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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bilderberg, Spies, Lies and the Corporate Media

Due to recent events, it shouldn't be so difficult to predict what was on the Bilderberg agenda this year. Undoubtedly, there will be an urgency for further control of and manipulation by the mainstream media, hence their special invitation to the meeting at the Grove Hotel in Watford. British financier, Marcus Agius is a former Group Chairman of Barclays Bank who fiddled interest rates. He currently serves on the BBC's new executive board as a senior non-executive director. We should also expect further demonization of Asad in Syria and others, who don't willingly surrender their natural resources to the Globalists....

In introducing David Icke onto the platform, the Channel 4 anchorman referred to is Jon Snow 

David Cameron's presence at Bilderberg can only be to give assurances to corporations such as Google (a.k.a. CIA), including the creation of loopholes in Corporation Taxes and Spying. However, despite these 2 subjects being recently highlighted as growing major public concerns, the `obvious' is `always' dubbed as "Conspiracy Theories", redefined as a derogatory term by the corporate controlled mainstream media. This is also despite the contemptuous record that Cameron has for overtly and sadistically flaunting his intentions right in our faces. It can hardly be called `theory' if the evidence speaks for itself. To suggest otherwise is not only irrational, but illogical.

Edward Snowden: A `Hero' for exposing traitors
They did it to Bradley Manning. They did it to Julian Assange. Now, they're doing it to Edward Snowden. If they can't get close enough to assassinate you, they character assassinate you instead.  Now, they're saying Edward Snowden was a `high school dropout'. He was fine when the #NSA paid him a $200k annual salary. Next, fake charges will be invented against him, probably sex related. Already, they are bribing his alleged former partners and friends to come forward to discredit his integrity. Don't be surprised if child porn suddenly appears on his home computer or among his belongings.  Government stitch-ups and framing has come a long way since Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan"A special medal ought to be issued for `Heroes' such as Edward Snowden".


British Foreign Secretary, William `Vague' clearly must have been rehearsing with his boss and former Spin Doctor/PR man, David Cameron. However, as we have witnessed over the past 3 years, David Cameron obviously believes the British public are too dumb and already relies on them being so easily malleable.

New World Order director

War Criminal, PA to David Rockefeller, and Bilderberg regular Henry Kissinger. David Cameron has obviously shown he shares the same sentiments as his mentor. Kissinger was also an attendee at Margaret Thatcher's funeral.