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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Saturday, 10 August 2013

From 2010 - 2013: The Assault on the Human Spirit & Breaking our Will. Forecast 2050

If your Government can convince the people that spending money on the Poor and Most Vulnerable is a Waste of Resources, then this is only a short step away:

Creating an acceptable level of Evil
Eliminating Poverty by eliminating the poor
 And, if you think that the masses cannot be so easily manipulated and deceived, then try telling that to the descendents of these people:
Mass Deception
It's only a matter of time. The extermination of Expendable containers has already begun.

The advantage of Evil is that it can be rationalized and justified for the acceptance of the people. This process is known by a more palatable name, `Politics'.

#HASHCOREDavidCameron, the personification of Evil
Same Seed or Entity. Different faces

In the UK, the media is currently engaged in the process of propagating the impression that the majority of people favour cuts on spending on the poorest and most vulnerable victims of a deadly and most critical disease, while its barbaric impact on peoples lives is NOT being reported. In other words, according to a Government controlled media, if a horrific virus were to spread to the UK after claiming millions of lives abroad, the great British public would push all the most vulnerable victims to the front-line as a buffer to protect themselves from infection. And, to justify their heartless actions in their own minds, they disdainfully attach blame to these defenseless and weak victims for causing the epidemic. They rarely question what happens to them when they run out of sacrificial scapegoats. Is this not a damning indictment of the Brits? The critical condition I refer to is called banker manufactured "recession" and the laborer's of the human barricades are already the oblivious incubators of a much more potent and malign virus that lays dormant, waiting to consume and devour them. There is no anecdote for those who are already dead. Their virus is otherwise known as "apathy". And, while there are agents upon the earth to administer a cure, they cannot possibly reach everyone.

Today, suicides in the UK are rapidly on the increase, due to increasing despair and distress caused by austerity. A Public Relations campaign was launched in 2010 to ruthlessly vilify the poor, sick, disabled and terminally ill, and the 2012 London Olympics was cruelly exploited as a platform to promote and justify it. The event was also treated as an opportunity to mock the plight and despair of the people of Greece. Doctors all over the UK are dismissing patients, telling them that they cost too much to treat. Unusually high mortality rates amongst hospital patients is increasing, including baby deaths. Terminally ill children and the elderly are being dismissed from hospitals and told to die at home under the Pathways to Death scheme. Donations to charities were targeted for tax deductions. Cancer patients and charities were abused and mocked in Parliament. The poor and most vulnerable are being forced out of their homes and in certain areas, feeding the homeless has been banned. Civil Rights have been eradicated and all possible means of recourse have been removed or are under threat. Extra funding has gone into spying on the public and further infringement of Civil Liberties. Right wing extremism is actively being promoted and rationalized.

If there is an increase of people supporting the abandonment and ruthless persecution of the most vulnerable and weakest in society, as the media portrays, this means that the majority of people in the UK are either heartless or indifferent. Either way, it demonstrates a frightening capacity for controlling the masses, which the Tavistock Institute is most likely to be the base of operations and co-ordinated globally by Chatham House (a.k.a. Royal Institute of International Affairs). If heartless, it proves that the will of the human spirit has been systemically broken within a very short period of time, and we are in the process of abandoning our humanity. If indifferent, it means we rely on Government to provide us with `an acceptable level of Evil' to help us alleviate our conscience and sleep better each night, so that we can disavow ourselves of any responsibility. It also means that rather than demanding that our taxes are spent on the poor and vulnerable victims of a banker virus, we would rather them spent on killing children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Libya and Syria. However, an excuse can always be provided by your Government, which will be rationalized in the minds of many, and one day we will be held to account for our endorsement and what we have allowed in our name. If a day of Judgement is to come, then we may be judged collectively. Denial is the first stage of submission. Silence is a War Crime.

Following the loss of Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB deal, David Cameron needed to urgently regain his control of the media. Having previously worked as a PR man/Spin Doctor and for Carlton TV, he appointed Craig Oliver, a former editor at the BBC as his Communications Director to replace the disgraced Andy Coulson

All the editors of the major press and media were summoned to Downing Street, where Cameron presented them with an ultimatum. Either, they present the news he wants, or they face harsh financial cuts and press passes being withdrawn. Both Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby were appointed to oversee that these conditions were met and to maintain an illusion of media impartiality for the acceptance of the public. Therefore, any news deemed to have a significant impact on the Government agenda must first be reviewed by Craig Oliver. As part of David Cameron's "Big Society", a sinister organisation was established by the Government to infiltrate all public institutions and dependencies to sabotage and to cause major disruption in order to justify selling them to private investors, such as Goldman Sachs. The NHS (National Health Service) and State Education are just two such examples of areas targeted.  These are typical characteristics of the Illuminati and a replication of their 1776 template for global dominance through infiltration and subversion. In 1776, academics, law, media, clergy, banking, medicine, politics and Freemasonry were among the main objectives, with the latter coinciding with the American War of Independence in order to establish a `nation' as their base of operations, with their sites set on the eastern hemisphere for some future date to create a dichotomy of false ideological paradigms to establish global control and dominance. France was a consideration. However, Russia was to fill this role instead. With the accumulation of all the earths natural resources, including Human Resources, power is to be consolidated into one single entity to control mankind.

"By now, this last point ought to sound frighteningly familiar".

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