Monday, 27 August 2012

The Pavlovian Maze


Because we rely so much on mainstream media for receiving the news from around the world, we instinctively see it as real or true. It shapes our view of the world and we rarely challenge it. However, we are satisfied with this, so long as it does not interfere with our comfort zone or our regular TV dinner and daily digest of soap opera. Few of us ever question this pattern and are content in accepting it as a manifestation of our social practice. It has a function, an order to it, not  dissimilar to a written program that we seem completely oblivious to. In just one or two hours each day, we set aside time for this daily human consumption of fuel and information. However, if we refer to it as a routine, then it pacifies its impact. While aware that the food before us provides us with energy, we instinctively bypass this vital necessity as a stimulant as it's more important major function, while neglecting the parallel intake of what our brains consume. At some point we will seek information to excite then subdue the brain, while failing to recognise that it has been subconsciously programmed to demand it and consequentially everything that is downloaded must fall into an identifiable pattern of acceptance, imprisoning us in the Pavlovian Maze. It is akin to going through a day without a watch or access to a clock.  How can the average teenager today even contemplate going through the day without a cell phone? How many of us feel uncomfortable being at home alone, especially when our partner or family members are absent for a particular period of time? How many of us are prepared to step outside this order and observe this primitive ritual? Imagine the loneliness of the soldier who battles these seeds of destruction and cannot announce it for fear of incurring the wrath of and further abandonment of those they love and are desperate to save. In our painful solitude, we can take some small comfort from our teacher who told us, "What Good Is Love If We Love Only Those Who Love Us!" Yet, having to stand by, observing people increasingly becoming detached from their emotions and human compassion is a very lonely position to be in. 

When the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays published his book, "Propaganda" in 1928 he had already inherited his uncle's preoccupation with humanity's collective animal instinct, with perhaps only our sentient ability to distinguish us. This, for Bernays, was the transition from Psychology to Sociology, since one is the study of the individual mind, while the other is a consolidation of the collective social conscience, propagated from Darwinism into an esoteric agenda of  programmed eugenics.

It is therefore a natural reaction to greet any disruption to this program with disdain and hostility, simply because it is indeed a "program". Programs are best controlled under predetermined conditions, so it is not inconceivable but inevitable that someday someone could remove those conditions. Incrementally doing so would subdue us as boiling frogs, while escalating the process would cause mass global panic when all we take for granted in life is suddenly withdrawn. 

Although we know that atrocities are being committed by those whom we are conditioned to believe represent us, we choose not to be informed about it, subconsciously consenting to being protected from knowledge of inhumane practices committed in our name, unaware that any Government's department of defense does not actually refer to any foreign threat. It does not however make us any less responsible. Choosing the option of "What we don't know cannot hurt us" is not humanely acceptable outside the confines of our prisons. It is still recorded, if not in our cranial unit, then in that place where the remnants of our humanity still resides, our very souls, and it will remain there when we expire. At some point we may have to explain what it is doing there and be held accountable for choosing a fallible human hierarchy as our spiritual guides. 

We refuse to believe in `Conspiracy Theories' because doing so justifies our view of the world. Unfortunately, it is indeed a fact of our socially engineered lives that, "Some people just can't handle the truth", but that doesn't make it go away. Sooner or later humanity will have to face up to its responsibilities. When it is right in our faces, it may well be too late, and the frightening truth is that despite it getting increasingly close by each passing day, we still remain blind. The stench of Human carnage cannot easily subside or be washed away.  However, it is not indelible.

We must recognise, retain and embrace our natural incredible gift of selfless "Unfathomable Love and Compassion". We need only step outside of ourselves to behold it, since that is who we truly are and when we return home to that place from where we were born, the pain of guilt will be insurmountable in our natural residence in the presence of the creator of all things seen and unseen, known and unknown, beyond all human contemplation or imagination, The all forgiving, Almighty  Living God.

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