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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Evil In Your Name: David Cameron

Just because we don't see it, doesn't exonerate us from complicity

This is just a small sample of what Channel 4 News, the BBC and the corporate owned media don't want you to see. Yet, most of us already know this is happening, but we choose not to be informed. That well known phrase, "Ignorance is Bliss" springs to mind.

Today we apply deniable plausibility because Bush and Blair are no longer in `power'. Not that they ever really were. Therefore we attribute blame to the previous generation to justify our own ignorance, despite the fact that such abominable evil is ongoing. David Cameron could barely contain his enthusiasm and wasted no time in getting his war in Libya. The only difference this time is that Cameron uses more deceptive methods to lull us into our stagnant state of apathy, and like it or not, subconsciously we'll be grateful for it. His over exuberant, carefully scripted soundbites and spin to justify what he carefully avoids to call a `war' is deliberately designed to ensure and reinforce our unaccountability. In other words, if he's going to hell, then he's gonna make damn sure he's taking us with him.

Cameron had already been known for his extreme lack of morals, ethics and compassion. Yet, he had to demonstrate this almost ritualistic mantra to prove himself to his powerful paymasters, by his immediate timely visit to India soon after the general election of 2010. India's neighbour and enemy, Pakistan had just suffered devastating and catastrophic floods that took thousands of lives and displaced many more. Cameron immediately seized on this as an opportunity to blast Pakistan as a "Terrorist state", thus inducing a media blackout and lack of sympathy for the suffering people of Pakistan. Instead, the media chose to focus on the already established healthy well-being and high spirits of a bunch of trapped Chilean miners. Then afterwards, in what can only be interpreted as a final insult to injury, the media chose to cover a Pakistani cricketing scandal, while thousands were dying and in utter despair.