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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Update: Inept Yahoo! so-called journalist, Orlando Parfitt tries to rubbish theories of HAARP involvement in Japan earthquake

Its a shame that Yahoo's, Orlando Parfitt isn't a competent and credible journalist with any integrity. Below is his unqualified and ridiculous response to the HAARP theory being behind the latest Japan earthquake.

Note that Parfitt doesn't offer any opportunity to respond to his outright arrogance, in order to prove him a fool. If he was in any way qualified as a journalist, he would have done some "research" before mouthing off and mocking the HAARP theory. The only research he did was to Google what the letters actually spell out.

If this clown had even bothered to do any  background work at all, he'd have discovered that there is categorical proof of the so-called superweapon, since as far back as 1977 under the Carter administration, a treaty was signed between the US and the Soviet Union and 60 other nations in an agreement, NOT to use weather modification technology as a weapon. Furthermore, if the obviously inept Parfitt had done any research at all, he would also have discovered that scientific genius, Nikola Tesla first discovered HAARP technology as far back as the early part of the last century, but buried his discovery due to the fear of its danger, should it fall into the wrong hands. As it turned out, it did, as JP Morgan had Tesla's records stolen while he lay abandoned and dieing in a seedy hotel room. Morgan wanted to capture Tesla's discovery of FREE renewable, sustainable energy and sell it for profit, which is why we pay for it today. Thomas Edison was to take the place of Tesla in history. Edison had a loathsome jealousy of Tesla and took every opportunity to express this and criticize his work, including Tesla's discovery of the acdc current. Edison became a subordinate to Tesla, as the Serbian scientists popularity grew.

If Orlando Parfitt was in any way competent at all, he would have already known all this, but his credibility is worthless, following the stupidity of his ridiculous rant. Parfitt would also have discovered that several scientists have spoken out about the use of HAARP, including Dr Nick Begich, who has demonstrated how it works, and written a book on the subject. Scientists, who have worked on the Northern Alaska location of HAARP have spoken about it. Oil workers who worked on its development have spoken about it. Political figures have spoken about it. Former Governor of `California', actor and wrestler, Jesse Ventura has visited the site. I have written extensively and provided further evidence of HAARP, including videos and photos on my website: as well as included in this blog.  What has Parfitt offered, but delusions of Grandeur, as a fool trying to sound clever?

I have made no claim that HAARP was behind the latest quake in Japan, just a theory, since nobody else has offered any other explanation for the mystery light appearing over the horizon, prior to the quake. You won't hear any credible explanation either, since HAARP is "classified" information, despite proof of its existence. The only reason I suggested it is because of that, and my additional response is to expose the likes of Parfitt for what he is, a know-it-all little weasel with his head up his own arse, trying to sound clever. A word of advice Parfitt, which they should have taught you at Journo school, "Make sure you can back up what you say with evidence, before mouthing off!"