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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 15 June 2012


Hang the bankers
Bankers Only
The mainstream media again conveniently avoids addressing the critical questions. George Osborne and the Bank of England are to dish out £140m to banks. While many people may sit back and think, "Oh. At least that will be a boost for struggling businesses seeking loans". A resounding "No" is what we should be screaming. This is exactly what got us all into this catastrophic crisis to begin with. More loans equals more crippling debt, and that is what banking terrorists, Goldman Sachs want. They make huge profits from debt slavery, since they control the markets. The global debt is entirely due to "interest rates", the two words contextually redefined by the corporate media news, not to be elaborated upon before the 9:00 watershed. When businesses borrow, the greedy banks patiently wait to return one day to call in the debts after hiking up the interest rates above inflation. If the business can't pay up, the bank take the business, taking all the profit generated from output. Now, we can apply the same system to each nation. If you don't pay up the interest, we take all your remaining assets, i.e. your energy, your water, your health service. They have already devalued the original assets that they conned us into throwing into the kitty aka. Euro Central Bank at the very beginning, with the incentive that wealth would be distributed equally to all nation members once we all throw in our share. Have we forgotten already how keen the European Central Bank was when all the former Soviet Eastern bloc states were clamouring to join the Euro? Then, the banking mafia in Wall Street take bets on the value of those submitted assets, with a guarantee that their original value will tumble, thus forcing each nation to make up the shortfall by giving away more assets, usually draining us of our natural resources, hence the reason why over recent years they placed a price on water. Now, they want to place a price on the very air we breathe through the global warming hoax, by blaming alleged climate change on us, thus justifying carbon tax. The bastards have the table rigged in every direction. That £20 note you have in your wallet or purse aint worth the paper it isn’t written on, since it is literally manufactured out of thin air. In other words, it hasn't been redeemable against anything in the UK since 1972. Prior to all this, paper money was redeemable against gold and silver, since it is an IOU. In the US, during the presidency of Roosevelt, the Federal Reserve coerced the Government to force the people to surrender all their gold. It was Roosevelt who added the Masonic seal to the dollar bill, reading, “Annuit Coeptus. Novus Ordo Seclorum” translated, “Our Enterprise is a Success. New (World) Secular Order”. I should point out at this stage, that the Federal Reserve is no more "federal" than FedEx. It is a consortium of international offshore private bankers. Ask any city trader for a private chat, and I guarantee he'll tell you that we're all screwed in a couple of years. The answer, "Abolish interest" and take back our sovereignty. If only it were that simple. Now, if you aren’t too distracted by your daily fix of Reality TV, you may begin to realise the motivation for the conflicts in the Arab world. It is to establish Central Banks in each continental region. After an African Central Bank is set in place, each continent will have one, i.e. African Union Bank etc. All will then be consolidated into a World Bank, leading to a One World Government. The truth is that Governments haven’t been in power in the US or Europe for long time. Someone once said to me, “So, what do you think Ed Milliband would do if he were PM? This simple answer is, “He’ll do exactly what the Bankster elite tell him to do”. This has been the plan since 1776.

I elaborate slightly more on this in the third and final part of my film on David Cameron. That said, I will be putting my 30 year research into a planned book. So far, I’ve only written 22 pages.