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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brandon Raub: A Much Bigger Picture In Social and Global Mind Control

Prison » Supporters Fear Facebook Marine Being ‘Disappeared’

The whole point of the Brandon Raub case is to silence him and set an example as a deterrent to frighten and intimidate us all, just as they did with Private Bradley Manning, just as the UK extradited Asperger Sydrome sufferer Gary McKinnon among others to the US for petty crimes, such as copywriting, labelled as `hacking' charges, just as they are attempting to do to Julian Assange now. 

How many of us today know anything about the condition of Bradley Manning's health? Remember how Obama washed his hands of him when confronted! These NWO scum will either subject Brandon Raub to deteriorating health so that eventually he'll be driven to such despair that he'll take his own life, or they'll release him once they have programmed him to retract his story. The likes of Bradley Manning and Brandon Raub are "experimental guinea pigs for the CIA". They have come a long way since Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby and are conducting such barbaric mind control experiments today in a much larger scale. Look at Greece, for example. How many suicides and how many unreported?? What was it that Obama said about how, "The Government giveth, so the Government can taketh away?" Make the people become so dependent that they take everything in life so much for granted, that these bastards come along and take it away, driving us to such despair that we either lose our minds or commit suicide. In a recent case in the UK, a father took his two children to a quiet, secluded spot and killed them both before taking his own life. The media neglected to report why.