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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This is the modern day story of The men who crashed the world. These are the people in the background who engineered the current global economic crisis. However, I will try to explain its roots and expand on the much bigger picture as best I can, which may not be conveyed in the film since it focuses on the financial aspects which are only a symptom of the much wider agenda.

When the Rothschild family hired JP Morgan to deliver the first Great Crash during the early part of the 20th Century, they already had all the mechanisms in place to ensure that the bankers would NOT be held accountable by seizing every asset that would normally be controlled by Government on behalf of the people. This included the infrastructure that holds the nation together, i.e. every resource that the public relies on and takes for granted. In this way, they could loan the resources back to Government for a price and charge whatever interest rates they wished on borrowing, supported by what the Government already had in reserve, thereby the bankers contribute whatever they wish to the treasury, giving them control of the national budget and therefore the Government. It also empowered them to choose an administrator (U.S. President) to distribute the nations wealth on their behalf.  After a clandestine meeting among John D. Rockefeller Jr, Paul Warburg and Rothschild associates arranged by JP Morgan at his Jekyll Island retreat, the Federal Reserve Act was passed through congress by Rockefeller agent, Senator Nelson Aldrich in 1913, while almost all members were at home for the Christmas break. It took just 10 short years, from 1910 - 1920 to establish this banking system that devoured every national asset, including energy and the media.

To guarantee that this system remained in place, without obstruction or challenge, such as revolution, the intelligence services were placed as its guardians, presented with a blank cheque to secure their loyalty and serve their masters. This is the reason why almost every CIA Director is appointed straight from Wall Street.

The accumulation of all the earths natural resources has been their ongoing agenda for over 300 years, including Human Resources, hence the 2008 crash. What we see occurring today is only the tip of the iceberg, so all is not revealed in this film.

The Rothschild veiled base of operation to oversee their global empire has been London ever since they seized the Bank of England around 1815, upon manipulating the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. Their appointed agents in the U.S. are the Rockefeller family, who control the Americas and are currently pre-occupied with forming the America Union, (similar to the European Union) while London attends to plundering the middle-east. Once all the assets of Canada, the U.S., Mexico and South America have been secured with the new "Amero" currency, each Central Bank established in every continental Union will eventually be consolidated into a single global currency and Government, along with the designed destabilization of every world religion to form a single global religion.

Crimes Against HumanityMeanwhile, back in London in 2010, David Cameron was placed in power, funded via the arms industry, as revealed through the Liam Fox scandal. Cameron's task was to continue the work of his relatively liberal bench warmer Tony Blair, and to implement the next stage of global enslavement and systemic eugenics program. This is the reason why the Oil and Gold rich Arab regions became unstable and began to fall like dominoes almost overnight in 2010 shortly after Cameron was placed in power. Yet, few even noticed the coincidental timing, due to distractions from the mainstream media, such as the Chilean mining saga, despite the trapped miners being reported as being in high spirits throughout their alleged ordeal. People in the UK have also forgotten the 2010 off-peak news reports of British intelligence units being caught and temporarily held captive in the region. To avoid the same reaction to Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq, former `Spin Doctor', David Cameron uses the, "Vietnam War" term, "Advisers", when referring to British forces being deployed in the region and more recently, Mali. This is why the UK has taken the lead since engineering the media dubbed, "Arab Spring", while the U.S. has taken a back seat, attending to subduing the American people during the process of forming the America Union. It is also why David Cameron brings a delegation of arms dealers upon every visit to the conquered Arab regions, since all its resources have been stolen, with the exception of Syria and Iran, for now at least. And, since the people now starve and for the first time ever, are forced to pay for vital resources, such as water, there is renewed instability, thus an increased demand for arms.

Federal Reserve
HumanitarianIt should not have escaped our notice that since at least 2010, each national leader chosen, is placed in power according to their ability not to be burdened by conscience over human suffering.