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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 12 November 2012

CIA Operative and JFK Assassination / 911 plotter, George HW Bush, The Puppet Master Behind Obama And Romney

Rigged USA Elections Exposed


Throughout the US Presidential election campaign, one phrase kept arising when voters were questioned about their intentions. It was difficult not to imagine that they had a programmed response. The term, "The Lesser Of Two Evils" was prevalent. Romney would have just been a clone of George W. Bush and was most likely guaranteed a seat in a clandestine cabal, such as the Rockfeller, Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR), taking his place on the pyramid alongside another former presidential hopeful, John McCain. Obama's wife, Michelle has already been a member of the CFR for some time. The anticipated voter response is confirmation that America has reached a critical nightmare stage of "Apathy". If we allow ourselves to become so disillusioned that we abstain, it will justify the imposition of a dictatorship, paving the way for horrific consequences. George Bush was not joking when he quipped about being a dictator, and it should have been a stark warning to Americans. Somebody somewhere is observing, expressing satisfaction and taking delight that everything is going accrording to plan.

Obama passes off secret message to general CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

So, what can we make of this? Some would claim that something Masonic is transpiring, considering that it is an established fact that almost all US Presidents have been Freemasons while some (eg. the Bush crime family) where also members of secret occult societies, such as The Knights Of Eulogia (a.k.a. Skull and Bones). Since the US is historically the first Masonic nation, followed by the former USSR being the first established Atheistic Nation, that would hardly seem surprising. Barak Obama may otherwise be known as Barry Soetero. Very little is known about his background, and if anything, the birther movement would seem to support this. However, his former employers include Business International (BI), a publishing and consultation firm dedicated to assisting US comporate interests abroad. Business International is also a known cover used by the CIA. Whatever Obama is doing in this clip, it is apparent that something sinister is definitely occurring.

The following full length shocking feature below does however fully expose the "real" Obama. WARNING: This film contains some disturbing images of dead children and torture amongst others.

This is the real face of Barak Obama, the passive face of the NWO, ex-CIA, War Monger and Child Killer. This just demonstrates how easy it is to fool a nation and the masses globally. How do you tell people who had invested so much faith and hailed Obama as a New Beginning that they've been cruelly and cold heartedly deceived and betrayed?  Even while I write this, some are being gradually boiled for the dinner table, and are still asking for the seasoning:

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

CHANGE: The Election of an American Dictator

In previous posts, I discussed the history of the Bush crime family, including the involvement of Prescott Bush in the attempted coup d'état in 1932 to overthrow the US Government, only to be thwarted by General Smedly Butler, whom the conspirators has chosen to lead the coup. This was followed by Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman funding the Nazi's and IG Farbin, who built the Nazi War Machine throughout the 1930s. Brown Brothers Harriman acted as a base for German industrialist Friedrich "Fritz" Thyssen to fund Hitler's rise to power and move assets around the world. Incidentally, after WWII and Operation Paperclip, IG Farbin was also where the CIA conducted brutal and barbaric mind control eperiments. Operation Paperclip was the smuggling project that involved the tranfer of Hitler's top Nazi scientists and doctors to work in the US before the Soviets could reach them.

George HW Bush inherited his fathers aspirations, which included a second coup d'état and his involvement as a CIA operative in the JFK assassination in 1963, although there were actually three coups to overthrow the American Government, the first in 1910, which brought about the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The third occurred in 1947, with the signing of the National Security Act, which was the tranfer of power to the Shadow Government and the establishment of the CIA, with a blank cheque to secure its passing. Kennedy did not comply or recognise the Shadow Government, which meant he had to be eliminated. The activities of George Bush moved on to smuggling Cocaine to the US during the Vietnam war, which earned him the nickname "Poppy Bush", and was the basis of the Hollywood movie, Air America. Bush continued his drug smuggling activities from South America as Director of the CIA during the 1970s and was later involved in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. He had spent the previous evening dining with family friends, the Hinckleys, one of which carried out the attempted assassination. Known as Magogg during his time in Skull & Bones, George HW Bush has been actively involved in who occupies the Whitehouse since 1963 or has maintained close connections, most likely to ensure that his father's failed coup in 1932, was a success in its second attempt in 1963. In securing his place as CIA Director, Bush was in a position to cover his own back in his involvement in the JFK assassination, as one of my older articles, JFK and the 5 Presidents documents, and later updated here.  He had also spent the night at the Whitehouse on the eve of 9/11 before his scheduled meeting with the brother of Osama Bin Laden (a.k.a. Tim Osman.)

George HW Bush and The Mitt Romney Connection