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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Since January 2012, I was wondering when the Sarine Chemical Warfare backup plan would be wheeled out in Syria, and right on queue, here it is. Since, the mainstream media were exposed in manipulating atrocities such as the "Houla massacre" to blame on Asad, which they have managed to conveniently convince us to forget, only due to our programmed dependence on them, they have left it for a certain period until it was safe enough for the next phase of manufactured news, hence the pre-planned Sarine scare. Don't be surprised to hear over the next few days how horrific the effects of Sarine are, with of course, the mandatory `baby, hospital or school' thrown in as indiscriminate targets of Asad.  Oops! Sorry. I'm supposed to apply the term, Asad "Regime", since it sounds more derogatory, pretty much like "Conspiracy Theorist" or "Guitarist on the X-Factor or Britian's Got F**k all Talent.

Why don't they just get it over with and fly a huge banner between 2 McDonalds sponsored planes over Damascus, saying, "Oi Asad. Give us your oil, gold, water and all your other natural resources. Everyone else has, so you must be getting pretty lonely. We need more people to buy our junk food and designer labels, and since you can't sell your own outside of Syria, might as well force your people to buy ours instead. . . ."

Not to mention, the timely new development in Syria conveniently distracts us from asking any further questions about the Boston Bombings.

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