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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 27 December 2014


In the usual Christmas tradition, David Cameron and his ever sadistic Tory Party announce misery for others. Last year, David Cameron announced at a New Year banquet that he wants "Austerity to be Permanent". In 2012 he announced cuts to Solar Energy because it provided a cheaper alternative for everybody and presented a threat to the profits of greedy energy companies. Cameron had appointed his friend, `Sir' Roger Carr, as boss of British Gas and rewarded him with a New Year Knighthood for hiking up energy prices. Cameron demanded that Solar Spirit sack its new employees 2 weeks before Christmas. As a result the proprietor of Solar Spirit, Erica Robb angrily confronted him at a business conference. In 2011, a week before Christmas he announced in the House of Commons that he planned to cut the salaries of serving military in Afghanistan. You, the public won't get to hear any of this, since he has imposed a law, called "The Gagging Law", which prevents charities from campaigning to save his victims. That includes coverage by the media. The charities include the 50 Cancer charities, including McMillan whom he and his chancellor, George Osborne cruelly mocked and laughed at during an impassioned plea on their behalf by opposition leader Ed Milliband in Parliament. 
Will this vile specimen now be rewarded by appearing on Cameron's New Year's Honours list?
If you care, make 2015 your promise to do what the mainstream media fails and is prevented from doing. Defy Cameron's vicious Gagging Law and spread the word beyond social media to remove this vile, depraved arms dealing, corrupt, paedophile protecting excuse for a human. It is NOT a matter of politics. It is entirely a humanitarian issue and if we fail to expose Cameron's crimes against humanity and a repeat of his intention to rig the 2015 general election, we will be complicit in the humanitarian crisis that will follow.


It is only since David Cameron came to power that we first heard nasty personal insults coming from one politician to another in the House of Commons. It is irrelevant what our opinions might be of Milliband, Clegg or any of them. The renowned anti-moralist, David Cameron has set a benchmark on how low he is prepared to go in defiance of ethics.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

HAARP Effects And Weather Modification Weaponns

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Shameful and Ruthless Hypocrisy and Exploitation by a Paedophile Protector to Enforce Snoopers Charter

How ironic is it that the anti-moralist and renowned Paedophile Protector, David Cameron announces new laws to track down paedophiles over the internet? Of course, the real motivation for this move is to further justify the enforcement of the hated "#snooperscharter" to infringe further on our civil liberties and to impose further Censorship to prevent negative publicity against him and his demonic party. Since the former Spin Doctor, Cameron and master of deception and manipulation has exhaustively used every depraved excuse to abolish the Human Rights Act, all but his corrupt elite friends will be targeted. The outrageously hypocritical soundbites from the #cruel #sadist are already gathering pace as the UK general election approaches in May 2015. We MUST fully expose this cruel b*****ds record on human rights and crimes against humanity and the deplorably unethical and sickening strategies of #lyntoncrosby alongside the relentless vindictive bullying tactics by #craigoliver.

David Cameron, consistent in breaking the record of new lows in iniquitous immorality

#davidcameron has a consistent record for going beyond the level of stooping to new lows to the point of diabolically immoral. However, you won't hear about it since he has suppressed it through the mainstream media, which included sending his bully boys to raid the offices of The Guardian newspaper. This abomination has even sought to redefine and corrupt the very use of humanitarian terms such as, "Morality" and further soiled the definition of "Ethics" to reinvent them for his depraved sadistic pleasure by gloating over its endorsement from a malleable British public who buy into his incremental alienation of every section of British society. For example, who can forget how the master of deception exploited the Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow tax avoidance scandal, calling tax avoidance "Morally" wrong. This from a man that has cruelly and viciously ripped out the hearts of the most vulnerable victims of a global recession brought about by his greedy "Banker" friends, whom he protects from being exposed and jailed. Given the evidence to date, no matter what your political or religious allegiances are, who could humanly deny that it is akin to a jackboot on the throat of a dying toddler, demanding that it dies slowly and painfully. It was David Cameron who adopted the "Let Them Drown Policy" for desperate refugees fleeing from his imposed wars and instability in oil and natural resource rich regions. Channel 4 News recently quoted the term in one of its Unreported World reports on the plight of refugees, but was undoubtedly ordered to omit the source of the term. It was almost as if they expected us to be familiar with the term, yet it was one of Lynton Crosby and Craig Oliver's PR tactics to make us unwittingly accept it as an endorsement, thereby making us complicit. The British public MUST be made fully aware that David Cameron is a former PR man.

Since "Evil" is defined as something that turns all that is good in the world into something so vile and rancid, then David Cameron is the perfect epitome of Evil and the closest thing we have to (dare I say it) an AntiChrist. In the short period of four years, he has brought about the worst divisions our society has ever seen. He has relentlessly destroyed "Compassion" in society, convincing a vast part of the population to believe that we are better off without compassion; that "profit is a good thing" (2013 Conference speech); that "privilege should be for the few" (2012 Conference speech); that "he wants austerity to be Permanent" (2014 New Years banquet speech). The list is endless. However, you won't remember them since his Director of Communications, #CraigOliver has bullied and threatened the media. Cameron has even introduced the "Gagging Law" to prevent charities from campaigning on behalf of his victims.

The masterful art of deception

It is up to the UK public to make themselves untouchable by David Cameron's suppression of information and to utilize what little freedoms we have left, despite Cameron's vindictive attempts to impose censorship on social media sites, sickeningly exploiting child sex abuse as an excuse to do so. David Cameron sold your private details to the NSA for $150,0000. Now, he wants to sell taxpayers' financial data. In 2013 he gave an additional £210m investment to GCHQ, making £860m of sustained government funding. However, since this obviously proves that austerity imposed upon the public is nothing more than Cameron's demented and perverse contempt for the people, nobody will even be aware of it, since it will be prevented from reaching the airwaves. We owe it to ourselves to turn off the TV news and to educate others and share this warning, especially since #DavidCameron intends to rig the 2015 general election, just as it has already been established in previous articles that his 2010 was rigged. This is our only and final opportunity to alert as many people as possible. A terrible chastisement is coming soon to those oblivious to the `Apathy Virus', which this blog was set up to warn of. There are those yet untouched by David Cameron's human carnage, so they remain ignorant and indifferent. However, their indifference has made them blind that he is running short on victims and by their apathy they are complicit in the suffering of many and thus have unwittingly condemned themselves. The urgency for the people to wake up cannot be stressed enough.

Austerity, socio-economic entropy and being conservative with the truth

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Sun and its collaborator, Yahoo sinks to new depths in attempt to frame Russell Brand

Yet again The Sun exhibits the disgusting depths to which it is prepared to stoop. As Russell Brand so eloquently pointed out to a smug little brat, "At least somebody of his wealth is who can afford a good life is prepared to stand up for those who cannot". It hardly makes him a hypocrite, does it? But, then again former PR man and paedophile protector and arms dealer, David Cameron has cruelly spent the last 5 years redefining and corrupting the meaning of morals and ethics.

Traitor to Irish principles
Traitor to Irishness

So-called journalist, Paraic O'Brien should be ashamed of himself as an Irishman, as he betrays the principles of what the Irish have always fought for.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Illuminati Indoctrination of the Masses - Emergence from the Darkness into the Light

While the Illuminati may no longer exist in `name', since by its definition it is more of a set of clandestine doctrines spread through infiltration and indoctrination rather than a title. Today, the objectives of Illuminism are prevalent and they exist in a global network of secret societies such as The Council On Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, The Tavistock Institute, Common Purpose, The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, and Skull & Bones etc.

I only have one problem with this video, and that is its title. This is because I believe that the Antichrist is already here and has been for some time. Although, the video may only be implying that his presence has been concealed and he may be preparing to reveal his true identity to the world. However, throughout this blog, there have been several articles explaining how the Illuminati began to emerge from the dark into the light during the occult obsessed Victorian era and specific patterns from the turn of the 19th century have been identified, including Darwinism, Eugenics, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, the UN, the seizure of the Banking system, energy and the media etc, all leading to specific events within the short period of only 10 years between 1910-1920 that would determine the future of mankind. In recent years, the Illuminati have made no attempt to hide their presence and their agenda. They have just spent over the last 100 years subduing the global population, therefore by now they are increasingly confident that they have achieved incremental control of our minds, thus the human spirit, with our very souls being prepared to be served up to their master. We need only reflect on how we have changed in the past five years and how our divisions and prejudices have evolved within such a short period, with most of us oblivious to what they have turned us into. Nobody is prepared to admit the loss of compassion. The result - Many will vitriolically deny this change and will be extremely defensive. This is because our natural instinct is to be at our most defensive when confronted with the notion that we are being controlled, especially when it is by dark forces. We even attempt to rationalize and justify what we have become, rather than admit that we have been offered up as a sacrifice since `fear' is the most controlling factor and most people would rather denounce the existence of benevolent and malevolent beings since our ultimate destiny is in its hands. Perhaps we can deceive ourselves. However, if there is a benevolent supreme being such as God, we cannot fool or justify ourselves to him and it is indeed this dilemma that is cleverly exploited by design. When we have been conditioned to dismiss that such an entity even exists, everything is just fine, especially considering that since its inception in 1776 the main objective of the Illuminati was to eliminate God from human consciousness and our evolutionary development. Astonishingly, more people are prepared to believe in the existence of a higher alien intelligence rather than believe in God, since they are not accountable to such beings. Science tends to dwell on the unknown, which is the driving force of the Illuminati, since they control all access. However, life is extremely short. Hatred, bitterness, revenge, anger, selfishness, greed and all else associated are easily accessible and convenient and as such provides an extremely deceitful guidance. It is much more challenging and difficult to love, forgive and to be compassionate and selfless, therefore we can easily denounce what we can no longer access within ourselves, despite it being our natural born state of existence. Instead we reinterpret such benevolence to suit ourselves and fit into our view of an increasingly morally corrupted world. Science will convince us that such behavior is our natural instinct, yet it is science that is the bedrock and very foundation of the Illuminati. Science cannot account for the spiritual, so it is easier to reject it. A dove cannot survive in an eagles territory unless it becomes an eagle.

There are those who are sent into the world to observe, while the rest willingly and obliviously step onto the human assembly line. It has been gathering pace over the past hundred years. The frightening reality is that with each new generation indoctrinated and passing it onto the next, it is very difficult for us to attain our individuality and our true identity, since we have lost sight of the original corrupted seed. We have been told of this by countless messengers, but our response has been programmed into the human conscience and we have lost our ability to listen. We blame God and if we don't believe in him, we blame each other. Can we really believe that once we die we are nothing more than worm bait? With this in mind, the only option is to place our fate in the hands of mankind, whom whether we like to admit it or not, we have unofficially elected as god, despite our contradictory insistence in searching for a higher intelligence other than the God of the holy books. God did not create religion. God created man. Man created religion and as the flesh is weak, used it as a corrupted means of control. Today we measure our individual success in life based on our career progression or financial and material gain. We neglect to consider `human' success or the consequences of our success. Is the promotion to managing director really without sacrificing others? Is the particular career vocation really moral, especially if we are not willing to consider that one small minor misdeed can have a major impact on the life of another? How have we come to re-interpret and reinvent human morals and ethics for our own acceptance and how far are we prepared to shift the goalposts? Science calls it `evolving' or `adapting to change'. However, just because science dictates the agenda, it somehow makes the diabolic rational. How has child abuse become an acceptable but unfortunate symptom of modern society when it once would have caused widespread disgust and outrage to the extent that the masses would have taken to the streets in protest? Not so long ago, those in denial would have declared that a highly respected pillar of society was incapable of wrongdoing and that the wealthiest and most powerful who are paraded in front of us each day are infallible.

Somebody somewhere is watching and observing our increasingly primitive behavior. There are those who will weep for us while there are those who will control us. Those who deny it are the same people who don't know they have been sleepwalking during the night until somebody tells them. When there is no one to tell them, how will they ever know? When we lay on our deathbeds and see our lives flash before us, what will we really see? What will our achievements have been? Wealth is not measured in material gain. It is measured in the selfless love, compassion and forgiveness we have for others. To be empowered with such love is rare and when we meet someone who can truly achieve this, we are in the presence of an extraordinary human being who has really reconnected with the person they were born to be. Among the last words of the crucified Christ, he said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do". You don't have to be religious or atheist to understand what those words mean. If they were quotes from a legendary music icon or leader, they would have a profound impact on our moral judgement and would have been re-quoted in modern merchandise. Few today are governed by their hearts, but rather by the mind, which is corruptible. As previously mentioned, those in denial only remain so because of fear. The prospect of our inhumanity through apathy is too frightening to consider, so we pacify it for social acceptance with the helpful aid of a controlled mainstream media. We may donate to a charitable campaign once a year, but do we only do so in a bid to exonerate ourselves of guilt for our complicity in other human suffering to justify our place in the world? How much human suffering is committed in our name, while it is the job of the politician to convince us that it is okay while we are grateful to the controlled media for preventing us from knowing the truth? Money cannot relieve human suffering, especially since it is no longer redeemable against gold and increasingly redeemable only against our national assets and natural resources, including `human resources', hence modern slavery. How many of us even consider the value of our currency once it reaches its destination? Yet again, the media prevents us from such contemplation. Only we can relieve human suffering by our thoughts and our prayers, the latter of which we have been programmed to denounce, since the dwindling belief in a God means that we need not be troubled by events in some far off place. When our belief in the human will has been completely eradicated, who will hear our cries and who will walk among the human carnage?? A human thought is an energy. Our brains operate on very low frequencies. When we are thinking, our brain generates approximately 14 cycles per second. Together, perhaps we can generate enough love to save those who need us most. A thought for a stranger costs nothing.

Save the Refugees

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Just as David Cameron's historical record for protecting Paedophiles is exposed yet again through Home Secretary, Theresa May's pathetic attempt to appoint another establishment figure who will co-operate in Cameron's legacy of cover-ups, they manage to overshadow the horrific extent of their corruption by raising the hated Snooping Charter again. No doubt that this was the playing card that corrupt strategist, Lynton Crosby advised Cameron to play. Yet, isn't it ironic how it typically characterizes the ethos of the Anti-moral Party that has devoted 5 years destroying "compassion" among the UK population in its relentless inhumane ambition to abolish the Human Rights Act and finding any excuse to impose it, while a docile British public are so utterly subdued to realise what it means for them. They remain oblivious to the extent that they have unwittingly begun to rationalize such depraved cruelty and heartlessness. What has happened to a society when it begins to justify evil by giving it an acceptable level? The answer is that they deny that evil exists in order to exonerate themselves of complicity. However, when the embedded chip is forced upon all UK citizens, granting access to the most intimate details of their lives, they'll either be so zombified or they'll cry out for their human rights. Yet astonishingly and unbelievably those who will read this aren't even aware that they have already willingly submitted themselves to this incremental barbaric slavery. However, who will hear their cries, since they sacrificed so many to the suffering today. How many choose to ignore the single mother evicted from here home with her child? How many will choose to ignore the Cancer patient forced to work or lose their welfare benefits? How many will choose to ignore the soldier who lost both his legs in Afghanistan and denied welfare benefits? 

There can be no more excuses.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Some are sent into the world to observe. The rest just step onto the human assembly line.

- GG

Thursday, 2 October 2014

UK Mainstream Media deliberately Avoids David Cameron's pledge to Abolish The Human Rights Act


While David Cameron's henchmen, Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby yet again bullied the mainstream media to cover Cameron's speech to the Tory Party Conference in a positive light, the media again conveniently avoided the most important and worrying of Cameron's announcements. The renowned sadist, David Cameron reaffirmed his pledge to abolish the Human Rights Act just days after he addressed the UN in New York telling them that "Conspiracy Theorists should receive the same treatment as ISIS/ISIL". Those of you who read this may apathetically disregard this article in the belief that it does not have any bearing on your own nationality. However, it is important that you recognise that David Cameron has abused his position to seize every opportunity to harass other world leaders to inflict misery upon their own people. As demonstrated throughout this blog, global austerity and the media dubbed Arab Spring originated in 2010 from David Cameron. Cameron's depraved record for manipulation raised its cruel head again at the end of his party conference, as he once again exploited the sickness and subsequent death of his own son, just as he did during his 2010 election campaign. How can we allow ourselves to forget how he followed this up by relentlessly pursuing a ruthless and vicious crusade to vilify and torture the sick, disabled and terminally ill ever since. However, if David Cameron is to be credited for anything, it is his mastery of deception since he is a former Spin Doctor who never misses an opportunity to exploit and manipulate. Lyton Crosby even had the TV camera focus on his wife, Samantha Cameron feigning tears as the Prime Minister attempted to convince us that he actually cared about the NHS. The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have in the past avoided other frightening announcements from Cameron that ought to shock us, such as his statement that he wants "austerity to be permanent" and his determination to enforce his hated Snoopers Charter to further erode our civil liberties and human rights. Apart from giving him greater powers to inflict more cruelty, Cameron's abolition of the Human Rights Act will also allow him to keep his promise to Conservative party donor, venture capitalist, Adrian Beecroft to abolish employment rights. Beecroft is also the owner of controversial loan sharks,, which was conveniently launched upon the moment David Cameron came to power. The heartless Cameron has already prevented charities from campaigning on behalf of his victims through the implementation of the Gagging Law which gags charities representing the sick, disabled and terminally ill. While Human Rights violations have resulted in huge demonstrations in Hong Kong and other regions such as Ukraine, foreign observers appear to be dumbfounded why such demonstrations have not occurred in the UK, threatening to destabilise the British Government. Having been approached about this while abroad, I responded by explaining the orchestrated division of a docile British public by former PR man David Cameron, aided by a willing mainstream media. Yet, despite Cameron's reputation for cruelty/heartlessness, spitefulness, vindictiveness, deceit and lies there are those who forget his record of depravity and are actually persuaded to trust him and believe him.

If there is one thing that is perhaps more frightening than the intentions of David Cameron, it is the apathy, ignorance, naivety and malleability of the British people.


Thursday, 25 September 2014


Glenn Gordon

If the fall of humanity is imminent, it will not be by some apocalyptic disaster. It will be by human apathy and indifference and the willing sacrifice of the human conscience. Why do we attempt to contact the dead when we already walk among them? 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Historical Development of the NWO and its Socially Engineered Acceptance Through the Media

The Mainstream Media, Preventing you from asking the most Basic but most Fundamental Questions

The greatest weapon the Globalists use today on those who do not submit to their conquest are "Sanctions", yet sadly few really understand what sanctions really mean. We tend to interpret them as a diplomatic form of punishment. Sanctions are one of the reasons why the NATO alliance was created as well as for the consolidation of power and wealth. Sanctions starve the people of food, water and energy since all trade is halted to the target region and it is the people who suffer. However, don't expect to find this cruel suffering being reported by the mainstream media. Worryingly, there are still those who believe that if it wasn't on the news it cannot be true. Since we are conditioned to take life for granted it may be difficult for us to imagine going to the local store for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk, only to find that the store has been closed due to empty shelves, and when you return to your home you find that your electricity, gas, and water supply has been cut off. When you do eventually find somewhere or someone to purchase from, they refuse your money, since it isn't worth anything. At this point it is important to remember that `money' is nothing more than a receipt or IOU in which items of value are redeemed against, (usually the national gold reserves). Therefore, sanctions include devaluing the regions national currency, making it worthless abroad and forcing the sovereign state into a single international currency union in which all it's national assets and resources are redeemed against at ultra low cost and re-sold to the public at high cost for profit or floated on the stock market. I should add at this point that as well as natural resources, they also include "Human Resources", where wages are forced down, making slavery acceptable while skills are also devalued. However, the people are kept appeased by trinkets of material wealth, dominated by corporations such as `Apple' or `McDonalds' who's primary objective is to keep the people in servitude to human ego. This is why the cabal of Economic Unions (aka. EU, Asia Union, African Union and soon the American Union) were set up, for the sole purpose of eliminating competition and independence. The result: the sick and starving people in their despair take to the streets, demanding that their entrapped Government feeds them, but since it only has very limited or no resources due to crippling sanctions, it can't. As the protests intensify, the people begin to demand a change of Government, thus creating the ideal opportunity for the controlled western media to portray it as despotic, attaching programmed keywords such as "Dictator" and "Regime" for the perception of the outside world, thereby creating a false illusion in the minds of the media viewing western public, who foolishly demand action to remove what they perceive to be a tyrannical Government, making us complicit in the despair of others. In the meantime, this presents the opportunity for the globalists to impose their own puppet Government to do their bidding. Similarly, this is how they took possession of the global media in 1917 in order to control our view of the world (see below). This in turn justifies what the Globalists intend for us at some future point, since our moral and ethical integrity will have been so radically deteriorated under socially engineered conditions, and with each new generation, what was once considered barbaric and diabolic resulting in national public outrage eventually becomes acceptable as a modern symptom of a `developing' society. A typical example is child abuse, once considered so depraved that it was unthinkable that it could even existed until a new word entered our modern psyche, pedophile. However, I digress. Meanwhile, back at the beleaguered region, as the demands of the people intensifies, it creates the opportunity for infiltration by western covert operations, and if it is ever exposed, a situation of beyond hope will have already been established so it can be easily justified to an already indoctrinated public who will inadvertently endorse it.

So, what are some of those most basic but most fundamental questions we should be asking? Here is just a small snapshot of a typical example:

  • ISIS/ISIL only suddenly emerged shortly after the failed attempt to frame Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons on his own people. Despite the false attacks being exposed as an elaborate hoax, nobody seems to have informed the media. Another hasty excuse to invade Syria was urgently needed, hence ISIS/ISIL.
  • Nobody has ever asked about the network of oil pipelines stolen by the west as a result of the so-called Arab Spring and the fall of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria. Many countries in the NATO alliance also rely on Russia for the oil supply, hence the creation of the Ukranian crisis and the need to destabilize Russia.
  • Islamic extremism only emerged or intensified in Africa, (i.e. Somalia, Sudan) after Gaddafi was removed thereby cutting off supply of cheap oil from Libya to the African continent.
  • In recent times, Sudan has been identified as being extremely rich in natural resources and its people forced to work in inhumane conditions for cheap labour to mine those resources.
  • Where do the alleged terrorists get their arms and vital resources from?"
  • If we can impose sanctions, including freezing the financial assets of Russia or anyone other country, then why can't we do the same to terrorists?" Do they really expect us to believe it is difficult to strangle the flow of cash and resources to an alleged enemy?
  • "What ever happened to Gaza?" Nobody appears to have noticed how the focus of Israeli atrocities in Gaza quickly changed to ISIS/ISIL.
  • Apart from perhaps Gaddafi, the leaders of the fallen oil rich Arab states had never been portrayed as "despotic dictators" before 2010, when renowned arms dealer David Cameron was placed in power by the arms industry.
  • Nobody appears to have noticed the increasing media focus on the `savagery' of ISIS/ISIL while the same media ignored worst savagery on captured Libyan soldiers by western backed forces. However, again the same media relished in showing the capture of Gaddafi and gloated over his savage death by those forces.
  • Since the citizens of the besieged region are starving, why aren't the terrorists?  
  • If satellite technology and drones are so advanced that it can accurately pinpoint the locations of the enemy, then what took them so long to find Bin Laden as well as locate the terrorists of today?
Problem, Reaction, Solution
The Hegelian Dialectic

The Hegelian Dialectic explained in 5 minutes


"Remember David Cameron's arms sales tours midway through the media dubbed `Arab Spring' chaos, where he openly paraded a delegation of arms industry representatives?" "Where do you think those arms ended up?" Let's not forget, as discussed throughout this blog, it was the arms industry who put David Cameron into power, hence the timely destabilization of the middle east soon afterwards and Mr Cameron was already a seasoned arms dealer during the 1980's. He was dealing arms in South Africa for Margaret Thatcher, alongside her son `Sir' Mark Thatcher, whom we also conveniently hear very little about today. They lost 3 nuclear war heads. So, what happened to those 3 illegal South African Nuclear warheads acquired by David Cameron on behalf of Thatcher??
Let’s refresh our minds about what happened in 1989 when a young Tory researcher, David Cameron (who had already been covering up for pedophiles within the Conservative Party while working at Carlton TV), went to South Africa on a sanctions-busting all-expenses-paid trip (paid by ARMSCOR) to Pellindaba, a nuclear weapons facility. #DavidCameron was accompanied by Sir Kenneth Warren and the purpose of the trip was to purchase three, battlefield ready 20kt nuclear bombs that the Conservatives wanted to use on Saddam in the event he did not toe the line.

Under the UN radar, South Africa, with the help of Israel, developed ten bombs and test fired one at Prince Edward Island to the South of the country. This left nine weapons that caused South Africa, US, UK and Israel great concern as they did not want them to fall into the hands of the next black `regime'.
The plan was to ship the entire load to Chicago for decommissioning, but Maggie Thatcher had other ideas and so just before she left office she signed an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) document that listed them as being three cylinders! They were prepared and shipped in standard 20-foot sea containers from Durban to Oman without any security. There was a hidden observation window so that the core temperature could be checked as required.
The deal was arranged privately using British taxpayers money and involving arms dealer John Bredenkamp with the assistance of Sir Mark Thatcher and many high profile politicians. £17.8 million was siphoned off and went into the Tory Party Election Fund; which was exposed by the Labour Party in Parliament by Lord Doug Hoyle and Margaret Beckett MP and is listed in Hansard June 22 1993 from Column 197.
The nuclear bombs arrived in Oman and were put into an insecure compound and checked by Dr. David Kelly who had the responsibility to look after the weapons and check that they were in good condition prior to the release of the money. (So you see dear Dr. Kelly knew too much). Some time later the three weapons were stolen by the same arms dealer, John Bredenkamp, and sold on the black market. It was believed that these weapons found their way to Iraq, but were then moved into Syria in three ambulances as they were highly mobile.

Since 9/11, we have been told that Osama Bin Laden (aka. Tim Osman) bankrolled Al Qaeda. (In fact the George Bush family friend, Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 from Marfan Syndrome, a kidney disease and was treated at an American Hospital in Dubai). So, who is funding ISIS/ISIL?  Since the IMF is controlled by the "World Bank", which controls the value of currency based on each nations `redeemable' assets, why aren't the finances of ISIS/ISIL being frozen or seized? The basic and fundamental conclusion to be drawn is that whoever holds the purse strings, controls global events.

They're not called the "Intelligence Services" for nothing. Their role is not to outwit nations. It is outwit you and make you think the way they want you to...
 ...You are the only enemy

Imagine what would happen if the citizens of each nation could be galvanized in unison to demand the same rights? At some point in our history such a possibility must have been envisaged. Therefore, necessary steps would have to be implemented to prevent such action and since the greatest threat posed is from the people, these steps undoubtedly involve "controlling the people". A system must be put in place to prevent such awareness and subsequent revolution from happening. "Divide and Conquer Prevents Revolution". The creation of opposing ideologies would undoubtedly serve these purposes. However, for this to happen the relatively unthinkable was proposed, "A world at War". The idea of such a system originated while Charles Darwin was being mentored, from which the Eugenics Movement emerged. This was also a time when occultism was prevalent in Victorian society, an era where the supernatural was a source of entertainment among the elite. Occultism was led by such figures as Theosophical Society founder, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who inspired such disciples as Satanist, Aleister Crowley (who incidentally was literally born just a few doors from where I currently live and who may be the father of former U.S. presidential first lady, Barbara Bush) and Alice Bailey, the early 1920's founder of the Lucifer Trust, (renamed, Lucis to distract unwanted attention) the publishing company and propagandist for the UN. It was during this period that the seizure of the world media began to take place, followed by the acquisition of Disney to indoctrinate the next generation, then to be followed by the commissioning of Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernays published his book, Propaganda in 1928 and is known today as The Father of Public Relations. Shortly afterwards an event occurred that has been kept out of school history books throughout the U.S.  It was an attempted coup d'état by Wall Street, led by the father of George Bush, Prescott Bush, to overthrow the U.S. Government in 1934. The fact that those involved were never prosecuted suggests that they succeeded, since they funded the rise of eugenicist, Adolf Hitler and armed the Nazis. Since Germany was literally in economic ruin, another of those basic but fundamental questions that was never asked was, "How did the Nazis gain such great power since Germany was financially on its knees?" Four years later, another event was staged as an experiment to test the malleability of the American people in 1938. It was an event which demonstrated how the power of the media could be utilized to control the masses. In New Jersey H.G. Welles', War of The Worlds was broadcast on American radio by Orson Wells. It caused widespread panic to millions of Americans who believed that earth was about to be invaded from Mars. People fled their homes in hysteria while the police were inundated with frantic phone calls. This was an era in which the CIA would eventually be born, in 1948 after the 1947 signing of the National Security Act.

Victorian pastimes
The supernatural was a popular form of entertainment among the Victorians

From an era spanning beyond the late 1800's a New World Order was being prepared to indoctrinate future generations to either acceptance or denial, with only these two mindsets set against each other while someone watches over, waiting for the right moment.

Deception is a masterful art and there are those who are devoted to the ideologies of the 1776 order of the Illuminati. The Illuminati may no longer exist in name, since today they consist of a global network encompassing highly clandestine secret societies, including the Council On Foreign Relations and its the UK branch, Chatham House - Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Tavistock Institute and the Bilderberg Group. Their roots lay in academia and theology and their motto was, "the ends justifies the means". They believed that the only way to control the masses was through knowledge and information. They infiltrated all the major influential institutions that governed society, the first being Freemasonry, which even struck 33+ mason, George Washington himself with fear and trepidation from the moment he received a letter warning him of the infiltration. The motto of 33rd degree Freemasonry was Ordo ab Chao, (aka, Order out of Chaos), which seemed to fit in well with the Illuminati plans. This provided access to other institutions that guided social order, including law, education, religion, medicine, banking, politics and science among many others. Their objective was to rise to the top quickly, enabling them to recruit and place their own members in high places of social influence. The Knights of Eulogia (aka: Skull and Bones) which fosters U.S. presidents, supreme court judges, CIA Directors, prominent figures on Wall Street (from where CIA directors are appointed) perhaps provides a more familiar example of this pattern. They see themselves as guardians of hidden knowledge and are the purveyors of disinformation. 

Congressman, Oscar CallawayThe role of the intelligence services is to suppress information while generating disinformation. A typical and commonly known example today would be the use of the term, "Conspiracy Theory", which is an attempt at maintaining proprietary of the word `theory' to science and academics where it must be regarded with respect and dignity but treated with suspicion and intolerance in the hands of the unworthy. The agents of the power elite generate outlandish, whacky conspiracy theories to discredit genuine conspiratorial investigative research. Knowledge in the hands of the unworthy must not be tolerated at any cost. They often commission big personalities who can galvanism public opinion. If they can control the media, they can control the way people think and even more so when subdued by pharmaceuticals, GMO's and fluoride. This was the plan in 1917. After they assassinated Abraham Lincoln to gain control of the US banking system, they finally succeeded in 1913 after other political assassinations and attempted assassinations. After a secret ten day meeting of the top global banking families chaired by Paul Warburg at JP Morgan's private estate on Jekyll Island, Georgia, they conspired to set up the Federal Reserve banking system, which had previously been rejected by several Supreme Court judges. The plan succeeded on Christmas Eve in 1913, while their agent, Nelson Aldrich passed the Federal Reserve Act while most of Congress were at home for the holidays. Prior to the meeting JP Morgan may have disposed of his rivals by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 in what may have been another of many sacrificial Illuminati rituals. The modern offerings of such sacrifices are us through conditioned apathy and indifference. In 1910 JP Morgan had already seized control of free, renewable energy from Nikola Tesla, who's research Morgan had funded. When Morgan saw the potential for profit, he abandoned Tesla, leaving him desolate in a dingy New York hotel room where he died. Tesla's papers containing all his work was stolen from the room by the Pinkerton's (the then FBI) on behalf of Morgan. Credit for Tesla's work was handed over to his arch rival, Thomas Edison who worked for JP Morgan. Edison's company was already consolidated into the conglomerate General Electric by Morgan and the new company was involved in take over attempts and patent battles with Westinghouse Electric. Their next conquest was to control information and thus our view of history. To this end, in 1917 they purchased the most powerful and influential newspapers of the time, one of which was the Washington Post. They then appointed their own `editors' (a term taken for granted today) to print the news that only they wanted and as previously explained, the Council On Foreign Relations which was established by JD Rockefeller began its acquisition of the world media. Members of the Council On Foreign Relations include Rupert Murdoch, Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey to name just a few.

The term, "Government", which is derived from the Latin word, `Gubernatio' meaning `control, management, direction'.  (Some have wrongly applied the term, `Gubor mente'  as the Latin origin of the meaning of Government, implying that its literal translation means`mind control'.  However, this is a myth).

WARNING from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World