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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hollywood Prepares us for the Predetermined Transhumanist Agenda

As expressed in previous posts, the Illuminati just love to flaunt their social engineering agenda through Hollywood with explicit intention of its audience dismissing it as fantasy and fairytale. This is elaborated upon more in the dissertation below. However, due to the restrictions of academia, it was only possible to convey what was really going on within certain terms and conditions in the hope that the board of examiners wouldn't pick up on it and notice what was being said. It obviously met with their approval, since it gained a 2.1 in a BA (Hons) Film with Media Studies.... This was not the original choice of degree subjects preferred. However, it seemed the only method and opportunity at an attempt to open a forum to express something felt since at an early age.

Under the pretense of the McCarthy Witch-hunts, the CIA seized control of Hollywood in the 1950's with the aim of controlling an entire new generation to condition us towards an accepted agenda through indoctrination. This was in the remit of the 1947 U.S. National Security Act, signed by 33+ Freemason, Harry S. Truman and unbeknown to the citizens of the U.S., the official transference of their nation to another entity. However, if a demonstration in secret history were needed, we could refer to the attempted coup d'état to overthrow the U.S. Government in 1934, and event that most Americans are oblivious to, since it has been censored from the history books. President Eisenhower was made aware of the 1947 handover when he inherited the office of President from Truman, knowing that he had no real power, which is why he seized the opportunity to make such an uncharacteristic outgoing address, warning us of what was to come. JFK wrongly assumed he had power when he inherited Eisenhower's legacy. He was not informed of what actually transpired in 1947, and that his role was purely to maintain the `illusion' of democracy. It is also reasonable to assume that JFK knew nothing of the events of 1934, since they were to be repeated while he was in office on the day of his assassination. However, his father, Joseph Kennedy almost certainly knew what was going on, since the `Kennedy' name belongs to the Illuminati bloodline, hence his political ambitions to fulfill a destiny, which is the expectation of the Illuminati doctrine for their seed to achieve the highest positions of power. Once the Kennedy brothers became aware of another agenda, they were viewed as ungrateful upstarts and a critical liability that Joe Kennedy was obligated to deal with, hence the removal of his boys. Unfortunately, the old patriarch suffered a stroke in 1961 before he could warn his sons of the penalty for failure. This was another motivation why in 1941 Joe Kennedy had one of his daughters, Rosemary lobotomized at the age of just 23 for having only a mild mental retardation and abandoned to St. Coletta's Convent where was well cared for. Since genetic imperfections are not tolerated in the Illuminati bloodline, her father was dutifully obliged to keep the family bloodline pure.

The National Security Act was one the main purposes for WWII, while the masses were still subdued under the influence of a false `liberation'. The National Security Act could be reasonably justified in the eyes of the American people due to two World Wars. It was a repetition of the same pattern from the aftermath of WWI throughout what the 1917 captured media had dubbed, "The Roaring 20s", replicated in the "Swinging 60's". Predictably, many Coincidence Theorists will dismiss this immediately, without bothering to even consider the research, completely oblivious that they themselves are the mice in the Pavlovian Maze.  9/11 was the third occasion in which the Hegelian Dialectic was to be implemented. On Sunday, October 30, 1938, millions of radio listeners were shocked when radio news alerts announced the arrival of Martians. It was in fact a fictional broadcast by Orson Welles of  the 1898 Science Fiction novel War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells that had panicked a nation. However, something had to have been learned by the observers of such a mass public reaction, which brings us back to the 1950's.

There is more in-depth discussion throughout this blog on the incremental emergence from the darkness of the Light Bearers at certain periods in history, identifying patterns as the Illuminati become more confident that their agenda is falling into place. It is no coincidence, accident or the product of a more aware society that terms such as `New World Order' and `Illuminati' are so dominant in our modern language and alternative communications today. It is by design, as is our reaction. Someone is watching, and it is more socially acceptable under the label of Philanthropy, (re. Rockefeller) which encompasses the eugenics doctrine, born out of Darwinism. Somebody somewhere has simply given mankind the power to design the evolution of humanity, rather than God or nature, with the sole objective to elevating mankind to the position of `Gods', with a `supreme being' waiting to take his place upon the throne of the earth, demanding recompense for the granting of knowledge.