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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Let us spare a minute of our time and pause for thought for just a moment. Imagine if you had said 30-40 years ago that in the future "Truth" and "Human Conscience" would be serious crimes, punishable by imprisonment, vilification and possibly death. The response would most likely have been, "Yeah right. Which horror movie is that in?"

It was the opening sequences of this film, "The War You Don't See" that got Private Bradley Manning a death sentence when he returned home to the U.S. He had a very difficult choice to make. Either way, both would earn him a lifetime sentence of torment. The first was witnessing Iraqi civilians being brutally gunned down on the streets of Baghdad and forced helplessly to look on and suffer a lifetime of tortured conscience. The second was to speak out as a desperate cry for help on behalf of the victims to tell the world what he had seen.

At this point, I should mention that YouTube/Google and now Vimeo has been trying to prevent this film from being seen. YouTube has been issuing false copyright claims without the owners permission. I know this because I spoken to Matt Hird of Dartmouth Films, whose name YouTube had illegally used as the claimant without his authorization:

"In a world of Universal Deceit-telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act" - George Orwell

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ALERT: Divide & Conquer Is Evidence That David Cameron Has Much Worse In Store To Come


Please note that this particular article should be regarded as a WARNING. Any attempt to see it as anything else, such as sensationalism, fear mongering, political or religious allegiance is nothing more than a diversion and distraction. My philosophy is that denial is the first stage of submission. This is a "Human" issue. Evil best disguises itself in a suit, with dignity and respect.

If Satan exists, he would assume human form, occupy a powerful position,
and be the master of the art of deception. People would even vote for him. Sadism, cruelty, apathy and the destruction of compassion and the human spirit are his nature.

If we are to bring down the diabolically malevolent `selected' UK Government, we MUST be prepared to `actively' do more. We must be prepared to ask the questions that are not being asked, avoided or prevented and reflect on and remind people of what has transpired since 2010, keeping a fresh record of each disturbing occasion. We must keep unanswered questions and the critical issues to the forefront of the public's minds and NOT to allow the media to set the agenda. And, most importantly, it is crucial that we do this in a much wider public domain. Relying solely on today's corporate mainstream media is NOT an option, since it can be controlled, exploited and manipulated, as David Cameron has so adequately demonstrated. "The media is the first hostage of power". Control the media and you control the people. This goal was at the forefront of the global banking elite when they first seized control of the world media in 1917. JP Morgan associates bought the five most influential and powerful newspapers, including the Washington Post, and appointed their own people as editors to tell only the news that they permitted. Soon after, these dominant broadsheets swallowed up its competitors or bought them out. This was the recognized trademark of JP Morgan and the methodology of corporatism today. It is a beast that disguises itself in subsidiaries and franchises to avoid accountability. Under the remit of The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Disney soon followed and with the aid of the "Father of Public Relations" and author of "Propaganda (1928)", Edward Bernays, the global media was in the hands of the banking elite, hence David Cameron's close relationship with Goldman Sachs for whom he was appointed to safeguard and gather a harvest of assets for. 

 Divide & Conquer: part 1

   Divide & Conquer: part 2


Also see:
Before I elaborate any further, the one thing that must be made clear is that Government has a period of 4-5 years to "subdue, condition and deceive" the people on behalf of those who finance it. Government benefits `nothing' from the people other than the ability to restrain them from insurrection and prevent revolution. Throughout our history, this has been achieved by creating chaos and causing division among those most impacted to distract us from our sadistic oppressors, who view us as nothing more than sacrificial entertainment in the Colosseum. Divide and Conquer is one of the oldest methods of subversion and enslavement throughout history, as is the Hegelian Dialectic, which I wrote about in a previous article. The Hegelian Dialectic was originally employed by Nero while he burned Rome. It was later modified by Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831) a German philosopher, who had been commissioned by the wealthy elite. We need to share and get the message out beyond Facebook and other social media networks to reach as many people as humanly possible, warning them that they are being ruthlessly exploited and manipulated and the importance of remaining united. Ask yourself how you, your friends, your relationships and how you communicate have changed since 2010. People today are making excuses to justify their increasing lack of human compassion. Few are prepared to address how we reached this stage. We must accept that this is no longer a `political' issue, but indeed a humanitarian crisis, the true scale of which is being ruthlessly suppressed and restrained. The only reason we are obliviously unaware of its scale and how critical the situation is, is due to the control of the media, hence the urgency for further infringements on our civil liberties. Now, through social programming, we are being incrementally conditioned to accept that "human rights are a privilege", and we are setting the timescale for becoming accustomed to it. I campaigned with the same vigour against David Cameron's bench warmer, Tony Blair. Cameron has learned some very important lessons from that era. Hasn't anyone noticed that the one word that could be attributed to characterizing the Blair years, "Spin" has disappeared. The media noticeably makes no reference to it. Yet, it could never be more prevalent than it is today, as nobody applies "spin" more effectively than David Cameron, whose previous career was as a "Spin Doctor". Doesn't this strike anyone as alarming, especially considering the pattern?  Surely, there can be no doubt that David Cameron was a monster created by design. Ask yourself why the mass public opposition to Blair's illegal War in Iraq was not repeated when Cameron ordered his reluctant military chiefs to bomb civilians in Libya, despite their concerns and protestations. In the US today, conscientious military chiefs are being sacked: 
"Shut up. You do the killing and I'll do the talking" - David Cameron.

Evil does not have to be seen in just a religious context. Once we begin to define it, we give it an acceptable level. It is this that we need to be extremely cautious of today, for the sake of the human spirit and will. By its very nature, evil takes all that is good about the human spirit and corrupts it until it becomes so rancid and diabolic that we start to despise all that is good in us all. The most common example of this is, "Good Is Evil. Evil Is Good". George Orwell's `Doublespeak' is a common PR strategy, and as we have witnessed, David Cameron spins this overtly, only due to his incredibly renowned arrogance and thinking that we are too dumb to notice. His attempt to hijack and redefine the word "Morals" was just one perfect example. Now, he is sadistically attempting to make "Compassion" as equally despicable through the inhumanely divisive strategy of making our pain relative.

David Cameron's spin and deceptions

David Cameron is a former Oxford PR man, so he is the obvious choice to create division and deceit out of chaos. He has vindictively sought to gain control of the media ever since he lost the Rupert Murdoch BSkyB deal, and we have already witnessed how far he is prepared to go to viciously exploit and manipulate the media and anyone else to his own cruel advantage, the London 2012 Olympics/Paralympics being just one example, where he saw an opportunity to use disabled athletes as an excuse to viciously abuse and vilify the sick and disabled. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we make this known to everyone. It is absolutely crucial that we remember "David Cameron's Public Relations background". Already, people have forgotten the fact that with the mass outbreak of a virus, those most in danger and in need of protection are our most vulnerable and weakest citizens. We must be prepared to ask ourselves, "How on earth did we end up even debating this, placing a price and measure on human compassion?" When we see politicians discussing this on television debate, we ought to be extremely fearful of the future. The most vulnerable are at our mercy or at our disposal. Yet, their cries of despair are NOT heard. That critical virus is `recession'. How did the subject of human compassion get onto the political agenda? Remember my earlier question about how we must be prepared to question how we have changed since 2010? Not only have we abandon, betrayed and neglected our most vulnerable victims of a cruel and merciless virus, but we have ruthlessly vilified them and accepted rationale and justification for their hidden torment. Just this week, over 4000 people lost their jobs as HMV went into liquidation. Although the entertainment chain may be saved, these 4000 people have been branded as "Spongers and Skivers" by George Osborne.   
Sacked workers Spongers and Scroungers - Evil George Osborne.
4000 more jobs lost, adding to the increasing list of what George Osborne labelled "Spongers & Scroungers"

Today, we have ended up in a position where we increasingly make excuses for what we have done, just to exonerate ourselves from the guilt of our own complicity. Perhaps one day we will be forced to survey the human carnage we have sewn and hang our heads in shame. However, as the proverb says, "What we don't know cannot hurt us", so we choose not to know and give Government our endorsement to protect us from knowing what is done in our name. For example, recently a father in the UK tragically took the lives of himself and his children. Their bodies were discovered in the family car later. However, the mainstream media reported the news as just that, and nothing other than the tragic suicide of a father and his young children. David Cameron's press office intervened and prevented the media from telling the full heartbreaking story:
A single father, left to raise his small children on his own had just lost his job, with no prospects of employment in sight. His own health began to deteriorate, making it increasingly difficult to remain strong for his children, especially since the loss of their mother due to terminal illness. (His other family circumstances are irrelevant.) His children were mocked by other kids at school, once it became noticeable that they were being given food by sympathetic teachers, since David Cameron had withdrawn free school meals for poor families. They were subjected to cruel taunts, of "Spongers", instigated and permeated by George Osborne. Helpless and unable to support his family, the father was driven to the very edge of despair and could see no way out, other than taking drastic action. He had heard how families had suffered the same fate in Greece and how suicides were a common occurrence. David Cameron had already blasted Greece for not implementing more austerity measures and London Mayor, Boris Johnston had mocked the fate of the suffering Greek people during the London 2012 Olympics. Given this climate, the desperate father knew he could not to expect any sympathy. Had the media been allowed to tell the full story, they might also have mentioned that the mother had previously died from Cancer. The withdrawal of Government support and the prospect of being subjected to fitness for work checks only added to the pressure, making her condition deteriorate further. The sight of David Cameron and George Osborne in Parliament, mocking impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer suffers and ruthlessly vilifying Cancer Charities did not help either. The suicide note left behind by the father was not mentioned and the story was not repeated along with other news items throughout the day. A programme scheduled to be aired, revealing the scale of suicides in the UK since 2010 was withdrawn, due to pressure from Downing Street. It's scheduled date was prior to the Jimmy Savile BBC sex scandal and before George Entwistle was appointed in his short tenure as the new boss at the BBC after leaving with a substantial controversial payout, (perhaps for mission accomplished in sabotaging the BBC for Mr Cameron.)
David Cameron makes no secret of his disdain for the BBC and has savagely attacked it on numerous occasions, as well as sending his Communications Director, Craig Oliver to bully journalists while covering a story outside 10 Downing Street. Coincidentally, Craig Oliver was poached from the BBC as a former editor. Today, Cameron has implemented procedures to prevent both the mainstream media and press from reporting the scale of the chaotic despair and suffering of those he has specifically targeted. Convenient scandals involving the BBC emerged. The outcome and recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry were ignored, and the response of outrage by the public received very little news coverage. Now, our own only remaining method of control is under sadistic attack, "Our Unity and Capacity For Compassion", implemented by the age old strategy of, "Divide and Conquer". We must ask ourselves why the west has NOT seen any revolutions? It is because, "A people united can bring down Governments. A people divided are self destructive". We are a compassionate people, and the very fact that Cameron has forced this onto any debate whatsoever is to destroy what makes us human and a determination to eradicate the human spirit and our will. Do I really need to say, "Take a good look around you!" It is a well established historical fact that the best way to break the will of the people and prevent revolution is to "DIVIDE AND CONQUER". The only people who will argue against this fact are those who are already enslaved, since denial is by definition, `enslavement'.

The media is now telling us that public attitudes towards those on Government aid (Social Security?) is hardening. People seriously need to be made aware of the deceitful entrapment they are obliviously being indoctrinated into, as sheep. We should be utterly shocked that we now live in a society where medication is being withdrawn from the sick as they are being told to go home and die. So, why aren't we outraged? It is up to us to bring awareness to everybody and prevent them from becoming accustomed to our own barbarism in Cameron's Eugenics Cull. They do not realise that by allowing division, it will justify what Cameron has in store for them later on. He knows that by then, they cannot protest, since they sacrificed the most vulnerable and weakest in our society, and by making excuses for it, they are not entitled to any justice for themselves. However, in the aftermath of the cull of the sick, disabled, terminally ill, elderly and children being rationalized into a socially acceptable level of evil, those who allowed the division and apathy to happen will be all that remains to feast on among the human carnage. There will be no sympathy for the deceived and apathetic then. There will be nobody left but the greedy elite to hear their cries. Those who refuse to listen now are just the boiling frogs blissfully slicing the carrots in the saucepan.

We must backtrack and take stock of all David Cameron's deceitful lies and strategies and how we have adapted and responded to them. Otherwise, all of us will be beaten down so low that we will end up killing each other while he and his wealthy friends sit and watch, glorifying on how easy it was to divide us and turn us into savages.
  1. How the public have been deceitfully distracted to forget that in a critical recession, there are NO JOBS.
  2. How that Coalition mantra, accusing the last Government of leaving us with a huge deficit has been exposed a whopping lie and should no longer fool anyone.
  3. How we have become so distracted and conditioned to accept that those who are really responsible, the bankers are NOT being imprisoned.

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        Tuesday, 22 January 2013

        Nick Clegg. I Sold My Soul To The Devil

        Deputy British Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. WANTED for Treason & Cowardice

        You can respect your enemy because you know what to expect of them. But Nobody respects a Traitor. They are the lowest of the low and have neither Honour or Dignity.

        Monday, 21 January 2013

        Divide & Conquer: part 2

        Unfortunately, the title of my blog and Facebook page is a statement of what we have become. The really sad thing about these two News reports is that it indicates how utterly apathetic and malleable we truly are. And still, there are those who protest about why they are referred to as "sheeple". While they attempt to rationalize and justify a social indoctrination into systemic malevolence, they are as equally oblivious to their own selfishness, since amid Cameron's Cull, they sacrifice the next generation to a eugenicist society of incremental human carnage. Perhaps today, we ought to pause for thought look at an infant eyes and confess our future sins.

        Wednesday, 16 January 2013


        As a proud Irishman, I often find myself having to explain British history to the Brits. However, as integral to this, in more recent times, I have ended up in the position of drifting into the area of the British role in American history. This is due to the latest wave of a choreographed pattern of mass shootings, such as Sandy Hook, usually followed by a familiar recognizable pattern and CIA trademark, alleged suicides.

        The engrained attitude in the UK is that, "All Americans are crazy lunatics", with a particular emphasis on the term, "Uncivilized". Presumably, this is due to the interpretation that a `disarmed' population equates to a sense of normality.

        However, as always, in the site of chaos, context is always lost. In that gigantic masonic social engineering experimental turf, I cannot help wonder how many American's today are fully versed in American history?

        Ask an average U.S. citizen what the 2nd Amendment is, and most will know it verbatim. Although, this is only due to it being shoved under the spotlight, subjected to scrutiny by the corporate media. Then, ask them what it actually means. It is not enough to ask them to define it, but to ask them to explain its principles. At this point, most will be as utterly dumbstruck and ignorant as Piers Morgan. Many American's still believe that George Washington was their first President. The first President was John Hancock, and not old wooden teeth.

        The very principles of any constitution is to protect the rights and privileges of its national citizens, based entirely on the struggle they have just emerged from. Therein lays the very foundation of the constitution. Those who even attempt any deviation from it are guilty of treason. Therefore, those who craft it MUST be fully aware of and take into account any potential threat to the citizens and future generations and therefore must provide all possible safeguards to protect them. In other words, the writers of the 2nd Amendment recognised that its greatest threat came, not from outside, since that would be a natural assumption and taken for granted anyway, but from `within', and not from outlaws, criminals and ducks in duck hunting season.

        The 2nd Amendment was added as a matter of considerable urgency. George Washington had received disturbing news that troubled him deeply. Almost all signatories of the constitution were Freemasons, establishing the U.S. as the first Masonic nation, with an objective in place of establishing the first Atheistic nation over 200 years later, (i.e. Soviet Union). The news that Washington had received was in a letter, warning him that the Freemasonry had been infiltrated, thereby placing their new found freedoms at critical risk. This effectively meant that these powerful forces who had galvanized and taken control of masonry would claim credit for winning America its freedom, so granting them the right to distribute laws, thus holding the American people to ransom. It was this threat that urgently inspired the writing of the 2nd Amendment, since America had not won its freedom at all, but only the illusion, and had just granted access to an Illuminati Trojan Horse, who would one day come to call in their debts, claiming that freedom is a privilege granted by them and must now be paid for.

        This is what a depressed Thomas Jefferson and others alluded to in some of their most inspiring statements, as a warning. The last of such statements drew to an end with Dwight D. Eisenhower and JFK and have been restrained from rising again ever since.

        "If these bastards could conquer a people by taking its nationhood, the logical next step, is globalism and the human spirit". It is absolutely critical that we do something today, otherwise we face being held to account by the souls of dead children tomorrow.

        Friday, 4 January 2013

        Facebook's Censorship Penalties. It's Time To Abandon these Scum

        Following my previous two articles, Facebook issued me with this penalty to prevent me from sending any further posts for 2 days. First, YouTube inventing "False" copyright claims without the knowledge or permission from alleged claimants, and now Facebook with this. Please re-post and re-tweet this as widely as possible:

        Thursday, 3 January 2013

        The Consequences Of Apathy, The Silent Seed

        When party political policy is abominable evil, the right wing rationalize and justify it through political ideology, while the left dismiss it through atheist ideology. Either way, both provide evil with a safe passage, giving it an acceptable level of social tolerance. In such controlled conditions, we sacrifice the next generation to incremental human carnage, the likes of which was once regarded as horrifically and diabolically inhumane. If the infant born into this world tomorrow cannot hold us accountable in the future, then we may all be held accountable and judged today by our own will and submission or at some point by a greater power. Our Silence is complicity.