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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Paying Cash-in-hand Is Morally Wrong, so submit Yourselves to Enslavement Into A Cashless Society

Cameron sends his troops out to deliver predetermined negative soundbites
"Paying Cash-in-hand Is Morally Wrong", an obvious PR spin from his boss, Mr No-Morals at all, David Cameron. This was the headline all over our newspaper front pages today. It comes from Tory Treasury minister, David Gauke MP. David Gauke who claimed £10,248.32 expenses back from taxpayers to avoid paying the stamp duty and fees involved in the purchase of his home in London. Not only is that in his own words “morally repugnant”, it is beyond hypocritical to lecture others against doing what he himself did. It is shameless." It is one more confirmation that this Government views the rest of us as inferior and that Human Rights are a privilege. And, let us not forget that there is still no mention of Gary Barlow, guilty of the same tax avoidance as comedian, Jimmy Carr, who Cameron's media team singled out to bully while Barlow receives honours. Again, we hear a Government that will surely be recorded in modern history as being the worst ever abuser of Morals and Ethics as well as Human Rights. The Tories make no secret that they detest Human Rights, and Teresa May is quoted as demanding that it be scrapped. David Cameron's viciously sadistic appalling record against the most vulnerable victims of recession speaks for itself. Only someone with a psychopathic and inhuman personality would try to justify it.

However, there is a much bigger picture here that we ought to be extremely aware and cautious of. David Cameron famously announced that he wanted to create an "army of volunteers" (aka. slaves). He also said that he wants everyone to be subject to scientific research. There is no need to continue with the endless immoral and unethical quotes this satanic lunatic has come out with. This is all part of his dream of a "Big Society", and ultimate evidence that the objective is for an enslaved society. Look at how many of his pals set up loan shark schemes to profit from peoples misery. Adrian Beecroft's, is just one example. The more people in debt slavery, the more profit for Cameron and his elite Globalist bankster friends. 

However, with this statement from hypocrite, David Gauke, it has more frightening overtones that we ought to consider. The suggested alternative being put out to pasture for incremental conditioning is a "Cashless Society". How many of us have seriously taken the time to consider the consequences of such a prospect and what it will mean? Undoubtedly, the most terrifying aspect is that "we actually end up debating it", unaware that we are submitting ourselves to our own human carnage and total slavery as we find ourselves obliviously making it optional. Here is just a few consequences of a Cashless Society:
  • Corporations have access to your bank account to overcharge you if you don't meet your bills on time. Nobody can be held accountable in a cashless society.
  • New fines are introduced to penalise us for any new petty offence. 
  • The transition to the embedded chip is only a step away.
These are just a few of much more of the nightmarish repercussions of a Cashless Society, and the main motivation behind this statement today. It is obvious that former PR man, David Cameron is deliberately sending his ministers out with such strategically worded soundbites to condition us for his nightmarish vision. He overtly makes his position clear with announcement that "austerity will continue to 2020", and yet again, because the controlled media doesn't pick up on such overly confident negative remarks and run with them, we don't either. Please take heed. Every move. Every word Cameron makes or utters is with predetermined agenda in mind. Do not rely on the corporate media.

Steps we should already beware of:
  • Avoid paying by Direct Debit
  • Avoid shopping on line or purchasing by card
  • Avoid becoming dependent on new technology, such as SatNavs, iPhones/Smart phones etc
  • Avoid retail loyalty schemes, since they record your entire lifestyle which only has to be matched to the CCTV image along with all other private data.
  • Don't be fooled by incentives.
  • Boycott corporations in favour of homegrown, local and community
I apologise in advance if this sounds arrogant in any way, as it is not intended to be.