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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


As a proud Irishman, I often find myself having to explain British history to the Brits. However, as integral to this, in more recent times, I have ended up in the position of drifting into the area of the British role in American history. This is due to the latest wave of a choreographed pattern of mass shootings, such as Sandy Hook, usually followed by a familiar recognizable pattern and CIA trademark, alleged suicides.

The engrained attitude in the UK is that, "All Americans are crazy lunatics", with a particular emphasis on the term, "Uncivilized". Presumably, this is due to the interpretation that a `disarmed' population equates to a sense of normality.

However, as always, in the site of chaos, context is always lost. In that gigantic masonic social engineering experimental turf, I cannot help wonder how many American's today are fully versed in American history?

Ask an average U.S. citizen what the 2nd Amendment is, and most will know it verbatim. Although, this is only due to it being shoved under the spotlight, subjected to scrutiny by the corporate media. Then, ask them what it actually means. It is not enough to ask them to define it, but to ask them to explain its principles. At this point, most will be as utterly dumbstruck and ignorant as Piers Morgan. Many American's still believe that George Washington was their first President. The first President was John Hancock, and not old wooden teeth.

The very principles of any constitution is to protect the rights and privileges of its national citizens, based entirely on the struggle they have just emerged from. Therein lays the very foundation of the constitution. Those who even attempt any deviation from it are guilty of treason. Therefore, those who craft it MUST be fully aware of and take into account any potential threat to the citizens and future generations and therefore must provide all possible safeguards to protect them. In other words, the writers of the 2nd Amendment recognised that its greatest threat came, not from outside, since that would be a natural assumption and taken for granted anyway, but from `within', and not from outlaws, criminals and ducks in duck hunting season.

The 2nd Amendment was added as a matter of considerable urgency. George Washington had received disturbing news that troubled him deeply. Almost all signatories of the constitution were Freemasons, establishing the U.S. as the first Masonic nation, with an objective in place of establishing the first Atheistic nation over 200 years later, (i.e. Soviet Union). The news that Washington had received was in a letter, warning him that the Freemasonry had been infiltrated, thereby placing their new found freedoms at critical risk. This effectively meant that these powerful forces who had galvanized and taken control of masonry would claim credit for winning America its freedom, so granting them the right to distribute laws, thus holding the American people to ransom. It was this threat that urgently inspired the writing of the 2nd Amendment, since America had not won its freedom at all, but only the illusion, and had just granted access to an Illuminati Trojan Horse, who would one day come to call in their debts, claiming that freedom is a privilege granted by them and must now be paid for.

This is what a depressed Thomas Jefferson and others alluded to in some of their most inspiring statements, as a warning. The last of such statements drew to an end with Dwight D. Eisenhower and JFK and have been restrained from rising again ever since.

"If these bastards could conquer a people by taking its nationhood, the logical next step, is globalism and the human spirit". It is absolutely critical that we do something today, otherwise we face being held to account by the souls of dead children tomorrow.