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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Mark of The Beast - Shadow Government

Predictive Programming & Tiptoe Totalitarianism

Shadow Government - Full Version

Many of us love a good thriller to excite us, whether its a good book or a movie, it invigorates our ego and stimulates us. Many social network sites will prompt us to reveal our favourite movie or book. It tells everyone you communicate with something about yourself.

How many of us have seen a movie and never really got into it first time around or never really thought much about it, then saw it second time around and really enjoyed it. One such example for me was The Net, starring Sandra Bullock. As an artist, I used to complete a particular stage of my work, and once I was satisfied with it, I'd set it down and take a break. It was only when I returned to it afterward that I'd see it with fresh eyes and notice something not quite right with it. Movies, such as The Net or Minority Report, whilst being great thrillers that may have us on the edge of our seats, certainly evoke our emotions, just as horror flicks may terrify us. Nevertheless, they stimulate us, no matter how horrific or intimidating they may be. This is just psychology. Nature provides us with an autonomic cognitive safeguard to remind us that, "Its only a movie. It isn't reality!" Yet, how many of us have heard the term, "Art imitating life?" Both these terms seem to contradict each other. While we view The Net, our attention is drawn mostly to the star and the plot. Yet, when we see the same star in another movie, we manage to detach ourselves from their previous movies, sometimes to the point that when we hear about them or see them on a chat show, we almost expect them to be the characters we associate them with, forgetting that they are just "actors". Few of us ever wonder where the movie script came from or who wrote it? Why do the writers receive very little or no credit? Who are they? How many of us have found ourselves recalling, "Yeah. It's just like in that movie?" Undoubtedly many of you will have forgotten or not seen such movies, as The Net. However, the message that it carried has almost certainly been planted already, without you even realising it. It resides in your subconscious, from where it will be drawn out into reality, gradually. Another more recent example was Dan Brown's, The DaVinci Code. This in itself was a major publicity coup. First came the book, which received enormous publicity because Brown was accused of plagiarism, which undoubtedly drew much attention to the original book from where the plot was alleged to have been drawn. Then, almost immediately came the movie. Perfect timing. The overall impact this had was unprecedented. It sparked a huge debate on the subject of the origins of Christianity and the historical Jesus Christ. People all over the world actually debated and argued about the bloodline of Christ. Most had forgotten that Brown's book was entirely pure fiction, even in some cases, completely absurd.
However, the message is no longer monopolized by Hollywood. Today, it has emerged, more boldly and less subliminally in the evening News. For example, following recent events of instability in one region of the world, journalists were telling us that the same could possibly occur in neighbouring or related states. Of course, we could simply dismiss this as preparing us for the worst, based on trends. Or, we could accept it as "Predictive Programming". I referred to the movie, The Net (1995) to illustrate my point. Basically, it is a portrayal of someone who lives and breathes computers, a computer analyst, who's life is thrown into turmoil when she inadvertently stumbles upon Government corruption. Almost immediately, secret Government dark forces are dispatched to deal with her, not only making her life hell on earth, but virtually non-existent. Her complete identity is entirely erased through modern technology.

How many of us today remember feeling frustrated when we first began paying for things by card, and being stuck behind someone in a supermarket checkout, while we waited? How many of us today get annoyed when some fool decides to pay for their drinks by card in a crowded bar, while the rest of us has to wait for the card reader to process it before we get served? I use the term "Fool" deliberately, because this is usually someone so well paid that they don't carry cash, yet they are too dumb to realise what they are actually contributing to. The same fool most likely does all their shopping online and has several retail loyalty cards. The same fool is being photographed approximately 300 time per day, but either doesn't realise it or simply doesn't care. Almost every single aspect of the Fools life is being recorded and accumulated, stored in a database somewhere. Soon, he/she won't even have to bother writing out a shopping list. They can simply scan in any item they fancy into their cell phone and it will be added to their stores shopping list automatically. Oops! Tescos have just launched an application that already does that. This is after airports installed body scanners that can scan the most intimate regions of your body, while being fondled by security. I digress. For the Fool, life is all too convenient. He/she doesn't even need the latest robotic celebrity endorsed cool grocery scanning app on their phone. Their loyalty club card already reveals and stores their weekly shopping habits. Each time they scan their loyalty card while shopping, they are telling someone somewhere what they've just purchased. This is how they receive incentives, such as bonus points and discount vouchers, since every item listed on their receipt is calculated to the value of points or a voucher. With this information stored on a database somewhere, it reveals the most private and intimate details about your life and lifestyle. It can reveal your diet, how many people are in your household, your hygiene and sexual activity, your relationships, your health, your income, your hobbies and interests...... The information that can be gleamed from just a receipt is endless. Incentives to reveal your personal life are everywhere, and we willingly and increasingly submit to it. From social networking sites and online activity, to our cell phones and SatNavs, our every move is monitored and scrutinized. Almost every piece of technology in your home is now equipped with RFID as standard. When you print off a document, even that can be traced back to you, via the invisible yellow dots embedded across each page. So,what happens to all this information? Or, perhaps this is all just exaggerated paranoia? Accumulating such high volumes of information has its purpose. It is no secret that there is drive to catalogue all life on earth. I've even added a Channel Four News item to my website, confirming it. So, what is the purpose of all this? All information will eventually be stored on a chip, which will be embedded underneath your skin. This chip contains every single aspect of your whole life, gathered and accumulated, even as I write this. It will be marketed as a fashion accessory, probably aimed at young people of a certain generation, at first. Just as the 3G mobile phone or iPod was. Celebs will promote and endorse it. Everyone will demand the embedded chip. Just as Aldous Huxley had written in his 1961 book, Brave New World, in response to George Orwells, 1984.

"In the future, people will go willingly into the New World Order. They shall come to love their servitude!"
Perhaps, this is already starting to sound familiar, as most of us have undoubtedly heard it all before:
".......all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name".  - Revelation 13:11-1

I appeal to your humanity. "Doesn't matter whether or not you are an academic, scientist, religious or atheist?" What matters is that you are human, and what you are prepared to do today to stop, `dare I mention' evil? Canceling all Direct Debits and cutting up every piece of plastic you've become so dependent on, would be a decent start, as well as listening only to alternative media. Pay for everything by cash only. Avoid social networking websites, despite the temptations and deceptive incentives. Warn others, through writing messages around the borders of bank notes. Even as I write this, new scandals are emerging about the hacking of phones of public figures and celebrities. David Cameron's pal, Andy Coulson from the News of The World is being held up as the public target. Even this is a decoy and deliberately deceptive. What we aren't being told, is that Coulson
works for MI5, and he'll soon be forgotten about, with a new identity, or revert back to his own. He's planted the seed and served his purpose, just as the alleged undercover cops did, who infiltrated small, insignificant pressure groups among others, just to stir up trouble to discredit public protests.

Friday, 28 January 2011

After Tunisia, familiar CIA trademarks now seen in Egypt to implement the NWO

Update: If you want to know what's really going on in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and where is likely to be next, just research which regions in the world that don't have any Rothschild banks, and you'll soon smell the stench of CIA. Please, don't be so easily deceived by the corporate media and the likes of evil CFR member, Hilary Clinton. I will cover the Clinton's in a later post...

Here we go again. Looking at the latest scenes of civil unrest in Egypt, we need hardly be surprised, since the corporate, CFR run media, had already prepped us, following the events in Tunisia. If anyone had read my last post, you'll already know that this was coming. So, be prepared for more instability and chaos in the surrounding Arabic regions.
David Atlee Philips
The first step is to prime the mainstream media for the predictive programming of the viewing gullible masses. And, of course we've already seen this with the "scripted rhetoric" from the likes of the Fool, (aka, UK Channel 4 News, Jon Snow) and every other Rockefeller CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations) run mainstream media outlet, following exactly the same script, proposing that following the (CIA staged) revolt in Tunisia, other surrounding Arab regions may follow, Que Egypt. Surely, it would take a fool not to predict this, as we can expect more. This is the same age old familiar signature of the CIA and a Rothschild favourite, as history documents. They've been using the same tactics since the early 1950s. They applied it to Iran in 1951, as the man who orchestrated the assassination of JFK proudly boasted (David Atlee Phillips, aka Maurice Bishop). Following their success in Iran, the agency, under the direction of brothers, John Foster & Alan Dulles, applied exactly the same tactics throughout regions in Latin American.  Such operations are a matter of recorded history and since, declassified.

The Ongoing Malevolence of David Cameron: Have your say....

How much more can Cameron be allowed to get away with? This is an invitation for you to add to the list of the ongoing crimes of David Cameron. Please just either contact me or add your own comments on what Cameron and his Nazi Government have done ever since he was unelected. To help you out and to discover more, just type `David Cameron' into the Google search box in this blog:

  • Just in the last two weeks alone, he has yet again demonstrated his contempt for the British people. Despite the worst backbench rebellion the Tories have ever had, Cameron has spitefully reneged and denied the people of the UK a referendum on the EU.


    Tuesday, 18 January 2011

    British media starts peddling CIA rhetoric in wake of Tunisia revolt

    Yet again, we had to listen to that sycophantic immaturity of Jon Snow, in his usual presentation of the Channel Four News.  Sometimes we are left wondering if little Jon makes this stuff up as he goes along.  Many of us still haven't forgotten his cringingly  embarrassing behavior as the Chilean miners were released last year, while much more important news was being abandoned on the other side of the world, as thousands of Pakistan's were perishing in apocalyptic floods, only to be yet again overshadowed later by a petty Pakistan cricketing scandal.

    This time,  in the aftermath of the Tunisian revolt, Snow drifts off, on about other countries in the region toppling like dominoes. However, this is not the main concern. The powers that be, just use this little fool to feed us with predictive programming from the CIA. Amid the turmoil in Tunisia, following the flight of the Tunisian president, ousted by a revolt, the British media starts talking about instability in other neighboring Arab countries. This is irrelevant, as it follows a familiar pattern. This ploy absolutely wreaks of CIA, and if you've ever watched, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", you'll soon discover why.

    Monday, 17 January 2011

    BREAKING THE WILL OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT (first written in 1987)

    "At which point did we begin to accept that sexually abusing children was a regrettable symptom of our society? How much more are we prepared to accept until the will of the human spirit is finally broken? Indecent exposure and fondling at airports? Water becoming so poisoned that it would be unsafe to drink, and nobody noticing when it became undrinkable? When did we stop remembering a time when antidepressants were scarcely heard of? When alleged natural disasters would have galvanized humanity globally to help the victims? When third world regions were not out of sight out of mind?
    Do you really want to be the grandparent reminiscing about a time when young people could think freely for themselves and as individuals without being so anesthetized by popular culture? A time when you could dream that one day a Jew could embrace a Muslim and join their Christian and atheist friends for dinner, accepting that the overriding doctrine that unites us all is our capacity for compassion, love and peace, a time before society was made up of compartmentalized units of programmable robotic people?"

    Sunday, 9 January 2011


    We assume that when we hear or read the news that we are being informed, yet most of it is focused on celebrities, to keep us distracted from the truth. What we perceive as the truth is meticulously scripted. How many budding journalists dream of pinning down a leading politician, only to find their questions heavily scrutinized before they go into a press conference. Slipping in the unwanted question will get your press pass withdrawn and most likely cost you your job, since you can no longer be despatched to cover any leading stories. So, you either suffer the fate of loosing your conscience and comply, sacrificing your principles to become complicit in the lie or you focus on ensuring the celebrity is made aware of their true role in society as a public figure, which is to distract the public and pay the price of fame, ensuring the masses are kept anesthetized by popular culture. This leaves the journalist with the choice of two evils, to focus our attention on the personal life of a celeb, or to manipulate the truth about what our selected political representatives are secretly engaged in, allegedly on our behalf. Surely, this ought to awaken us to the true nature of the beast. A couple of typical demonstrations of my point are the sad death of Michael Jackson,   (re. my website article) as already, some of us have forgotten when he died or who was accountable, and the failure of any of us to pick up on the connection between David Cameron and the devastating floods of Pakistan? When we see a political correspondent reporting from Westminster, our attention is engaged only because of the location. The news they are delivering is fed to them from a politicians press agent. That is the role of the press agent. We've heard the term, "on a need to know basis" before.

    The HAARP facility, Northern Alaska
    As mentioned on previous posts, Cameron jetted off to India, where he labeled an already impoverished Pakistan as a "terrorist state", just as it was hit by catastrophic floods, killing over 300,000 and displacing many more. The desired reaction was a timely restriction on aid to the stricken region, as the media ensured Cameron's label had already gained maximum publicity, thus leading to apathy and a distinct lack of compassion for the suffering Pakistan people. Instead, the media chose to divert our attention away from the horrors of the suffering masses to dwell on a bunch of trapped Chilean miners, whose fate had already been established as positive. We had to endure an incompetent, sycophantic and unbearably immature Jon Snow getting childishly over exited about the freedom of a bunch poker playing miners. The media then sought to overshadow events in Pakistan by focusing on an utterly irksome and irrelevant alleged Pakistan cricketing scandal.  It was the Haiti effect  all over again.  When the 2005 tsunami had claimed over 300,000 lives, it shocked us. However, it was almost a year after Haiti was hit by an equally catastrophic earthquake that some of us had learned that no international aid had gotten through and that the death toll was over 300,000. "Why didn't the media question what had happened to the aid?" "Why didn't the media shock us by the growing numbers of deaths in the region, as it did with the tsunami? Was it because it had conditioned us to learn to accept such huge death tolls??" "Why didn't the media focus on Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's accusation that the devastation in Haiti was induced by a US secret weather modification weapon (HAARP), which I have already substantiated in a previous post?" "Why didn't the media pick up on Cameron's timely visit to India?" "Why hasn't the media picked up on the increase and acceleration of alleged global natural disasters since 9/11, and that all such disasters have been in the most impoverished regions of the world??"  "Why didn't the media report that almost all the victims  of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans were black and the less affluent, while the authorities focused on rescuing  the wealthiest neighborhoods?" "Why doesn't the media report that each of the stricken regions suffer further devastation because the World Bank hits them with billions of dollars in loans that they can never repay, leaving them in eternal debt, unless of course they repay by surrendering every natural resource they have to the banks?" Why doesn't the media report the fact that almost in conjunction with this, the global economy in 2008 is suddenly hit overnight with an unrecoverable recession by design, causing the slightly less impoverished regions of the world to collapse like dominoes, again forcing each nation into eternal debt to Rothschilds World Bank?"

    One thing the media did inform us about, although, almost deliberately subliminal, and upon his return from receiving his instructions from Lord Rothschild at Buckingham Palace, was that David Cameron's next duty as the new PM was to assure Barak Obama that Britain would remain in Afghanistan and Iraq. Finally, I draw your attention to my use of the term, subliminal. The media don't want us dwelling too long on the prospect that such commitments from Cameron and Obama, really means murdering the innocent and condemning many to "untold" suffering and despair.

    "Who owns the media?" "Who owns you?"