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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Narrating the future of mankind

Imagine if earth was invaded by malevolent beings, who had at first approached us in peace before they gradually conquered us through indoctrination/assimilation and proceeded to enslave the rest of humanity. Imagine how they watch over us and monitor us from crafts, stationed at various positions around earths orbit. The likely response from many of us would be resistance. Small groups would emerge to fight back for our freedoms. They would be labeled as terrorists and ruthless murderers, and widespread media propaganda would demonise them.

Sounds like a familiar, popular plot for a classic Sci-Fi movie, doesn't it?

While such a scenario is not difficult to imagine, what is difficult to imagine is believing that it may already have happened! Doesn't anyone ever remember what happened to the "Star Wars Program", or were we supposed to forget about that??

How would we cope if our cell phones or SatNavs were taken away from us, or if all our television channels were drastically reduced, along with our ability to communicate and use the internet? Now, how would we react if every single aspect of our lives were being meticulously scrutinized? Imagine if the chip buried beneath our skin becomes compulsory. You pay for everything by Direct Debit from it. You cannot eat, sleep, take your medication without it. If you're having sleeping problems, the chip can even induce a small pulse that sends a signal to your brain, telling you to sleep. It can even wake you at a specific time.

Then, one day you stop and remember how life used to be. You're telling your grandchildren what the 1980s were like. You find yourself letting slip that we used be free back then.....

How did we get to this? How did we become robots, controlled by the eye in the sky? We can't complain about it. We asked for this. We demanded it. We willingly surrendered ourselves to global servitude. You're dong it right now as you read this, and you aren't even aware of it. That's because you're being programmed not to be........

Me and Lee Harvey Oswald, Dr. Mary's Monkey Cancer Monkey Viruses