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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Tailored responses to the heart wrenching Al Houla massacre

Below is a copy of an email just sent in response to a fellow Human Rights campaigner who was appealing against the Syrian regime after the heartbreaking horrific atrocities we are incrementally being desensitized to by the corporate controlled mainstream media. Just wanted to share it rather than having to write it again in a separate article. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read it:

Dear ......

Of course, I support your petition. However, you are one of the many who are unfortunately misguided and brutally misled. As a film maker researcher/writer and human rights campaigner, dedicated to the Truth Movement and researching my subject for almost 30 years, I'm afraid you are playing right into the hands of a globalist agenda. Please accept my apologies in advance if that sounds arrogant. The Asad regime did not commit these atrocities. They were committed by the CIA asset, Al-Queda, and we can prove it. However, if people would bother to do their own research, they would know that Al-Queda (aka, database) was created by the CIA in 1979. This has also been verified by CIA, Pentagon and former US Government experts whistle blowers. It has also been proven and confirmed that the CIA controls the global media through the CFR and Chatham House/Tavistock Institute by placing its people in the top positions throughout the media. Rupert Murdock and Walter Cronkite are well known members of the CFR as well as having attended Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg. However, I must admit I cannot confirm whether or not Murdoch has attended any of these clandestine meetings. The CIAs powerful position within the media has also been admitted by a former CIA Director. However, this has already been known for some considerable time and has been the case since the official inception of the mass media in 1917, and outlined in Edward Bernays book, entitled "Propaganda" in 1928 and confirmed in 1947 by the US National Security Act and creation of the CIA. (NB. Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud)

The horror at Al Houla fits a familiar pattern and has a common CIA trademark, recognizable in cases such as the famous Jonestown massacre in Guyana somtime in late 1978. My motto throughout my films is, "If the media controls the question, then we won't ask any". It is copyrighted, btw, so don't nick it, lol. Seriously though. An example of this is how not so very long ago, we were being told that Syrian rebels were on their last legs and almost extinguished. However, due to our incremental social conditioning, we have already forgotten about this.

If you doubt any of this or have been brainwashed and dumbed down enough to utter that deadly familiar term, "Conspiracy Theorist", then I can prove and stand by all of this. You can do your own research before they take control of the internet, or have a look at my website, blog, Facebook page or films, the second part of which is almost complete.

Good luck and don't be a victim of the globalist agenda. Stay out of the box and follow the money.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance". - Albert Eistein

Kind Regards,

The most heartbreaking and utterly disgusting point about all of this is that we are being forced into a position where we find ourselves arguing and debating in a political blame game over the mass murder of babes. At which point do we stop and take stock of our sickening socially engineered evolution and become human again? At which point will we realise the incremental carnage of the human spirit and our will being systemically broken and our very souls being eroded? Don't let the bastards place a price on human compassion and our overwhelming capacity to love. Division is a condition of our weakness.