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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Breadline Kids and David Cameron's Ever Increasing Expendable Containers...

"Profiting From Human Suffering For His Friends"

Breadline Kids
Breadline Kids: David Cameron's "Expendable containers", the victims of the Profits of Misery
As this documentary shows, the anti-moralist, David Cameron yet again spitefully ignored desperate pleas for help from the doctors who's professions he is determined to destroy in his sadistic efforts to remove the `care' from healthcare, substituting it for `profit'. Given Cameron's overwhelming consistent record for vindictiveness, this should hardly be surprising. How can we allow ourselves to forget how he and George Osborne (a.k.a. Evil George) famously cruelly mocked impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers from Ed Miliband in the House of Commons? And, of course in response to pleading doctors on behalf of breadline kids, we can only expect the usual typical standard response from the Minister for Manslaughter, Iain Duncan Smith. Wait for the anticipated "denial", while IDS fiddles the figures, `again'. He has repeatedly been caught and challenged by the office of statistics for lies and deceit, manipulating and fabricating figures as directed by his former Spin Doctor boss, David Cameron, who is mentored by the sinister and obscure Lynton Crosby. These false figures include the greatest lie of all, "unemployment figures", which the media are forced to capitulate in.

In the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, Breadline Kids, screened on Monday evening 9 June, we heard of desperate families resorting to taking out loans. This is why Mr Cameron's friend and leading Conservative Party donor, Venture Capitalist, Adrian Beecroft established "" almost immediately upon Cameron entering Downing Street. There can be no doubt that David Cameron and Beecroft had a predetermined mutual arrangement, that would certainly send plenty of business straight to Mr Beecroft, which he would then donate to the Conservative Party. All Cameron had to do was to increasingly force the number of UK citizens into debt. Until that day in May 2010, private loan companies were rare in the UK. The arrival of was perfectly timed, or was it just yet another in the long string of coincidences since David Cameron took office? Adrian Beecroft also lobbied Cameron to "Scrap Employment Rights" so that sacking employees could be much easier without explanation. As already demonstrated here and in the previous blog articles, it is evident that David Cameron takes a share of the huge profits generated from interest on an increasing number of people forced into dependence on loans, hence the donations from Beecroft. The term "Debt Slavery" has come to characterize David Cameron among other things. Integral to that agenda, the Tories are hell bent on destroying the welfare system and the NHS, since misery generates profit. However, first the welfare state and the NHS must be discredited and defamed in the eyes of a malleable and gullible British public, hence the rise of the right wing of the Conservative Party, UKIP, an extremist group consisting of far right former Tories. So, when you find your wages taking a nose dive or increasingly struggling to make ends meet, Mr Cameron is profiting from it, thus funding his malevolent agenda, just as he did when the Arab regions conveniently became unstable, `again' almost immediately after Cameron entered 10 Downing Street, or was that just another timely coincidence? Not according to the Liam Fox scandal which exposed the fact that it was the "Arms Industry" who placed David Cameron in power. While Adrian Beecroft is funding the Conservative Party from the huge profits he greedily accumulates from human suffering, Mr Cameron is doing exactly the same, touring the Arab regions selling weapons.

Coincidentally, David Cameron's first port of call on his arms sales tour was a visit to Egypt to meet none other than, Egypt's former military chief "Abdel Fattah el-Sisi" who was sworn in as Egypt's new President on Sunday 8 June, thus guaranteeing further instability in the region. Is this just yet another coincidence that a new threat, (ISIS) has just emerged almost exactly at the same time as Mr Cameron's new friend takes power in Egypt?

Let's try another timely coincidence. Energy hikes suddenly emerged, yet again almost immediately upon David Cameron entering Downing  Street. The man who began the hikes was another friend of Mr Cameron, "Roger Carr", former boss at Cadbury, appointed to head Energy Terrorists, Centrica (British Gas) after ruthlessly sacking Cadbury workers. Mr Carr's reward from David Cameron for the huge profits generated through energy price hikes was a Knighthood, and is now known as `Sir Roger Carr'. At this point it is worth remembering the themes of the last two Conservative Party conferences. The Buzz word for celebration at the last one was, "Profit", as Cameron glorified  and praised it as a great thing. The previous conference had "Privilege" at the forefront of David Cameron's key speech.

These are the facts that David Cameron's thug, Craig Oliver, (Communications Director) bully's The Guardian and the rest of the mainstream media `Not' to talk about, otherwise they face press passes and other privileges being revoked. This is the reason why Cameron was so desperate for Rupert Murdoch to purchase and dominate BSkyB. Since he lost that major influence, Cameron has thrown his rattle from the pram, demanding that the media do his bidding or suffer the consequences.

NOTE: While writing this article, it was hoped that the film Breadline Kids could be added here. However, it does not appear to be available anywhere for embedding. It would not be surprising to learn that Cameron's bully boys, Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby in their attempts to block Breadline Kids from being broadcast, came to an alternative arrangement, as they have so often done on countless previous occasions to "enforce censorship through threats and intimidation".
David Cameron's Death List

Annette Francis who died after losing her disability benefits.

Don't try to justify it through some depraved form of rationality. David Cameron has had 4 years to do that for you. 

The Abandoned


How can a victim of abuse ever have any hope when all the hope they have left is beaten out of them? Hope that someone will intervene and rescue them from their abusers and tormentors. How much more are they abused and betrayed when those who they rely on for help abandon them in the hands of their tormentors? Anticipating that the response to such questions is to condemn the police and local authorities, haven't we forgotten ourselves? In an increasingly `apathetic' modern society it would seem we are more likely to rationalize our pathetic indifference's to make it more palatable in our own minds, and the media aids us in this. The police are not alone in their reluctance to involve themselves in "domestic disputes", a term that has itself become associated with some form of acceptance and dismissal to grant it some justification. It has become a sickening social default response to categorize the victims in order to attach blame, again only to alleviate our own selfish guilt. With all the victim support groups available, little wonder the victims of any form of abuse are afraid to reach out for help, further tormented by the fear of being judged. These are not only victims of rape, sexual, violent and psychological/emotional abuse. They are the victims of despair. Despair because they are afraid of being abandoned and forgotten. Despair because their plight will attract negative attention. Despair because they have lost all hope of having anyone they can trust. What can be more horrifying than when you finally do run into the arms of someone who has come to rescue you, only to realise that they too are complicit in the abuse?

However. Many of us feel such a terrible sense of helplessness when we hear such stories of abuse. We feel so utterly powerless, desperate to be able to do something. So often, it seems beyond our means to intervene to comfort those in despair. But, we can all do something. We can abandon our prejudices and judgement of others and realize that we are each individuals, controlled only by our human spirit, born of natural selfless compassion. We are each more special than perhaps we realize. The victims of abuse so often don't have a voice and nobody can hear their cries. We can do something. If you are religious, you can pray, and mean it. If not, you can spare more than a moment to imagine yourself in their shoes. We can reach out to them and free them from their entrapment. Remember that homeless person or street beggar you passed by and ignored on the street, only because everyone else did? That was your missed opportunity to be unique. That pause for thought is worth more than you may realize. It is a moment in your life that may be taken into account one day. Even if you're late for work or an appointment, go back to them and remember that a few coins are worthless if they don't come with a comforting word.

A moments thought for the suffering of another costs nothing.

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