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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


David `Lucifer' Cameron
Today, he is in the UAE selling weapons as always, just as he has done on his now frequent arms dealing tours in the region ever since he began the "timely" Arab Spring in 2010, immediately after being placed in power by his former cabinet minister Liam Fox's defence industry friends. Cameron feigned concern over the latest British soldiers killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan while in a Mastiff armoured vehicle, deemed one of the safest. David Cameron said he would consider "carefully" how the deaths had occurred. Yet, notice how the media `again' neglected to focus on the familiar consistencies in Mr Coincidences outrageously overt pattern. Only the media could distract us from noticing the blatant convenient timing, a record of which I have kept track of, as detailed in my films included on this blog. The only reason why this heartless psychopath expressed any concern over the bombing is because he was `coincidentally' in the United Arab Emirates, with the UK manufactured `Mastiff Armoured Vehicle' on his shopping list for Sale. So, in the event of any "Coincidence Theorists" disputing my claim, why haven't the corporate mainstream media recorded every trip that David Cameron has made to the middle east since May 2010?  The only broadcaster to do so was Press TV, and guess what? David Cameron had them thrown out and banned from the UK.

Not a single dissenting voice to be heard in a shameful UK public silence

"So, where are those who support `welfare' cuts now?"  "Why is the `corporate' media NOT asking the relevant questions?" And, "What was the real reason for David Miliband quitting UK politics?

Don't be surprised if instability follows in the United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of Cameron's visit., since as his record shows that anyone who does not comply with him, always suffer drastic consequences afterwards. Did anyone else notice the backup plan, should the UAE refuse to buy UK weapons, re. the news of the UAE being guilty of Human Rights violations and torture? Since when did Mr PR, David Cameron give a damn about Human Rights violations and torture, when he is guilty of sadistically inflicting it himself, as the obvious evidence shows? You always know when the Globalists are about to invade, since their trademark calling card is to accuse target regions of Humanitarian violations. The point is that despite such regions are actually guilty of such abominable crimes against humanity, it never bothered the globalists before, since in most cases, it was them who placed these so-called dictators in power as caretakers of greedy globalist wealth. Another sign of globalist invasion is how the target regions change from being referred to as Governments to `Regimes' and `Dictatorships' to plant the seed of disdain in the gullible sheeple back home.

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