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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Two Banking Scandals and a Funeral. By the time we Digest One, the other will be Forgotten

Right now the British Media are stimulating a cosmetic farce on the latest banking scandals to give the public the false illusion that heads must roll and that "democracy MUST be seen to be at work". What a crock.

Unfortunately, the Brits, will buy this nicely designed wallpaper. David Cameron aint kidding nobody. The Banksters friend is in fact covering their backs by giving the false impression that he believes it is "Morally Wrong". And, as we all know by now, the word, "Morals" emanating from the mouth of someone who clearly has none whatsoever is a bit rich indeed. It all conveniently falls neatly into place for Mr Coincidence too, distracting us from his own troubles, such as the Hunt scandal and Gary Barlow avoiding questions over tax evasion.

Within one week, we had millions of people all over the UK stranded due to an alleged glitch in cash point machines, leaving people unable to withdraw cash or access their bank accounts. All transactions were in total lockdown as salaries were failing to deposit or register, leaving people to find money elsewhere, some literally begging from friends and relatives. However, something much larger stinks. This has all the symptoms of a trial run for something, as it focused on how we would all cope if every cashpoint and our bank accounts suddenly crashed tomorrow. Cue the measured response to a cashless society, paving the way for the embedded chip. An experiment in social conditioning may be at play. It wouldn't be the first time David Cameron engaged in a vicious scheme to measure the public tolerance to pain. Let us not forget his famous "Happiness Survey", followed by further announcements of ruthless cuts and draconian new laws on our civil liberties. While our attention was fixed on the banks, Cameron slipped in announcements to cut welfare from young and jobless and viciously attacked families and people in the North.

SatanMeanwhile, David Cameron, George Osborne and the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King came out slating Barclays boss, Bob Diamond, for rigging interest rates, costing customers £millions. In other words, we have the foxes guarding the chicken coup calling for action. Let us not forget David Cameron's record on rewarding his banker buddies by stealing from the rest of us, and his detour to visit banking terrorists, Goldman Sachs in New York while in the US in March, only to return to gloatingly announce the death of the NHS, forcing impoverished patients into paying for health. As previously mentioned, an inquiry is just cosmetics, and the guilty rich get off the hook as always. Already, this week there were signs that Cameron had interfered with the Leveson Inquiry, but due to his mastery of PR, we failed to notice.

In the meantime, Mervyn King was feigning to be ever so concerned about the customer by calling on the Government to lend more by pumping more money into the economy. Of course, the corporate controlled media draws us away from asking the fatal questions, such as, "What money, since we don't have any?" Unless of course, Mr King is referring to the stolen Gold and Oil reserves that Tony Blair and David Cameron raided from Iraq, Egypt, Libya and now Syria on his bosses behalf. Mr Kings boss being the Rothschild family. The money that Mr King is referring to is imaginary money and he is recommending taking a stronger dosage of the pill that got us all into this catastrophic crisis in the first place, since the global debt is entirely due to the "interest" we pay back on our loans. Just to clarify: No amount of negotiation between world leaders is going to make a jot of difference, unless "interest" is abolished and all sovereign assets are returned to their rightful owners, and the chances of that happening are zero, since those assets have been devalued and cannot be redeemed against any Gold and Silver, since the banks have accumulated it all. Or, at least they will do after they have dealt with Syria, Iran, Yemen and Bahrain. And, since they have stolen all the earths natural resources too, with only the air we breathe left, there is very little to bargain with but our very souls, literally, since we are in danger becoming too apathetic. They are coming after the air we breathe too, with the "global warming hoax" in order to justify a carbon tax. Then, we'll be forced to work for nothing due to debt slavery, which is David Cameron's agenda. By this time, our spirits will be so badly broken that we will be willing to sacrifice anything. As Aldous Huxley said, "We will come to love our servitude".

Banking terroristsAdmittedly, this paints a rather nightmarish scenario and no doubt, will draw accusations of being a merchant of doom. However, it is a small price to pay if that is what it takes to wake us all up and abandon those fake ambitions of climbing the career ladder, since it too is being burned from the ground up, with no rooftop in sight.