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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Osborne Links Philpott Case To Benefit Reform - How disgustingly low can these sick, depraved bastards get?

Just when you think that David Cameron couldn't possibly sink to the lower depths of hell, he and George Osborne sadistically go and do it. They exploited the Olympics/Paralympics to vilify the sick and disabled. They exploited the misery of the people to gain profit through Government load sharks, such as Tory Party donor, Adrian Beecroft's They exploited Cameron's Arab Spring to profit from arms sales. They exploited the exposed wealthy Tax frauds to lecture us on `morals' from the most "immoral" Government the UK has ever experienced. Now this disgusting new low, in exploiting the tragic deaths of six children. We shouldn't even rise to the bait of "debating" the issue of the welfare of the UK's most vulnerable victims of a virus (i.e. recession), since the "Divide & Conquer" strategy was designed to prevent Revolution. Please wake up and don't be fooled by former Spin Doctor/PR man, David Cameron's despicable deception. 

Please DO NOT debate welfare. It is a ploy to make you the instigators of human carnage, thereby justifying what these scum have in store for you. Don't fall for it, and lobby the mainstream media NOT to participate in Osborne's debate.

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