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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Pussy Riot Gimmick Is Globalists Attempt To Stage "Arab Spring" Style Coup In Russia

Pussy Riot
I just spent a couple of days in Cornwall, away from my computer and the news. However, it was not hard to escape the headlines, especially when you happen to be watching a live band, who's hippy female singer announces that their next song is in support of the Russian Punk band, Pussy Riot, who have just been jailed for two years. The response to the intro was greeted with a supportive cheer from the audience. However, I felt like the odd one out. These poor fools, like everyone else had been duped, again. After their song, the bands lead guitarist made some derogatory remark about Russian President, Vladimir Putin. It was obvious that this guy was Russian himself, or so it seemed, according to his accent. During their break, some of the admiring revelers expressed their sympathy for what his evil leader had done to his fellow artists. This guy was getting a hard-on over this, while the Vodka shots just kept on coming. Eventually, he drifted alongside me at the bar. Their was plenty of elbow room, and while in brief isolation with him, I couldn't resist the temptation to ask, "Why are you letting these people assume you are Russian?" He shrugged his shoulders, and said nothing, implying that perhaps he couldn't understand my Irish accent. I again attempted to provoke a response, since he was ignoring me, and asked, "You're not Russian, are you?" Again, he acknowledged me with a shrug of the shoulders, without saying a word. I persisted, and remarked, "Good gimmick though. I'll give you that. I'd bet that throughout this whole festival, you're running that same routine everywhere. Being Ukrainian, I guess you'd have an axe to grind against Vlad, right?" Now, I could see he was getting vexed, so I decided to pursue it further, "I mean, I can understand the whole artistic solidarity crap. But, these Pussy Riot chicks aren't even a band. It's a shame that Sony didn't bother to tell that to Madonna either, so I wouldn't get too busted up over it if I were you. At least, Sony paid her a fortune to conveniently stage her gig in Moscow at a critical time, just when Russia is a major threat to the Globalist expansion and oppose NATO ground forces in Syria".
Pussy Riot husband
Bad Actor and Fraud, Pyotr Verzilov

I always avoid newspapers and as far as I can recall, have never bought one. However, while relaxing in a coastal hotel, you have to do something while having your breakfast. One headline read, "The only thing that will set my wife free is a revolution". Hmm! How appropriate. This article, of course was referring to Pyotr Verzilov, the alleged husband of one of the Pussy Riot prisoners. I also might add, that this guy has been put forward as a spokesman. Listen to his accent when he next appears on the TV news, which we can expect much more of. But. let us return to that headline again and dwell on it a little longer. Hmm! At this point I'll let logic decide why and where this statement manifested from.

We should also recall how the West had attempted to stage widespread protests in Moscow earlier this year. By now, nobody can fail to recognise a familiar pattern emerging. However, the sad truth is that so many do fall for the same controlled media deception. At the time of the previously attempted Moscow coup d'état, Putin had even warned the west not to try applying the same template to Russia that they had in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and no doubt Yemen, and Iran to follow, the latter being a major strike against Russian interests. However, surely the CIA cannot as easily deploy their Al-Queda asset to Moscow as they do across each of the Oil rich Arab regions. I'm surprised that they haven't thought of reprising unrest in Chechnya or any of the other former Soviet Republics, although Chechnya would be the most likely, since at least Muslim unrest there would be pretty easy to sell and once Syria has been dealt with, their so-called rebel forces can be shipped to the region or other former Soviet areas with Islamic populations.

UK Human Rights
For those who are familiar with my previous articles or website, you'll know something about Economic Hit men and how this pattern has been popular strategy for the CIA since 1951, when former US President, Roosevelt's nephew was sent into Iran to ferment the seeds of revolution, using exactly the same tactics we see prevalent today. Back then, he paid Iranian students to stage protests against their Government, whose crime was to sell BP oil at cut prices to feed the people. It isn't as obvious as that today, and has been slightly modified. The CIA has had plenty of time to fine tune their treasured tactic, since they were so happy with their success in Iran, that they applied the template to regions throughout Latin America, until Castro made a stand on Cuba. You can read more about this in John Perkins fascinating book, "The Confessions of An Economic Hitman", or you can watch the film on my YouTube Channel. It is guaranteed to open your eyes and provide a much better understanding of what is really going on in the world today.
UK donation to Syrian rebels
One final, perhaps irrelevant point. While the western media seem to be more interested in focusing on the obviously fabricated Human Rights issues in Russia and elsewhere in the world, it seems reluctant to focus on much worse Human Rights abuses in the UK, the Human Rights Act of which David Cameron's Government wants to abolish. When Theresa May fabricated a story to justify its abolition, her colleague, Tory veteran, Kenneth Clarke stepped broke rank and ridiculed her story, only to be hauled to one side and rebuked by upstart, Cameron. While the British regime ruthlessly and sadistically attacks the most vulnerable, including the elderly, the sick, disabled and terminally ill, there is not a whimper to be heard from the UK media. Nothing of the anti Government protests in the UK. Nothing of the fact that David Cameron has purchased huge quantities of nerve gas for use on said protestors. Nothing of the fact that David Cameron keeps finding money to hand out to the IMF or to so-called Syrian rebels (aka, Al-Queda) while denying his own people. Instead, we find the UK media outrageously focusing on a bunch of brats being jailed for desecrating a place of religious worship. Either, the media has gone way off on priorities or it has a more sinister reason for focusing on the less trivial, exploiting the traditional rebellion of pop culture, with big names such as the Tavistock Institutes, Paul McCartney jumping on the bandwagon. I will write more on the CIA asset, the Tavistock Institute and their purpose later, as there is there is a lot of ground to cover on them in my 30 years of research, including an insight to the real nature of the relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. However, I have added a clue in one of my films, "...An Epitome of Evil: Ep 2: The Nero Doctrine and The Silent Cull"