had returned to Britain, having fulfilled his duty to Rothschild, there was almost an entire media blackout of the situation in Pakistan. Instead, we had to endure the ongoing saga of a bunch of trapped miners in Chile, who's good health and well being had already been established, yet we had to suffer an immature, sycophantic, dribbling Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, behaving like an exited child upon their release. This was followed by the ludicrous, pathetic and irksome coverage of a Pakistani cricketing scandal. All this while hundreds of thousands are dying and in utter despair in Pakistan, while our attention is being deliberately distracted. Was I the only one shouting at the TV screen, "For God sake, help these people?" Perhaps I should have been more concerned about an worse affliction to befall mankind, that malleable affliction of apathy.

Think this is all paranoid conspiracy theory? Do your own research, or better still, visit my website at: