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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doctors Strike: Brits miss the point on Cameron's sadistic destruction of NHS

When David Cameron receives treatment for his SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder), he can afford to pay for it privately

Are the Brits so utterly dumb that they completely miss the point of the doctors going on strike? There is a debate that doctors already receive a better pension than some. This very question that it is debatable just goes to prove that the real issue goes straight over the heads of some people and that this is nothing more than a vicious demonstration by Cameron and the Tory media to "Divide & Conquer", and predictably, the Brits will fall for it as always.

The whole point is that this is yet another sadistically vicious attempt by David Cameron to destroy the NHS to force everyone to pay for treatment. The contemptuously malevolent Cameron knows perfectly well that these doctors are striking for the profession since it will undoubtedly deter young people from going into the profession since moral is being constantly savagely attacked by Cameron. By the time a 20 year old medical student retires, their pension won't be worth anything, thus fewer young people wishing to study it.

In my previous posts, I raised a valuable point that the UK corporate media deliberately failed to seize upon. In the few days leading to Cameron's hated NHS bill going through parliament, he turned up in Wall Street to meet financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs and returned to triumphantly gloat in parliament over the death of the NHS. Yet, not one dissenting voice was to be heard in the corporate controlled media or anywhere else over his timely visit to his banker friends in Wall Street. No mention of any coincidence to be seen or heard anywhere. This is exactly why I set up this Facebook page. It is confirmation that if the corporate media "controls the question" then we won't ask any.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bono’s Secret: Monsanto frontman for Genocide & Globalist takeover of Africa

This self deluded guy, Bono really doesn't have a clue about Africa. If he did, then he would know know that in 1972, Henry Kissinger offered incentives to certain regions to reduce their population. If Bono did have a clue, he would have read the Iron Mountain Report. If he had a clue, he would know that in 1977, under the US Carter Administration applied mass vaccinations in Africa for Smallpox. That Smallpox vaccination was a Trojan horse which carried the AIDS virus, that wiped out millions across Third World Africa. Soon after we saw TV ads warning us about AIDS. AIDS has been proven to have been manufactured in a US military lab, just as the Ebola virus was also man made. At the time, the world was told that AIDS originated in Green monkeys. However, this is genetically impossible. Look at the pattern yourself today and the focus on "Africa". Prior to the Media dubbed "Arab Spring", Gadaffi was supplying much of Africa with resources, including oil and Gold. So too, was Egypt. Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria were among the most affluent regions in the world. People in Libya never wanted for anything and were well looked after, although Gadaffi did have his flaws, but only because he wouldn't sell oil at a cut price to the west and was considered by the west as wasting it on those who didn't deserve it, e.g. those who were too poor and starving to contribute anything financially for profit. Pretty much the epitome of David Cameron today. Now, that much of Africa will be abandon and left to starve, the west will manufacture one tyrant after another, as False Flag excuse to invade, such as Joseph Kony, who has actually been dead for the past 6 years. Celebrities with huge egos, such as Bono, George Clooney and UN War Criminal, Angelina Jolie are wheeled out to dumb down the malleable, gullible sheep who aspire to be them.

Drones in UK Skies: The Real Reason For the OTT Security of the London 2012 Olympics?

Some people in the UK have been overwhelmed by how much security is being deployed for the big event, not to mention how much it costs, considering we are supposed to be broke. This brings me onto the main motivation behind the OTT security surrounding the London 2012 Olympics. Be prepared for a major staged security incident (False Flag) at the event. Since the corporate mainstream media "controls the question", people are automatically distracted from asking the most obvious questions, such as, "Since when did Al-Queda have an air force?" If you have seen Part 1 of my 3 part film on David Cameron, you'll know that I already address the question of controlled media and journalism. In Part 2 of my film (almost complete) I cover state terrorism and staged "False Flags" and how Cameron will have his London 7/7 when his popularity is low. The renewed friction over the Falklands may have been on standby.

I am convinced that the occasion is being used as an excuse to wheel out draconian new measures against our civil liberties. So, we should not be too surprised if sadist, David Cameron announces plans to deploy security drones in the UK. Watch this space. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Syrian Houla CIAl-Queda Massacres: More Media Lies Exposed

Syrian Girl is the only source of "Truth" to come out of Syria. Such atrocities have become commonplace and follows a familiar pattern that we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and is destined to be repeated in Yemen and Bahrain and other Globalist bankster takeovers to raid the world of all its resources. These regions and Iran are the last remaining to have their own National Banks and Sovereign currency and NOT to have a globalist "Central Bank". They are the richest in oil and gold and the globalists want it. The corporate controlled mainstream media will continue to blame the regime for their manufactured atrocities, yet it is a well established fact that the CIA Al-Queda is entirely to blame for such atrocities. If any of us bothers to look back over our history, we will recognise a familiar CIA signature. In my 30 years of research, I have seen this pattern a 1000 times and can quote a long list of examples, as well as the CIA creation of various assets for the agenda of banker global dominance. Every CIA Director has been appointed from Wall Street and in the past I covered the establishment of a Shadow Government in the US, exposed in part during the IranContra affair in the late 1980s.

If the corporate controlled mainstream media controls the questions, we'll continue to believe their lies and deceptions.

BBC Caught In Syria Massacre Propaganda Hoax

Greece to leave Euro zone on 18 June

What does it mean for Greece?

This means that Greece will no longer be able to trade with other European nations or sanctions will be applied and the Drachma will have little or no value outside Greece. However, they will have to survive on their own resources, since it is unlikely that the EU Central Bank will hand back its devalued assets. Somehow, Greece will have to find its own energy supply, since the greedy thieving banksters have stolen and continue to steal and monopolize all the worlds oil to hold other nations to ransom with. However, if other nations, such as Spain and Ireland follow suit, they can trade with each other. The only problem is that their currency cannot be redeemable against gold or silver nor any other precious metals, since the globalist banksters have stolen each nations reserves. This is the entire reason for what became known as the “Arab Spring” and why each resource rich region is falling like dominoes, as the globalist media lie about tyrannical regimes, with Bahrain and Yemen to be next, after Syria and possibly Iran.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

An Angels Journey, by Glenn Gordon

I saw the Romans beat, torture and kill Christians. I saw the Nazis beat, torture and kill Jews. I saw the UN beat, torture and kill Muslims. I saw Christians beat, torture and kill Christians. I saw the Globalists beat, torture and kill us all. On each occasion, I heard them say the same thing while they did these things, "Where is your God now?" I heard them accentuate their false devotion to the divine to corrupt righteousness. But now, I am fallen. In the battle of the heavens, I pursued those who had offended God, as my passion turned to anger and retribution. I beheaded them mercilessly as I chased them through history, transpired in the moment of a human dream, often pausing to give comfort where tears had saturated pillow and stung cheek. In vengeance, I have allowed myself to become like them. Now, upon the earth I am flesh. I cannot receive human love, as I am not human. I cannot walk from star to star within non-existent time for it is beyond human imagination. But, the most heartbreaking thing of all is being helpless, no longer able to cradle victims and the distressed in my arms or comfort the inconsolable and reveal to them the overwhelming gift of selfless love and compassion that lives within each of us. Instead, I must always keep my sword by my side and convey the love that only we know....

                                                                                                                  - G. Gordon

Friday, 18 May 2012

Spiteful & Sadistic David Cameron viewed with contempt internationally...

The important thing to not in this Channel 4 News report from Gary Gibbon is how other European countries view David Cameron:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears: The sadistic assault on the music industry continues


The sadistic assault on the music industry continues unabated, with these self-deluded, inept and unqualified frauds being wheeled out to feed Simon Cowell's huge ego. This fool quotes Cowell's mentor, Pete Waterman, describing Cowell as a "genius". Waterman, a product of the Thatcherite "Get rich quick" era, made his name savagely butchering the music industry throughout the 1980's and makes no apologies for it. He boasted that "there was nothing wrong with acts miming to fake", while "real" talent was hemorrhaging from youth culture, as musicians and songwriters were declared void. Up until that point Waterman's only interest was "Train Spotting" from Coventry to Leamington Spa and in general the Warwickshire area. Britney Spears is just more eye candy for Cowell to give teenage lads a hard-on for his scam shows. Spears "cannot" sing at all and is nothing more than a total fake and robotic fraud. Remember, this blond bimbo once declared her undying loyalty to George W. Bush.


This charade MUST stop. Millions of real talented kids are being defrauded by these incompetent idiots and criminals, who know absolutely "nothing" about music, making huge profits from fake while another generation grows up in an artificial and remote controlled world with no appreciation for any form of real art. It is another generation being dictated to by the corporate record labels, when music was traditionally a method of expression for the frustrated youth. They need to take back control of dictating the direction of music, not the music industry. Waterman's only connection to music prior to his get rich quick scheme was as a DJ in a seedy Coventry pub, where people used to mock and ridicule him for BSing that "he created the music industry". He had few friends in Coventry. Simon Cowell couldn't get a job, so his dad, who worked for a record label got him a job. Cowell later went on dress up in silly costumes, where it was realised by Sony that he could be manipulated to seduce young people into liking crap. In other words, Simon Cowell became the Gerald Ratner of the music industry. Read more....

WARNING: This video may make you feel nauseous:

Monday, 14 May 2012

Boycott David Cameron's Loan Sharks,

Errol Damelin is unrepentant. He is a cruel Tory parasite profiting from people's misery, plunging more into debt they can never escape from, due to extortionate interest, split 3 ways to go into the pockets of Cameron, Beecroft and Damelin.

Not many people know where Damelin got his backing from to set up He got it from major Tory party doner, Adrian Beecroft. It was Beecroft who advised David Cameron to scrap "Unfair Dismissal" laws, which Cameron duly did, no doubt with a hefty backhander from Beecroft. Abuse of Human Rights seems to be set to David Cameron's legacy, which he has profited from since his unelection, as one infringement after another attacks our civil liberties, all at the request of his elite friends, including financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs, who Cameron conveniently visited in New York just a few days before returning to parliament to gloat sadistically over signing the death warrant for the NHS.  

ITV should be forced to ban the unethical TV ad

Thursday, 10 May 2012

CIA, MI6 bombs rock Syria as Damascus 'suicide blasts' kill dozens

BBC News - Syria unrest: Damascus 'suicide blasts' kill dozens

CIA, MI6 bombs in Syria, as David Cameron intensifies attempts to steal Syrian Oil and Gold. What a coincidence that this comes just after another ridiculous "underwear bomber" in the US. This could come from a bad Monty Pythons script. Read my article here on how the FBI were caught red handed smuggling "Underwear bomber1" onto the plane -

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WARNING: Economy And Family At Top Of Queen's Speech - BEWARE

The Rothschild representative delivered another malevolent threat from David Cameron, spelling out the focus on jobs and family (again). Now. Let us stop and take stock of Cameron's interpretation of that. He is using corporate business to smuggle in his state surveillance. Jobs creation means, forcing people to work for nothing or for low wages (expect an onslaught on the national minimum wage); a further eradication of workers basic human rights and the further theft of their pensions. 

Now let us reflect on the`family' aspect. So far, Cameron has broken a record in just 2 years in concerted efforts to destroy families. He has just announced plans to abolish "Free" school meals for poor children, (reminiscent of Thatcher, The Milk Snatcher, only more vicious). He introduced plans to abolish special housing needs for disabled people. He broke yet another promise and abolished education rights for disabled children, to deliberately discriminate against them (Eugenics policy). He was confronted by an anxious father over this particular issue. He has introduced a policy of mass population displacement to force the elderly and families out of their homes and into ghettos, under the guise of  "downsizing", then sell off their homes to his wealthy buddies for a profit. Remember, David Cameron has a distinct agenda to implement a policy of "Good is Evil and Evil is Good" to a point where we won't even recognize where the line has been crossed. He is the Devils PR man.

If any of what I have just described doesn't sound familiar, it should - Berlin 1930s/40s "Hell on earth in small doses is barely noticeable".

Reflect on this past 2 years. So far, David Cameron has utilized his PR background to force through unpopular draconian legislation, then tells us that it is for our own good. We are told by the corporate media that his redeeming quality over Ed Miliband is that he has more "charm". Cameron had a career that could be described as, "Selling ice cubes to Eskimos".

The evidence speaks for itself. This vicious, sadistic b*****d has got to go.