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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

David Cameron's Increasing Coincidental Conflicts of Interest while Trying to Label Miliband a Hypocrite

It is ironic how major Conservative Party supporters such as "Yahoo!" and others are always attacking Labour. In their latest criticism of trying to label Ed Miliband a hypocrite over donations from hedge fund manager Martin Taylor, the point they conveniently overlook is that Taylor has nothing to gain from Labour. It is akin to accusing Labour of hypocrisy for having support from the likes of Alan Sugar. They neglect to mention that it is a simple case of the successful wanting to give something back to those who struggle. It's called "Charitable" aid. Why the right wing press and media fail to make such a clear distinction is obvious. They think the public are too stupid to figure it out for themselves. Comedian, Russel Brand is often accused of hypocrisy for the same thing, despite stressing that he wants to use his fame as a platform to stand up for the little people. Despite what we may think of the once nerdy Miliband, this latest attack is clearly another demonstration of how low and nasty the Tories will go.

David Cameron receives money from greedy wealthy donors for favours, usually profiting from the misery of others. These include people like Adrian Beecroft, owner of which was conveniently set up immediately after Cameron came to power and he proceeded to sink everyone into debt. They include people like `Sir' Roger Carr, who Cameron appointed as head of Centrica, owners of British Gas, who began the energy price hikes which conveniently began immediately after Cameron came to power. They include the head of the British arms industry, for which Cameron sent British special forces into Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria which became known as the "Arab Spring" and the turmoil we have today which conveniently began immediately after Cameron came to power. They include bankers like Goldman Sachs, whom Cameron sold the NHS to on 15 March 2012, which conveniently began its critical decline immediately after Cameron came to power. They include us, whose wages decline and who lose their jobs while inflation rises so that we have to borrow from the likes of Beecroft. They include the sale of every major asset and human resource that we crucially rely on for survival such as Royal Mail, the rail network and our homes, which Cameron sells off to his greedy friends to make a profit from.
The Selfservatives
They include corporate tax reductions recently announced in George Osborne's budget for companies such as Yahoo and are the main reason why David Cameron supports and openly endorses TTIP, which ought to frighten the hell out of us all, but the media won't talk about due to the relentless bullying from Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s Director of Communications

Tory Peerages for sale
NHS Sold
David Cameron Profits from misery

Apart from protecting his corrupt greedy rich friends, David Cameron is also commonly known as arms/death dealer and is fast becoming known as the protector of pedophiles.

David Cameron and his corrupt pedophile freinds

David Cameron, paedophile protector

William Hague paedophile protector

David Cameron, the pedophiles freind