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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ALERT: Sadist, Cameron preparing for False Flag to distract from intensified torture

War Criminal and child killer, David Cameron is again sabre rattling over the Falklands, deliberately trying to provoke Argentina. But, former PR man, Cameron really does think we are that dumb, and if we buy it, then he's right:
  1. Cameron's sadistically cruel onslaught on the weakest in society is increasingly becoming unbearable, especially as the elderly freeze in expected harsh weather conditions, since he abolished their Winter Fuel Allowance. Cameron is determined to launch further vicious attacks on the most vulnerable and exposed. However, in order to enjoy it more, he needs a distraction. Since his mass murder campaigns in Egypt and Libya, the "Economic Hit Men" are growing impatient after the manufactured conflicts in the Gold & Oil rich regions. Cue, Argentina?
  2. Cameron desperately wants to emulate his idol, Thatcher.
  3. Argentina is so financially unstable and broke, it cannot afford a war, never mind support the Falklands.
So, don't be too surprised to hear the soundbites increasing on the complicit pressitute corporate mainstream media, along with the "prepared in advance script" from Jon Snow on Channel 4 news about a "false" first strike from an impoverished Argentina. (Note: Some of the News reports today that allegedly came from concerned Falklanders, were actually shot from the Shetland Islands or some other abysmally similar bleak region in the UK.)