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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 31 October 2011

This is what David Cameron did on your behalf: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

  • This is what the man who takes great joy in taking the `care' out of healthcare did on your behalf. Closing care homes so that they can be sold into the private sector for financial profit, sacking care workers and making patients who cannot afford private care suffer.
  • This is what the man who's first act as Prime Minister was to target the impoverished, sick, disabled and the elderly, branding them as "fakes and lazy spongers" did on your behalf.
  • This is what the man who mocked and laughed at an impassioned plea for mercy on Cancer patients in the House of Commons did on your behalf. 
The response to an impassioned plea for Cancer sufferers
    • This is what the man who sacked thousands of people from their jobs all over the UK and withdrew financial support to help them survive, then further degraded them by branding them as "fakes and lazy spongers" did on your behalf.
    • This is what the man who declared that he wants to create an army of volunteers, i.e. slaves, did on your behalf. He has cruelly redefined the term `volunteer' to bring back slavery, under the guise of Workfare (enforced labour for welfare and Victorian Food Centers).
    • This is what the man who used his own sick and dying child as a campaign and publicity stunt did on your behalf.
    • This is what the man who tries to justify his malevolence by blaming the `global' recession on the last Government did on your behalf. The truth is that Cameron's banker friends are solely responsible by demanding payback of hugely increased interest rates and Cameron vowed to protect them from prosecution. In a `not so public' inquiry, George Osborne was forced to admit that the UK was the one country with the least debt. NB. That's right. You perhaps thought the Government issued the `sovereign, national' currency to its people. The truth is, the Bank alone issues the national wealth. Whoever holds the purse strings, holds the power. So, you may ask who do you vote for?
    • This is what the man, who sadistically and ruthlessly brought more death and destruction to the Egyptian people did on your behalf. After funding Egypt's bloody revolution, Cameron was the first foreign leader to visit Egypt with an "arms and weapons sales team" in tow to bring more death to the Egyptian people. He now openly makes daily tours to all the middle east regions, selling death and takes sadistic pleasure in flaunting it to TV cameras.
    • This is the man who ordered concerned, conscientious military chiefs to "shut up" while he butchered civilians, including children in Sirte in his insane determination to capture Gaddafi.  He told his generals, "Shut up. You do the killing and I'll do the talking!"
    • This is what the man who callously had the cold hearted audacity to do exactly the same thing to the people of Libya did on your behalf. Cameron and French president, Nicholas Sarkozy arrived in Libya to take possession of the Gold and Oil they had just stolen from the Libyan people. THIS WAS WHILE HE WAS MURDERING AND MAIMING THEIR CHILDREN:


      Ignorance makes us all complicit.
      Denial is the first stage of submission.

      Friday, 21 October 2011

      David Cameron: How much more malevolent can this sadistic b******d get? Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam

      The shocking and brutal images broadcasted across the globe show Gaddafi’s last moments as he was beaten by his National Transitional Council (NTC, aka Al-Queda) captors. The footage contains Gaddafi’s last words as he is heard saying, “This is wrong, this is wrong in Islamic law”. Jostled by rebels he then asks, “Do you know right from wrong?”

      Wednesday, 19 October 2011

      BREAKING NEWS: UK Media Complicit on Slavery being reinstated & Global unrest

      Slavery is to be reinstated in the UK, re-branded `Welfare to work', called `Workfare'. The UK media has been willing accomplices in the Nazi Government plan. Yesterday, 18 October, as ITN, Channel 4 News and the BBC announced more devastating news was on the economy, they added that those on welfare were to blame. 

      Since May 2010 the UK media has been actively engaged in widespread campaign to deliberately put on a spin and stage everything that David Cameron says and does, despite its blatant transparency and Cameron's bad acting. The UK media has had an almost total blackout on all recent protests and demonstrations against the New World Order, including those in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and throughout Europe. On the 18 October protests against new Government plans to reinstate slavery for Corporate companies were held in Islington, London, yet received no media coverage. 

      It is somewhat ironic that those who routinely turn on the TV news after a days work are themselves unwitting slaves, since they hang on every word of the corporate mainstream media, despite their protestations that they don't. So, why don't they opt for the truth and seek out alternative media sources. The answer is simple. They fear the truth, as it implicates them as accomplices in human carnage and denial safeguards them against it. The welcoming message through the Government controlled media is, "Let us spare you the burden guilt", and we, like it or not are grateful for it, perhaps until we are knee deep in other peoples blood.

      Saturday, 8 October 2011

      David Cameron is pure Evil

      The Crimes of David Cameron - YouTube: - Sent using Google Toolbar

      Nazi legislation sweeping across the UK and the people do nothing

      Remember, they're laughing at you
      because they believe you're too dumb
      If you are one of those people who think that what is written here is political opinion, then you have much more waking up to do than you self delusively and arrogantly think, since similar observations were made on War Criminal, Tony Blair.
      • With the unelected Nazi Tory coalition heaping on one draconian 
      • totalitarian legislation after another, the Brits barely even notice it, only because the corporate owned mainstream media don't inform  them about it. The malleable Brits would rather be spoon fed deception and lies from Channel 4 News, (founded by Margaret Thatcher in 1984) and the notoriously right wing BBC.
      • Now, the Tories have introduced a limit on bailing out banks. You may think that this is a good thing. However, you must remember that it was the banks who got Britain into the crippling situation it is currently in, NOT the last Government as the Nazi's would have you believe, since it is a "global" crisis. Remember that traditionally, the banks are the Tories bed buddies, and they steadfastly refuse to prosecute them and safeguard and protect them and their bonuses. What smirking George Osborne's announcement this week means is that if your bank folds and you lose your life's savings, the Government no longer guarantees a return. In other words, your savings are no longer protected, so that £20,000 you saved as a nest egg, you can kiss that goodbye as Cameron and his buddies steal it for their Swiss account.
      • George Osborne announced planned legislation to abolish employment tribunals, meaning that an employer can abuse and discriminate you as much as they wish, including drastically reduce your wages.
      • Legal Aid has been abolished for those who cannot afford to protect themselves.
      • Teresa May announced plans to abolish Human Rights. Bilderberg member, Kenneth Clarke was reigned in by heartless Bilderberg waterboy, David `Nero' Cameron for drawing attention to it.
      • Charities being targeted and funding withdrawn for helping the vulnerable, such as children, the sick, disabled and the dying.
      • New measures announced to further scapegoat such weak, pathetic people who drain earths resources. 
      Think this is all exaggerated? Or, perhaps, you'd rather take comfort in convincing yourself that this is another blogger expressing political ideology and loyalty. If this is the case, then remember that I have previously attacked War Criminal, Tony Blair for murder, who profited in £millions from peoples blood, and even worse, he ruthlessly tried to justify it, just as Cameron did, as the first leader to visit Egypt after its downfall, with a sales team in tow to sell weapons. The sadistically cruel Cameron along with high ranking Freemason, Nicholas Sarkozy also recently brazenly visited Libya to take stock of the Gold and Oil they had just stolen.

      If you're reading this, then instead of doing nothing, do something now, instead of taking comfort in false hope. Remember, Cameron's entrance fee to hell are those he takes with him, including you.

      Monday, 3 October 2011

      David Cameron : What Does it take for the British people to recognise an abominable evil?

      David Cameron's Nazi Government now wants to abolish Human Rights

      This is NOT an article about political ideologies. It is about Good vs Evil. After all, how can we forget the War Crimes of Tony Blair and his unrelenting remorselessness?

      Not happy enough with heartlessly and cruelly attacking the sick, the disabled and the elderly and other vulnerable groups in UK society, Cameron's Neo Conservative Coalition now wants to abolish your Human Rights, using the pretext of crime and terrorism. The sadistic George Osborne also wants to abolish Employment Tribunals, legalizing discrimination. They have already abolished Legal Rights for the poor, so now if you cannot get a job, and you feel that you being unfairly treated by parasitic recruitment agencies or employers, you can no longer do anything about it and don't have a leg to stand on.

      The latest news is that Cameron now wants to tax people for being overweight. So, why isn't anyone frantically pressing the panic button, screaming, "For God sake, somebody please Stop this barbaric lunacy?" How many more Human Rights violations will it take?

      Of course, if you are now reading this, you may not believe or care about it that much if it doesn't affect you, particularly because David Cameron's media team are extremely skillful at staging and manipulating everything he says and does, such as the now familiar staged photo-shoots at NHS hospitals, supported by the biased right wing Channel 4 News and the BBC. So, please get your news from alternative media sources rather than the corporate owned mainstream media. If you are already aware of the media spin on Cameron. How can we forget his timely visit to India to deter charitable aid to Pakistan in the wake of devastating floods that uprooted 20,0000 people, killing thousands, as he lambasted Pakistan as a "Terrorist state". Almost immediately, news coverage of the floods stopped and diverted our attention instead to a bunch of trapped high spirited Chilean miners, followed up by adding a further cruel blow by focusing our attention on a Pakistani cricketing scandal while a population was in despair. How can we forget Cameron's choreographed visit to his old Bullingdon Club (Bully Club) in Oxford, where his `script' included criticism for the lack of Black students at Oxford University? How many of us can forget his timely visit to Egypt, as he was the first international leader to visit it after its insurgence? He had a sales team in tow to sell arms to the Egyptians causing more bloodshed. How many of us can forget George Osborne openly mocking us as he told us that the reason for the economic downturn over the 2010 Christmas period was because of the weather, and many of us actually bought it? How many of us can recall the amount of times Cameron used the word "slaughter" in an interview about Gadaffi, when it was  recently revealed that it was he who sent MI6 and the SAS into Libya to stage the war and slaughter Libyan civilians? How many of us have forgotten about the suspicious death of one of Cameron's aides at Glastonbury and the lack of media coverage? How can we forget another suspicious death of a News Of The World journalist, who feared Cameron's former adviser, Andy Coulson? Again, the media was noticeably lacking in its coverage. How can we forget Cameron's scripted speech on the NHS, as he ruthlessly implements the conditions that will eventually destroy it completely so that he can sell it off to his wealthy buddies for financial profit so that the poor will be forced to pay for health `care'? He even used his own sick and dying child as a publicity stunt in a photo-shoot, and then went on to deny care to thousands of families in the same situation, despite their heartfelt pleas for mercy. On his staged visits to NHS hospitals, as he cruelly delighted in telling concerned doctors and nurses of their fate, the media refused to broadcast the expressed worries and concerns of hospital staff and patients. Remember the angry doctor who interrupted one of Cameron's choreographed shows? That doctor, Dr David Nunn was quickly ushered away by one of Cameron's media adviser and later forced to go on leave. The media then followed up by blackening his name. How many of us can remember the Queens 2011 New Years Honours list, as Cameron's wealthy bankers received OBE's and other Honours heaped upon them, including the former boss of Centrica, owners of  British Gas, who hiked up all the energy prices and also sacked Cadbury's workers when he was in charge there too?

      Cameron & Osborne react to 
      impassioned plea for mercy 
      on Cancer sufferers
      The list of David Cameron's crimes against Humanity goes on unnoticed only because the British media won't cover it and the British people are too malleable, gullible and naive. Cameron was even so cold hearted that he spent tax payers money to commission a survey to measure how unhappy he could make us.

      "How much more evil has to be right in our faces before we finally acknowledge it and realise that we are by our own apathy its willing accomplices?"