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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 3 September 2012

God, Religion, Humanity and the Illuminati...

Of course. I can understand that. And, therein lies the problem of why so many people turn away from religion. We rely on the system to formulate our relationship with God. Human institutions are fallible and corruptible. If an atheist asks me to convince them to believe in God, I tell them that they are asking the wrong person and to ask the same of a clergyman, Imman or Rabbi, they would still be asking the wrong people. I tell them, "Why ask me. I am corruptible. Your relationship is NOT with humanity. It is with God. It is him that you should ask". However. How can you ask a being that you don't believe exists? Yet, you knew he existed on the day that you were born. What changed? I always say that an atheist is just somebody who is angry at God because he does not give him all the answers. They attack "Faith", yet they don't know what "Faith" is. They mock it, as blind faith. This is where I stumped Richard Dawkins in Oxford. I asked him, "Who would you rather we place our faith in?" Again, Dawkins mocked faith and said it was a pointless and useless concept. My answer was, "And, yet you place so much faith in mankind, in science, in Charles Darwin, who himself was a tormented man". The argument is always, "Look at the mess the world is in. The wars and conflict throughout centuries. Look at all the sadness, tragedy and destruction in peoples lives". Yet, this is all somehow, Gods fault". Mankind has to take responsibility for its own destiny. It has chosen to find its own answers and fit them into our own view of the world. This is why Freemasons are deists. Deists believe that God created the world, then buggered off and abandoned it, begging the question, "So, what does that leave us with?". An atheist will say that Satan does not exist, since he is a concept of religion. Yet, look at the world and again, I ask, "If he doesn't exist, then who's fault is all this mess?" At this point Dawkins stalled, so I prompted him and asked, "Can you see that we have arrived at the same point again?" Haven't you ever heard of the term, "Going round in circles and getting nowhere?" It is a masonic term, and like so many it is fitted into our everyday language without anyone realising it. This brings us onto the Illuminati again. Adam Weisaupt's plan and the whole doctrine of the Illuminati was to place all its members at the most senior positions of authority in every institution on earth. Academics was one of the first. In one of the groups I'm in, I was explaining this the other day. How Frankism developed. Jacob Frank (Illuminati) wanted to entice God, since at that time, it was believed that the second coming was soon. Frank wanted to tempt Christ to come then, so the Illuminati created all manner of of religious persecution. They said back then that a sacrifice would be needed, of mass extermination, and the Jews were to be that sacrifice. Although, Jacob Frank himself was Jewish, as were the Rothchilds, who funded Weisaupts teachings after he fled from Bavaria. They knew that by making religion the source for all war and destruction that eventually mankind would turn against God and place their faith in man instead, making it easier to control how we think....

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