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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 23 April 2012

Another mysterious death under David Cameron's watch & no questions asked?

The mysterious death of Dr Richard Holmes is similar to that of Dr David Kelly in 2003. And, another coincidence is the death of Dr Holmes comes just when there is mounting pressure to prove that Iran is making WMDs, just as in the case of Dr Kelly when Iraq was accused of the same phoney lie.  

"No suspicious circumstances?" This has become a catchphrase with UK police. Let's consider how many deaths there have been since David Cameron was "unelected". In the phone hacking scandal, instigated by Cameron's former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson, everyone else connected with the scandal is being brought before public inquiries, while Mr Coulson quietly disappears from the media spotlight after stating upon his release that "there is a lot more he could say". So, where is Coulson? Then, journalist, Sean Hoare who expressed his fear of Andy Coulson, suddenly commits suicide. During the riots of last August, sparked by the police killing of 29-year old, Mark Duggan, the media focused entirely on the damage riots caused, while Mr Duggan was almost entirely written out of the equation and forgotten about. Shortly afterwards, David Cameron announces plans to "spy" on social media sites. Then, we have David Cameron's aide, Christopher Shale found dead at the Glastonbury music festival. At first, it was said that he committed suicide, then changed it to a heart attack. It was also revealed that David Cameron had phoned him that morning to warn him about a newspaper article he had written, criticizing and expressing his disillusionment of the Conservative Party. Then, there was the death of a British hostage in Somalia during an apparent rescue operation. However, when another British couple had previously been kidnapped, they were highly critical of David Cameron's cruel heartlessness for abandoning them and refusing to help secure their release.

Now this. Is Mr Cameron trying to break a record? The only reason why there is no mass public outcry is because the "media control the questions".