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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doctors Strike: Brits miss the point on Cameron's sadistic destruction of NHS

When David Cameron receives treatment for his SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder), he can afford to pay for it privately

Are the Brits so utterly dumb that they completely miss the point of the doctors going on strike? There is a debate that doctors already receive a better pension than some. This very question that it is debatable just goes to prove that the real issue goes straight over the heads of some people and that this is nothing more than a vicious demonstration by Cameron and the Tory media to "Divide & Conquer", and predictably, the Brits will fall for it as always.

The whole point is that this is yet another sadistically vicious attempt by David Cameron to destroy the NHS to force everyone to pay for treatment. The contemptuously malevolent Cameron knows perfectly well that these doctors are striking for the profession since it will undoubtedly deter young people from going into the profession since moral is being constantly savagely attacked by Cameron. By the time a 20 year old medical student retires, their pension won't be worth anything, thus fewer young people wishing to study it.

In my previous posts, I raised a valuable point that the UK corporate media deliberately failed to seize upon. In the few days leading to Cameron's hated NHS bill going through parliament, he turned up in Wall Street to meet financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs and returned to triumphantly gloat in parliament over the death of the NHS. Yet, not one dissenting voice was to be heard in the corporate controlled media or anywhere else over his timely visit to his banker friends in Wall Street. No mention of any coincidence to be seen or heard anywhere. This is exactly why I set up this Facebook page. It is confirmation that if the corporate media "controls the question" then we won't ask any.