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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 10 February 2012

David Cameron, Absolute Evil: The sadist is accumilating more victims

The utterly "Evil" Tory scum really cannot sink any lower, yet they always do. These coldhearted sadistic bastards stole the winter fuel allowance from the elderly, causing them to freeze to death in harsh winters. Then, they close down nursing homes all over the UK to sell off for a profit. Then, they want to force the elderly to give up their own homes that they raised their families in, so they can sell them off for profit. Now, they want to force them out of retirement to force them to work. On top of this, the sadistic scum, Cameron, who has a callous reputation for gleefully watching the pain he inflicts flies off to Afghanistan to visit the troops, only to return to the House of Commons to announce that he wants to cut the wages of troops on the front line. This was after he had deliberately timed the sacking of workers in the solar industry just before Christmas. He did this because solar power offered much cheaper energy than his gangster mainstream suppliers, such as British Gas, NPower, Severn Trent Water etc. The thieving scum who hiked up all the energy prices in recent years, Roger Carr received a Knighthood on Cameron's New Years Honours list.

Cameron now wants to increase the retirement age to 73. 


After selling weapons to Egyptian forces to kill protestors with, he has now just purchased "Nerve Gas" for use on protestors in the UK. Nerve Gas was banned from the military 20 years ago because of Human Rights concerns. Amnesty International have expressed concern. Incidentally, the reason for the upsurge in civil unrest in Egypt is because after Cameron had stolen Egypt's Oil and Gold reserves, the military had no wealth to feed the starving Egyptian people. He did exactly the same thing in Libya, and now has sent in special forces to do the same in Syria.

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