The Human Assembly Line

The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Alternative Being (short film)

This is a poem generated from a story I am writing about a fallen angel, condemned to a human existence, unable to receive human love because his love is divine and born in heaven and human love is corruptible like all things upon the earth. Now, he is forever trapped in human form since the war in heaven. He was abandoned on earth after pursuing those who rebelled against God. He slayed and beheaded those that had become malformed, laying waste to legions of demons. However, in his vengeful pursuit, he allowed himself to become angry, which was a corrupted human weakness, therefore he could not return to heaven unclean. Throughout the generations of human existence, he inhabited the body of man. Nobody knew of him. In human form throughout history, he searched for something, but never knowing what it was and was led only by what appeared to be spiritual instinct. However, the clue was in his earthly pain and his vague recollections of previous incarnations such as the 14-year-old boy in the rain soaked trenches of WWI, his rifle shaking as the crunch beneath his muddy feet were often the skulls of his fallen comrades. It was unbearable for him to feel helpless to comfort the inconsolable. He was overwhelmed and traumatized by his unyielding empathy and natural yearning to give compassion, but was restricted and weak in his human form. Even he did not know his true identity despite the flickering flashbacks in his progressive incarnations in each generation he was born into. God so loved him that he was guiding his spirit home. It was not the form of communication that humans take so easily for granted. He could be sitting on a railway station platform and overhear a child innocently say something to its mother, something usually dismissed but profound enough for him to know that it was the voice of his heavenly father. Only children, animals and those of unsound mind would recognise him as an angel of God. In the vessels he inhabited he struggled with his loneliness, trying to understand why no human could love him and that it was because he was of heavenly love which is too overwhelming and pure for a human to cope with. Unknown to his corrupted human mind in times of rest, his spirit had traveled throughout the earth, finding those distressed, in despair, frightened, grieving and traumatized. He heard the cries and their prayers and went to them, embracing them with the loving comfort only he knew. Saturated pillows of tears, with reddened eyes and stinging cheeks from tormented pain and suffering were turned to tears of peace, joy and happiness by him. He took the souls of those lives ended in despair and comforted them, guiding them to their next journey. When he woke from consciousness, he would never recall that his spirit had left him to pursue its natural instinct. Nor could any human look upon him for his beauty and radiant light of God.....   But, his journey of discovery continues today.........


An insight into understanding the New World Order (2010)

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