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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

David Cameron is solely responsible for the Migrant Crisis

The face of "Evil"

Let them drown

This monster started the human carnage in the Middle East we are currently witnessing today. As described throughout the "Apathy Kills" blog, he was placed in power in 2010 by the arms industry as revealed during the Liam Fox scandal. The media dubbed `Arab Spring' conveniently began shortly afterwards and news reports let it slip that British Intelligence Operatives were arrested in Tunisia and in Egypt. Later, Cameron flaunted a delegation of arms traders during his arms sales visit to Egypt at the beginning of his arms sales tour of the Mid East region. In his greed to plunder Gaddafi's oil and gold reserves, British defense chiefs expressed their growing concerns over targeting civilians and children in Sirte, Libya. Cameron responded, telling them, "Shut up. You do the bombing and leave the talking to me".

Cameron already had a reputation as an arms dealer during the Thatcher era and was caught along with Mark Thatcher, selling arms in South Africa.

Sadistic former Spin Doctor, who has no shame dares to talk of `Peace and Stability' on the crisis he created.

Now, as a result of the carnage he inflicted, refugees and migrants flee in despair and this child killing, pedophile protecting sadist says, "Let them drown", even as we see the shocking images of a dead 3 year old toddler being carried from a Turkish beach. 

David Cameron's victims
Another victim of David Cameron's depraved genocide that the media won't talk about

In prisons child murderers and pedophiles are targeted by other prisoners and in the U.S. psychopaths are executed, while in the UK, we have a cruel, sadistic abomination from hell in Government.

Given the overwhelming sadistic cruelty that we all have already witnessed from David Cameron, and the shocking, radical decline of morality in the UK since 2010, should we be surprised that at some point, Cameron will suggest a `Final Solution' to the Migrant Crisis? Are we to see the incremental Social Engineering of society to accept "human culling"?


In response to this article, it's critics will see the headline and immediately dismiss it without even bothering to read further, some asking for the evidence when it is already in front of their eyes. Some people choose to be blind. One day, they and those in denial will be held accountable.