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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

George Osborne's Shocking Interview

 The interview you are about to watch may shock you beyond belief. It was recorded by Channel 4 News on Monday 31 March as Cathy Newman interviewed the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. The reason why some people may be so hopelessly shocked is due to the sickening depths of nastiness that the "Nasty Party" will go. The outrageous lies, cover-ups and fabrication and manipulation of figures and statistics are another clear demonstration of how utterly corrupt this Government are. The interview is also a blatant insult to the intelligence of the British public, which demonstrates the familiar Tory contempt for the people.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for any of this. Let the evidence speak for itself, unless you choose to ignore it.

(NB. What all the UK public should be made aware of is that David Cameron's Director of Communications, Craig Oliver, (who has a renowned record for bullying the media) has been threatening the mainstream Media and Press, warning them to be favourable to David Cameron.)


Notice how George Osborne avoided the evidence put to him, again. This has become a typical characteristic of the Conservative Party. Whenever the Channel 4 News Fact check or anyone presents them with contradictory evidence, they are in denial and avoid the subject completely. They also have a consistent habit of not having anyone available for comment when invited onto Channel 4 News for anything considered controversial.

A record number of jobs? The usual lie due to manufactured figures. Osborne is referring to the fabricated and manipulated figures due to Government "Slavery Programs" such as Workfare, 0 hours Contracts, an increasing number of people prevented from claiming `unemployment' and other benefits, including those who lose their jobs due to Government cuts, and wages being slashed due to buy outs by Osborne's greedy rich friends.

Record number of people in work? His second repetition. You'll notice Osborne repetitions as the interview goes on.  He has been briefed by Lynton Crosby on the Nazi strategy of "Repeating a lie often enough....".  Osborne is notorious for this.

"Inequality is down?" "Child poverty is down?" Is this guy for real?  In his reference to people watching the interview, how many will have been on the verge of heart failure due to these two outrageous statements? Britain has never been so divided than it is today. Included are the gaps between the rich and poor. Racism has increased due to adding immigrants to the Tory Scapegoat list. The disabled and terminally ill have also been added to this growing list, which will eventually include you when they realise they've run out of victims. As for child poverty. Food banks only emerged since the Tories came to power due to the first rigged election in 2010. Since then, they had abolished free school meals for children. Teachers today are put in the position of bringing an extra lunch to work to feed poor children.

Their values is to "protect the most vulnerable?" Just when you thought the Tories couldn't stoop any lower, he comes out with this appalling remark. Now, he's gone too far. He's insulting your intelligence when everybody on earth knows the extreme opposite to be true. That is akin to stating that Adolf Hitler was
actually very compassionate.

The position the country was in when David Cameron stood on Downing Street in 2010? Yes. We all remember how the economic crisis began as a "Global" economic crisis, NOT National and it was brought about by Osborne's greedy banker friends, whom he has rigorously protected while his leader, David Cameron has a history for protecting paedophiles.