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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Was Jo Cox Murdered by the Government? The Bigger Picture:

 Tweet by Charlie Skelton, Guardian on 31 May 2016:

"I'll not be surprised if there's a big, noisy security/terror scare just pre-referendum..."


When Ireland voted `No' against the Lisbon Treaty in a national referendum in 2009, the scaremongering started and all the major corporations who base their European headquarters in Ireland threatened to pull out unless the Irish people voted `Yes' and accept the Lisbon Treaty. Google, Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Amazon among others warned of dire consequences if Ireland voted against the Lisbon treaty again. Ireland's main national broadcaster, RTE were strongly biased in favour of accepting the hated treaty. Then, the Irish were subjected to another vote after they had already rejected it. On this occasion the result was a resounding `Yes' to accept the treaty. Soon afterwards in Co. Mayo, amid angry protests, Ireland became one of the first countries in Europe to start fracking before anyone had even heard of the term.


Sunday, 7 June 2015



The same pattern of scaremongering emerged from David Cameron and George Osborne as they became increasingly desperate while polls showed the `Leave' campaign was in the lead. Both Cameron and Osborne were resorting to apocalyptic rhetoric and wealthy Conservative party donors were threatening to abandon the UK if it left the EU. They became so desperate that on the eve of the murder of Labour `Remain' MP, Jo Cox, George Osborne threatened to raise taxes as a punishment if the public voted against him and Cameron. This threat was a step too far, causing a revolt among furious Conservatives, angry over Osborne's punishment budget if Brexit succeeded. Furious Tory MPs pledged to OUST the Chancellor for, "Threatening to vandalise the economy" and has led them to effectively declaring no confidence in him.

Like all posts in this blog, none of them take sides apart from the side of `we the people' and when the people are being ruthlessly deceived by unscrupulous politicians, whether it is Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. Whoever is in Government, it is the same people who finance its treasury, with the role of the political leaders to justify its spending to the people. Those leaders use all the tools at their disposal to deceive the public, such as the Hegelian Dialectic and False Flag incidents and "there is no greater "Master of the Art of Deception than David Cameron". The true depths of depravity that David Cameron has sunk to will not be known until he is long gone. However, they are well documented throughout this blog should any honest and objective researcher wish to find it.


Sunday, 1 July 2012 


For those in doubt, this blog has been dedicated to covering the criminal and corrupt activities of David Cameron since he rigged his own election to power in 2010 to the extent where he exploited the illness and subsequent death of his own child throughout his election campaign. The blog has exposed events that connect overwhelming coincidences with David Cameron that ought to have alarmed the UK public, but due to his ties with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and it's control of the mainstream media, the public have been prevented from knowing the frightening truth and asking crucial questions. Nobody even asked, "What kind of person is it that exploits the illness and death of their own child for political gain?"  Nor, did they make the most obvious of connections linked to the depths of depravity of a political leader. In addition, the public have also conveniently forgotten David Cameron's terrifying record. This only serves to demonstrate the extraordinary power of the media in its ability to control the mindset of the British public. The UK public have been so subdued that despite all the coincidences being placed right before their own eyes, they still remain in denial. This includes the Cameron death list or those silenced for crossing him, such as Christopher Shale, Sean Hoare, and the silence of the latter's boss, Cameron's former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson who indicated that he would "tell all" if anything were to happen to him.

I need not list all the atrocities of the former Spin Doctor and arms dealer, David Cameron. The evidence itself is documented in over 127 articles throughout this blog, including two films. This blog predicted that he would rig the 2015 general election, and he did. It shows that under the Thatcher regime, The Devil's PR Man was known as "Mr Fix-it". During his PR days he had a reputation for manipulating the mainstream media to manufacture cover-ups for his wealthy, greedy, paedophile criminal friends, including Mark Thatcher, the son of his then boss, Margaret Thatcher whom like Andy Coulson, he kept out of the mainstream media.

I am not alone in predicting the depths of depravity that David Cameron will stoop to. Only a fool would fail to recognise the familiar patterns and how many more coincidences he can possibly get away with. His habit of ruthless exploitation has been shoved in our faces so much that the only people in the world who fail to see it is the typical malleable Brit. Within six years he has destabilized the Middle East in what the media dubbed, "The Arab Spring", which conveniently began immediately upon the arms industry installing him in office in 2010. He embarked on a frenzied attack on the disabled (which at one time in British society would have sparked national outrage and mass protest). He equally embarked on a similar attack on those whose jobs he destroyed, branding them `scroungers'. He cruelly exploited the misery he caused by placing his greedy rich friends in positions where they could rob those who suffered most, those friends being Conservative party donors, such as Adrian Beecroft (, Sir Roger Carr etc.  He has redefined the meaning of `Morals' and `Ethics' to eliminate compassion from society. We need only reflect on ourselves and how "we have changed since 2010". He deliberately bombed women and children in Sirte, Libya.  He openly toured the whole region on an arms sales tour amid it's turmoil. In his six years, David Cameron has demonstrated a clear record of cruel heartlessness and equally cruel exploitation of the misery of those he has inflicted so much pain on.

All this and much more is "evidenced" throughout this blog. yet the gullible British public fell for his rhetoric about compassion following the murder of Jo Cox.  From a man whom the UK public already knows has consistently demonstrated his disdain for compassion, are they really going to believe his fake sympathy for Jo Cox just so that he can exploit it?  The sad thing is that the malleable citizens of the UK will fall for it and the generations to come will pay the price it:

  1. A Channel 4 News investigation into Conservative party 2015 election rigging gains momentum.
  2. In the days leading up to the murder of `Remain' MP Jo Cox, both David Cameron and George Osborne were showing signs of panicking and despair due to the `Leave' campaign leading in the polls. They were under fierce attack from all sides for making outrageous and cataclysmic claims should Britain leave the EU. This included George Osborne threatening to punish the UK electorate with tax increases in an emergency budget if Brexit wins.
  3. First reports of the attack on Jo Cox said that she was NOT the prime target and that she had intervened between two men fighting.
  4. Within minutes of the attack on Jo Cox, the Tavistock controlled media had issued a photo of a murder suspect wearing a "Military" styled jacket.  This particular image was quickly circulated to the world's media.
  5. Again, within minutes, the Tavistock controlled media announced that their main witness said that he heard the killer shout "Britain First".  This witness has categorically denied ever having said this and went to great lengths to prove it by putting a notice on his shop window.

  6. All witnesses who were close to and knew the alleged killer, Tommy Mair, stated that aggression was "out of character" for him.
  7. Witnesses, including neighbours stated that he had no interest in politics. These are just some of the witness statements:
Mrs Peters, a retired nurse said: she had known him since he was eight. “I would sooner have believed that he had turned into Father Christmas than that he was a neo-Nazi,”
“He was so mild, almost meek in manner. He wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I would have thought he would have been frightened of guns.”
Mr Mair had been the quiet one, insisted Ms Peters. His younger brother Scott, 49, had been the noisy tearaway.
He may not have grown up in his mother Maureen’s house, but, said Ms Peters, he visited her in Batley on Sundays, “bringing her shopping”.

Mrs Peters also said: “He’s never been racist, never heard a racist comment.
“A more mild-mannered man you couldn’t wish to meet.
“I’ve been a nurse for 40 years... if there was anything radical, mentally, I’m sure I would’ve picked up on it.
“OK, he might have been depressed at times, who of us aren’t? He’s lived alone all his life just about, and that would cause some form of depression, but there was never anything, never an inclination there was something majorly wrong.
“He didn’t appear in any shape or form to have a psychiatric problem. He may have had some depression but he’s lived alone most of his life.”
Rosemary Surman, identified as a friend of Mair’s mother, told ITV News: “He loved his mum, and I couldn’t see what I saw on TV.  I honestly thought that he had gone to help this lady. That’s how nice a person he was, if you know what I mean. 
Within the next two days following the brutal murder of Jo Cox, these sensational newspaper headlines appeared, which must surely have had the gloating David Cameron rubbing his hands with glee:

  • First reports stated that Jo was killed while intervening in a confrontation between two men.
  • Within minutes after the murder, the first image of a killer `conveniently dressed in military style combat gear' was immediately distributed all over the mainstream media.
  • Within minutes after the murder, it is reported that the killer conveniently shouted the words, "Britain First".
  • Within minutes after the murder, a `detailed' description of the attack appears all over the mainstream media.
  • Almost on cue, David Cameron appears on site alongside an uncomfortable Jeremy Corbyn to pay their respects to Jo Cox. Corbyn looks visibly frustrated with Cameron while Cameron makes the first speech.
  • Again, almost on cue and for added dramatic effect, when asked to confirm his name, the killer `conveniently' answers, "Death to Traitors, freedom for Britain". Remember, apparently this is out of character for the accused, Tommy Mair. Incidentally, no press or media were allowed in the court at these early stages.

Finally, one crucial thought that we should bear in mind is that David Cameron is a major supporter of the secretive TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). As such, everyone should be aware of what the EU actually is. It is a consolidation of international wealth. Think of it as a huge kitty where everyone contributes all their national assets so that they are then divided equally among each member nation. These assets are all our resources, eg. energy supply, water, transport system, national health, media etc. Private investors then come and buy up these assets. These buyers include people like Sir Roger Carr, Corporations, venture capitalists such as Adrian Beecroft, Goldman Sachs etc. This forces a value on each individual asset/resource, which incidentally includes human resources (hence cuts in wages/national minimum wage). This subsequently causes those resources onto the stock market, (which is in reality a bankers gambling den). Once on the table, these valuable assets/resources for human survival are gambled with where each investor places bets on the value on each one. When one of them falls in value, Governments are forced to make up the difference to the kitty by surrendering more of its national assets. This is why David Cameron supports TTIP as it is his main motive for remaining in the EU.  It is important to remember that this article is NOT an argument for either REMAIN or LEAVE.  It is a warning against following anything that David Cameron and George Osborne are in favour of.


TTIP is frightening and the consequences are devastating for the `people'.  However, what is more terrifying is that few people even know about it or have even heard of it. That is because it is being done in secret. In every single interview, David Cameron has avoided discussing it. He has ordered his Director of Communications, Craig Oliver to warn the media NOT to raise the subject during interviews.

Please watch the short video below and spread the word: 


"Those most deceived shall be forever damned for their misplaced faith, and so condemn their own children for the generations to come."  - GG