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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

EU Referendum - Rigged Vote and The Historical Facts of Economic Crisis

 By Banksters For Banksters

Cameron Weighs EU Referendum - Yahoo! News UK

Although the vast majority of people in the UK would vote overwhelmingly to get out of Europe, it would be rigged to do the opposite and Cameron knows this. The Banksters have done exactly the same to every other sovereign nation. Ireland voted to stay out of the Lisbon Treaty, yet they were forced to vote again, blackmailed by the European Central Bank. On the second occasion, the corporate controlled media launched a vicious campaign against the "No" vote. Intel, HP, Microsoft etc threatened to pull out of Ireland as their European HQ if the Irish people voted "No" again. Now, that Ireland is paying off its huge debt, it has recently voted to be allowed to borrow more if need be, again forcing Ireland into eternal debt slavery in "Interest" alone, which is exactly how we all ended up in this catastrophic crisis in the first place. The EU Central Bank offers financial incentives to throw all our sovereign assets into the kitty, then the Banksters in the stock market take bets on their value, sending them plummeting. We then have to borrow against that value, meaning that since the assets aren't worth much, we have to borrow more, which in turn pushes up the interest rates, thus crippling us all in eternal debt. The Coalition then blames the last Government, which of course is absolute nonsense. If any Government wants to be in power, it MUST be prepared to go begging cap-in-hand to the Bank of England, which lays out its conditions to finance the treasury. The Bank of England is the original model, and the US Federal Reserve was established in the same way in 1913 behind the backs of the Congress while the vast majority were at home for the Christmas holiday season, and is indeed anything but "Federal", since it is owned by International Bankers, today mainly David Cameron's buddies, Goldman Sachs, which is owned by the Rockefeller family. People ask, "What would Ed Miliband do to change this?" The honest answer, "He'll do exactly what the bank tells him to do", otherwise he'll have to make up some BS story about why we don't have any money, since no Government is going to admit to its people that it doesn't have any real power and that it lost its power to distribute its own "sovereign national" currency some time ago.

Of course, if you happen to have a Monarchy, it can ensure stability, since it gives the false illusion of sovereignty and "national" pride, so the natives won't revolt. When any British leader visits the Queen after taking office, Rothschild or their representative is in attendance. The Brits actually believe that the crown on the Queens head belongs to her. Like all European monarchy's, it doesn't. Their wealth is entirely owned by the Rothschild family, whose original name was Bauer, but had to change it to Rothschild due to its Jewish sound, since Jews were ruthlessly persecuted throughout Europe. Rothschild is German for Red Shield, which was the bloody Red Cross emblem of the Knights Templar, today's Freemasons, of which the Queen is the Grand Luminary.

Britain For SaleThere are very few Sovereign nations left in the world today, which is why they are being devoured now, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, with Iran, Yemen and Bahrain to follow. All of these regions were economically independent and had their own national Central Banks, with their own national currency set at its own value. They also had Gold, Silver and Oil to redeem it against, which is why Mubarak, Gadaffi and Asad etc. had to go. The seeds of revolution are stoked by the CIA. However, it is aided when NATO implements its hidden sanctions against these regions, causing the people to starve, since all trade is cancelled, with no resources entering or leaving their country. Obviously, the people are going to take to the streets and protest, wanting to know why their Gold and Oil is no longer being sold to feed them. The truth is, if their leaders don’t give it away, they suffer the consequences, which is why Hilary Clinton was waiting for Mubarak to flee from Egypt so that she could halt him at the road block to confiscate all that Gold. Unfortunately for Mubarak, his health conveniently took a nose dive to prevent him from talking. Not that he would have had any means to do so anyway.

Of course, the corporate controlled media won't tell you any of this, since historical fact today has been renamed to "Conspiracy Theory". However, I would challenge anybody to do their own “independent” research. Although, it has taken me 30 years. However, in response to any of this, it is destined to prompt someone to come along and say they have a Phd in History or Economics.  I could go into that too, but it is another story.