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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Nature of Evil is to utterly Destroy the Will of the Human Spirit

With the aid of his Communications Director, Craig Oliver and Strategist, Lynton Crosby, we must be prepared for David Cameron `fixing the next UK General Election'.  In 2004 he closely observed the example set by his close friend, George W. Bush during the controversial U.S. Presidential election which returned Bush to the White House.

David Cameron is a committed and radical eugenicist, with an explicitly sadistic disdain for Human Rights, creating and exploiting every opportunity as an excuse for its abolition. However, a contemptuous Mr Cameron is confidently convinced that the majority of the UK population are completely oblivious to what has become an overtly distinct familiar and predictable pattern. Is he right?

The Butcher of Britain
Inflicting excruciating pain and suffering can be such pleasure. Selling it to everyone else is Good PR

  • 2010: I want to create an army of Volunteers (a.k.a. slaves)

  • 2013: I want to make Britain a land of Opportunity (for who?)

  • During International summit meetings, David Cameron routinely antagonizes other world leaders by mocking them for their reluctance to enforce stringent austerity measures on their people. France, Greece, Cyprus and Spain are just some. Boris Johnson typically mocked the plight of the Greek and Spanish people during the 2012 London Olympics, while Cameron lobbied the EU for strict sanctions against Greece, often being abusive and offensive.

  • 2013: On a visit to Communist China, Boris Johnson tells Chinese that `the British are Lazy'.  Is Chinese Democracy being envisioned for the UK?

Ostracised David Cameron viewed as Despicable by his peers
Feeling left out due to Overbearing Arrogance

  • As well as providing lethal weapons, such as Nerve Gas to Greece (and Syria) to suppress protestors, he funded the rise of right wing extremist groups, such as Golden Dawn (which also has historical links to the occult, including the renowned Satanist, Aleister Crowley)

  • He has sold your dependent Natural Resources to his wealthy friends, whom he then rewards with honours for a share of the profit. These include people like, `Sir' Roger Carr, former boss of British Gas, a.k.a. the man who began hikes on energy prices. Cameron blocked attempts for cheaper competition from `Solar energy', demanding that workers in the industry be sacked 2 weeks before Christmas 2011.

  • He has forced everyone into debt slavery and sold that debt to his wealthy friends, such as Adrian Beecroft (, again with whom he shares the profit generated by crippling interest rates.

  • He has sold your private details to the U.S. for $150,0000.

  • It is time to ask yourselves this particular question, "In the clear absence of morality, what/who else is he prepared to sell?" 

  • His objective: To devalue currency, making the wages of labour worth nothing more than a bowl of soup and to literally return us to the `Victorian soup kitchen era'. While creating the conditions to make our despair relative, `Divide & Conquer' has a safe passage through distraction and deception. The only divisions remaining are to be those who eat their soup from a bowl and those who eat it from the tin.


At this point, I must urge caution. "To view anything written throughout this blog about Mr Cameron as political ideology or owing to any particular allegiances is to search for acceptable denial. Denial is the first symptom of Submission and Politics is nothing more than an acceptable level of Evil".
"Apathy" is the fundamental message throughout this blog. The malevolent `Apathy Virus' is diabolically dangerous because it is unseen, hidden, disguised and oblivious to human nature. Like the presence of danger, only the most sensitive among us, such as infants and animals can be tuned into it, since they are not yet corrupted or conditioned.  - Glenn Gordon


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