The Human Assembly Line

The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Flesh and the Spirit

What defines each of us as something beyond human is our individual capacity for forgiveness and selfless love. However, it will isolate you. People will treat you with suspicion. You will be rejected and those you trusted will betray you. Hatred, bitterness and anger is comfortable and convenient. It is accessible and free. Why would we not nurture and harness such an energy? Love, Compassion and Faith are extremely difficult. This is because they are not of this world. Neither are you. You have a natural home. It was detached from you the moment you were born so that you would forget it when placed upon the human assembly line. Evil is a seductress that empowers you with retribution. Remember who you are. Forgive those who have hated you, rejected you, treated you unkindly and betrayed you, for even love itself can be corrupted. You are not of the world. The overwhelming power of divine love and faith cannot be truly contemplated here. You come from a place where such things are natural as is all knowledge, so abandon those who build false towers to riches that a spirit cannot carry. Their treasures may build mansions, but will be fought over or decay. Your treasures will build legacies that last and are passed on to generations to come with your name carved upon them. The angels that walk among you have traveled through many generations and they have guided the little children from the corrupted seed so that they will recognise their individuality.

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