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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Prime Minister Put On The Spot By Tearful Cancer Sufferer

How long will this radio presenter hold his job for after this?


  1. He lied. He did cut the NHS budget savagely, with promises to cut further. Is he saying that all those striking doctors and nurses are lying?
  2. When impassioned pleas were made to him for mercy on Cancer sufferers in Parliament, he mocked them and viciously derided McMillan Trust and all Cancer Charities. The fund he's talking about came from charitable donations and he's taking credit for it.
  3. In an act of his renowned vindictive retaliation, he issued tax increases on charitable donations, then due to public pressure did a u-turn.
  4. In an act of appalling heartlessness, he's forcing Cancer sufferers to work.
  5. He's deliberately adding insult to injury to this poor woman Anna by insulting her intelligence. He didn't look into Anna's case and rushed out of the studio afterwards. He has a cruel reputation for making such promises for publicity, then telling his victims to sod off afterwards.
  6. Doing more to help people heat their homes? He axed the Winter Fuel Allowance, specifically targeting the elderly, with more attacks on them still to come. He actively supported hikes in energy prices by awarding the likes of Roger Carr, former chairman of energy terrorists, British Gas, while stopping cheaper energy, such as Solar Spirit from getting off the ground and demanding their workers be sacked specifically at Christmas.
  7. The vaccines Cameron is referring to are to kill children in poor countries to reduce global population as stated in the UN "Agenda 21". Back in 1973 Henry Kissinger, on behalf of David Rockefeller's United Nations, offered financial incentives to third world countries on the condition that they reduced their population. This was in accordance to the previous Iron Mountain Report.
  8. Since when did David Cameron give a damn about the fate of other countries when he spitefully halted charitable aid to Pakistan when 20,0000 were displaced due devastating floods. He turned up in India to blast Pakistan as a terrorist state, while millions were suffering. As a result, aid to Pakistan virtually halted and in the UK there was a media blackout on the suffering.
  9. The wars, he's referring to are financed by him. This is the overseas "aid" he is providing.
You can see more of this in my film:  David Cameron: An Epitome of Evil: Diabolic Iniquity In Your Name