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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 13 February 2011

When basic Human Rights and Freedoms no longer applies to you, "the Boiling Frog"

How much further are we prepared to allow the erosion of our basic human rights and freedoms before we start to notice. Will we selfishly wait until it has a personal impact? Will it be when a loved one becomes so seriously ill and the doctor refuses specific treatment, solely because you live within a certain postal/zip code? Or, will it be when a doctor is forced to abandon his/her own conscience to balance their budget, and you have to watch someone you love suffer excruciating agony and die prematurely?

Under EU regulations, a farmer cannot make and sell his own produce unless he puts certain chemicals into it. No retailer will be able to accept it for sale. If they do, they will suffer strict penalties and lose their business. If a small stolen nation like Ireland decides to start using its own currency, it will suffer heavy sanctions, not to mention that its currency will not be recognized beyond its own borders. How conveniently have the corporate owned media distracted us from the atrocities of sanctions in Iraq? How conveniently have they distracted us from asking why Mubarak stalled for so long, before he eventually decided to surrender to the will of the Egyptian people? While the people celebrate, nobody has told them that while they waited, Mubarak was raiding Egypt of all its wealth and resources, under the direction of Hillary Clinton, preventing him from leaving until he'd filled the sack, ready to be handed over to the CIA checkpoint as he left.

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