Monday, 6 July 2020

Masonic Secrets

Freemasons and their apologists often deny that they are Satanists and attribute such accusations as conspiracy theory. Incidentally, the term "conspiracy theory" originated in Freemasonry. Throughout this blog you can examine the evidence for yourself the Masonic connection to Satanism and their diabolic plan for a New World Order which we are witnessing today. Please refer to the labels at the bottom of the page.


Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Dirty War On The NHS: Profiting From Coronavirus

You can watch the full movie below

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the UK, the NHS has been literally begging the Government for adequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves while sacrificing their own lives to treat increasing numbers of COVID-19 victims throughout the UK. They have also begged the Government for proper testing. (Testing is why the number of Coronavirus cases in Germany is significantly lower than the UK).  As a result there have been 27 verified deaths of NHS staff during the pandemic, although this figure is according to government estimates. Since the Government is known to dishonestly massage statistics to deceive the public, the true number of deaths among NHS staff is likely to be much higher and certainly significantly higher as time progresses. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock who has commonly been accused of incompetence. has consistently mislead the public and any PPE supplied to NHS hospitals has been grossly inadequate and of poor quality as expressed by desperate NHS staff. This has undoubtedly led to the increase of deaths among doctors and nurses, struggling in despair to cope and protect us. The reason for the lack of adequate PPE, testing equipment, ventilators and other vital equipment that is crucial in the battle against COVID-19 is entirely due to cost cutting for profit as demonstrated throughout this film. This was the cruel intention of David Cameron when he secretly visited Goldman Sachs in New York to cut a deal to sell off the NHS for huge profits. This has been documented and recorded throughout this blog, which you will find in the included links with this article. 

Throughout this crisis the British public has shown its gratitude and appreciation to the NHS every Thursday evening at 8.00pm. However, it is indeed sad that the public have such short memories as well as a great deal of hypocrisy. They chose to remain grossly indifferent and ignorant of the barbaric truth having forgotten Cameron and Osborne's ruthless and devastating assault on morals during their reign of terror from 2010. It is worth remembering that a leak recently reported that special adviser to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings suggested "letting elderly victims of Coronavirus die". Upon hearing this language, it sounded familiar. Despite the government's denial of this, it is evident that since 2010, government policy has been to treat certain sections of the population as `expendable' and under the heartless, sadistic regime of David Cameron, a new term arose in reference to NHS patients, "Death Pathway". How convenient is it today that we have so easily set aside Cameron and Osborne's ruthless cull of the sick and disabled from 2010 - 2015, something that once would have incurred widespread revulsion and civil unrest? Again, evidence of this has been demonstrated throughout this blog, including two of my own films. You will notice during the pandemic national lockdown, we frequently talk about how society will change when we emerge from this crisis. It should therefore come as no surprise that while we show our temporary love for the NHS, we ought to be aware that the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK is being cruelly exploited for profit and that David Cameron may be actively encouraging it behind the scenes since we have already identified his distinguishable characteristics in this crisis.

Due to YouTube Censorship, this video may be removed at some stage to protect the public from the Truth

Friday, 10 April 2020

David Icke Exposed! Another Deep State Player Fooling (Almost) Everyone,...

Hmm! I'll reserve judgement on this video until I have watched it in full. A friend in Canada had sent me the link to it after I had warned her about David Icke some time ago since he has plagiarized some of my work from this blog for years. However, I am not alone. Icke has been plagiarizing the hard work of investigative researchers and respected authors throughout his career. I'm afraid it doesn't end there either. One of Icke's protege's is "Chris Everard". Everard excels in his shameless plagiarism of other people's hard work. I first became suspicious about Everard around 12 years ago while watching a documentary on YouTube featuring Everard. He made reference to the case that got me started in investigative research when I was just aged 15 after my father told me about the 1888 Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel. I was intrigued and began investigating and digging deep ever since. At the age of 56, I still am and have written about it in this blog. During Everard's film, he made reference to a  "William" Sickert. I was astonished since Everard clearly didn't even get the name right. Of course he was referring to the Victorian artist, Walter Sickert. This clearly demonstrated his ignorance and delusions of grandeur in his haste to steal the work of someone else. Everard had just heard or read about the Ripper case briefly and quickly claimed the research as his own. He presents himself as someone of intellectual authority, yet demonstrates the complete opposite. It exposed Everard as an incompetent fool and fraud who had absolutely no integrity, honour, or credibility whatsoever. He is a total unashamed charlatan, liar and con man. He makes outrageous claims of false investigations he has done, including in recent years having been granted access to the caves underneath the Vatican. A radio talk show foolishly interviewed Everard about this, giving him a platform for his narcissistic personality disorder to boast his false claims. UK police were also interested in Everard at one point, causing him to flee to France. I urge anyone to please beware of Chris Everard and David Icke at all costs and help expose them for what they really are. 

Having just watched the rest of the video, I'm sure the endorsement of Donald Trump was misguided. Unfortunately I find that much of what the lady says in this video is ill-informed.  She may not like to hear it, but I'm afraid Trump is indeed owned by Wall Street. Every US President has been controlled by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street since 1948 when the National Security Act was signed by President Harry S. Truman. This Act in effect signed over all power to the shadow Government of the USA. To oversee this transition, the CIA was established to replace the OSS. This is why every CIA Director since then  has emerged from Wall Street. Allen and John Foster Dulles were appointed to ensure that the control of the US and all its assets and interests were transitioned to the CIA. Mass murderer, Allen Dulles himself was a Lawyer for Wall Street bankers, hence his appointment and the issuing of a blank cheque to the CIA. When JFK realised that he did NOT have any real power or authority, he protested and we all know the subsequent outcome. The role of President since 1948 was purely to give the American people the illusion of a democracy. The Government treasury is financed entirely by the illegal Federal Reserve and Wall Street. If any American President refuses compliance, they risk economic sanctioning, forcing the White House to explain to public why it cannot adequately fund the national economy. Of course, no US President can reveal the truth about the real cause of the economic collapse. John F. Kennedy tried and he paid the ultimate price. This template has been applied internationally and globally as the founding principles of the New World Order and subsequently integral to the foundation of The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) as overseen by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld under the presidency of George W. Bush. Does anybody actually believe that George W. Bush was capable of running a country, even without the familiar hilarious gaffes?  9/11 secured the implementation of PNAC. You can read more about all this throughout this blog. 

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Monday, 24 February 2020

Alternative Being

Always be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Love is an energy, so every kind and selfless thought for someone in despair who you don't even know makes you unique. Empathy and the obliteration of Apathy is what we should all strive for as a purpose in life. Selflessness, Forgiveness, Empathy, Faith and Loving Compassion are individually a struggle to achieve for the mind, only because the mind is corruptible. It is not so for the human spirit, which is our natural state. Remembering who we truly are can be a lonely experience only because we have no wish to be like everyone else. - Glenn Gordon

Alternative Being...

Any deviation from the human capacity for forgiveness and overwhelming love and compassion is a corruption of the soul. Love is not subject to interpretation, since by its very nature it is selfless and does not discriminate. Our greater understanding of all things was based upon this while we slept in our mother’s womb. To adapt to the world of the corrupted seed that we were to be brought into, we had to change. As a result, sanctuary was provided for an `acceptable' level of malevolence for human endorsement. Politics fulfilled this purpose, thus corrupting what is humanly natural. Once we allow our humanity to be defined by politics we sacrifice our very souls. One day we will return to our natural status of being with an unfathomably traumatic remorse when we reconnect with its source, the source of love from which a vast ripple effect expands across the universe reaching the earth, touching only a few who remember where they came from.


To truly understand what is written here, you must be prepared to stand outside the world among the stars and observe all that is truly before you. You must return to that place where you once resided. That place of regress you only remember when it reconnects in the subliminal flashbacks of the forgotten esoteric dreams of infancy. It is the memory cabbaged and retained from you when you took form and breathed upon the earth, that which was innocent, now distracted and corrupted, suffered entrapment and imprisoned. You do not know who you really are. You have forgotten from where you came.  You are subdued and bound by the chains of apathy while anesthetised by popular culture. You are confined among the minions who disavow themselves of you, should you deny conformity and embrace individualism. You are great and celestial. You are not a grain of sand among all the dust of the universe. Abandon all that you hold, for all that you take with you is your soul, less it be corrupted and confined. For it is here where all knowledge is held, beyond the contemplation and comprehension of the vase in which you took refuge. Amid all the knowledge that is natural, resides that which is infinite, and that is the unfathomable glory of love. It is the place of infinite love and peace where you belong. It is the place of your true birth, which was forever. It is to there you must return, through the snared forests of disapproval, rejection, deception, resentment, contempt, betrayal, suspicion, mistrust and humiliation.  When I return to the ether, my sword and armour shall be waiting for me, contaminated with wrath; I am restrained by my brothers. I must wait for the right time to come.  For you, this may be a day. For me, time does not exist, but while you struggle through the labyrinth of torment, look to me and reach out for my hand. You cannot look upon me here, else the sting of joyous tears shall burn your skin. I shall wrap my wings around you, deflecting all projectiles from you. Soon, you will take flight from your vessel, as I lift you from the overflowing cup.

- Glenn Gordon