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The Mark of The Beast being Socially Engineered as Normal Practice

Some time ago I wrote an article after seeing the first use of hand scanners in local supermarkets. I was deeply concerned at the time having just written about the deception of grocery loyalty card schemes and how they recorded the most personal intimate details of our daily living. People are unwittingly submitting themselves to this every day since the value of the discount vouchers they receive in their post is calculated based on our weekly shopping routine. In other words, your receipt is recorded and as a result, information is gathered about your daily home life. This reveals how many people you live with and the sex, age, habits, personal hygiene, health and much more information about of each person in your household. In addition, as soon as you go outside your front door, your image is captured up 300 times a day on CCTV. With all this information, it is only a short matter of time until it is compressed onto a chip.

While out on a Saturday night, a guy next to me at the bar paid for a round of drinks by having his phone scanned. He may as well have ran his own hand across the scanner. I have even found myself paying for groceries using a contactless debit card just for convenience, barely noticing that therein lies the deception. While in Amsterdam, I witnessed people scanning their hands to gain entry to nightclubs. After approaching one guy about this, he proudly boasted about having a chip injected beneath his skin. This tiptoe totalitarianism is what each of us are submitting to everyday, oblivious that we are being incrementally conditioned to surrender ourselves to the Mark of The Beast.

At what stage will the next generation be indoctrinated? Yesterday it was our pets....
In 2010 Channel 4 News reports of a plan to microchip all life on earth, yet nobody noticed

In 2010 this blog published an article in an attempt to warn about how the Mark of The Beast would be so common that it would be taken for granted to the extent that we would be completely oblivious to what we were sacrificing ourselves to. It explained my theory that cell phone wireless technology had been discovered as far back as 1970 and that it had been held back for a specific purpose. The theory originated from one of those annoying questions that inquisitive kids ask adults. Mine was inspired by the 1969 alleged landing on the moon. From the innocent mind of a child came the question, "How can they talk to a man on the moon from earth without being plugged in somewhere back on earth....?" 

House of the Temple in Washington DC, there is a photograph of Neil Armstrong holding his Masonic apron

One of the objectives of the Apollo missions was to bankrupt the Soviet Union so that during a staged `Space race' the USSR would spend billions to beat the Americans to the moon. However, there is also an occult origin behind the US space explorations. The name `Apollo' is derived from the Greek, "Apollyon". The Hebrew name is "Abaddon". Apollyon/Abaddon is a Satanic deity and the translation into English means, "The Destroyer". When Freemasons reach the 17th degree, they are introduced to the secret password granting them access to Abaddon. Neil Armstrong was a Freemason and apparently there is a photograph of him standing on the moon or (Stanley Kubrick staged film set)  proudly displaying his masonic apron. Freemasonry originates from the days of King Solomon who was granted the powers to summon both angels and demons to do his will so that he could conquer his enemies.

However, I digress slightly. Although, as one of the motivations of the Apollo missions has been previously explained, there was another. This objective was to replicate an orchestrated scheme that had been implemented during the 1920's. It was to indoctrinate a new generation. Just as youth culture had been indoctrinated during the "roaring 20's", the same template had been deployed for the "swinging 60's". Since this provided the necessary evidence that each generation could be controlled, it not only prevented unwelcome questions from being asked and the potential for revolution carried from the previous century, it created consistency in western culture to be passed on to each generation with a Trojan horse masquerading as an ideology of family values. In the US, such an ideology was sold to the American people as "The American Dream" and soon the term became embedded in the mindset of every American citizen from the beginning of the 1950's, thereby controlling the `unit', (i.e. the family) rather than the `individual' who might be rebel and was generally viewed with suspicion and socially ostracized.

In an earlier article I explained how the "Mark of the Beast" would be introduced through technology. As the CIA seized control of Hollywood under the cover of the 1950's McCarthy Witch hunts, movies today such as "The Matrix, Prometheus etc" have an underlying motive that many may not be aware of by setting the stage for incremental indoctrination. Since the cell phone was introduced during the late 1990s, it was followed by the iPod, portable MP3 players and an abundance of cell phone applications, all marketed towards young people, with each new related technology and application being branded as "Cool" in accordance with youth culture terminology. It set the stage for the next `cool' product to be marketed towards the younger generation, the embedded chip. This would not be so difficult in a rapidly increasing environment where religion means nothing to modern youth and is greeted with skepticism and disdain due to manufactured war and conflict.

In 2010, I published a UK news item on my old website that ought to have caused alarm, yet few had even noticed it. It was a story about a plan to chip all life on earth on Channel 4 News.

.....And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…

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The Mainstream Media and The Bogeyman

If we cannot think beyond what controls us today, how can we possibly identify the truth or what is real?  I'm just asking a logical question, yet it is perceived as conspiracy theory.

Those familiar with this blog will already be aware of its analysis of the mainstream media. Please read the blog title description before progressing further:

 When the Corporate Mainstream Media Controls The Question, We Don't Ask Any", thus forfeiting our right to the Truth, endorsing what is done in our name"  -  Glenn Gordon

The reason for this is because there are those who with just a momentary glance at the front page of this site will dismiss it immediately with the familiar programmed derogatory response, applying terms such as `Conspiracy Theory' or `Tin Foil Hat'. Such terms were designed to appeal to their ego, believing it to be an original personal conclusion while they are under the subservient illusion of ingenuity. They are unaware that with such an automatic critical response they have incapacitated their natural ability for independent, analytical and objective thought as well as their own individuality. In other words, they are oblivious that such a response is not their own and that their impulsive reaction has been programmed into them under the false security of the cohesive masses. There is little point in appealing to such people and it would be fruitless to even attempt it because the most frightening aspect of our society today is that a majority rely solely on the mainstream media for information on what is going on in the world, convinced that it is the truth. Some will be in such denial that their typical rationale is, "If it was true, then it would be on the news". There is little to be gained from debating with those who defy logic, just as they defied the laws of physics during the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11. Sadly, all reason is lost on them and we cannot hope to engage with those who are oblivious to the fact that they have consigned themselves to the human assembly line of conditioned behavior.

The Hegelian Dialectic explained in 2mins

It is unlikely that they are prepared to consider watching the presentation below. They will be unfamiliar with the Hegelian Dialectic or False Flag events throughout our modern history and the Problem, Reaction, Solution mass mind control program which this blog and its associate website has documented.

If the truth is too frightening to contemplate, then it may be best advised not to watch the following film and instead utilise the comfort of the daily deception of the TV dinner each evening while we indulge the news followed by the extra serving of drama in overdrive in the eventful soap opera. What perhaps should concern us most is that we are more prepared to relate to the perpetual daily disaster in a fictional neighbourhood occurring in a relatively short period each week. While fueling the human ego we are relieved when reminded that such infectious misery could not possibly attach itself to each individual in a small community in such a regular daily occurrence. Who would want to live in a place so regularly cursed where everyone is contaminated? It serves only to desensitise us to real human suffering.

 Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS)

It is important to draw attention to the articles on 1917 and Bernays. Edward Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. He is known today as the "Father of Public Relations" and at this point we ought to pause for a moment to dwell on this description as it is crucial that we understand the development of our modern language and the index contained within it. In 1928, Bernays published his book, Propaganda, a socially engineered nomenclature that we take for granted today with such ease. However, disturbingly, one of the more recent terms we have been conditioned to indulge in our modern culture as an "acceptable level of evil" is "paedophilia". Once we accept the terminology, we accept the practice and there can be no doubt that this is exactly what the Tavistock Institute had in mind. "Who could have predicted forty years ago that in the future the killing and abuse of children whether in war or domestic would become so common that we would consider it as "an unfortunate but acceptable symptom of modern society?" In addition to this, few today are prepared to consider the notion that those whom we trust so vehemently would inflict such depravity only to utilise the mainstream media to exploit the massacre of the innocents for the purposes of propaganda (see films). Such a diabolical vision would have horrified us, especially if we had considered that in some way we would be unwittingly collaterally complicit. Over the years, from 1987-95 it became a desperate personal struggle trying to raise awareness of our programmed social development to an "Acceptable level of evil as an unfortunate but acceptable symptom of modern society". Today, we nonchalantly refer to such social development as "Social Engineering". During the summer of 2016 in the UK, the television news reported a staggering frequency of child murders and abuse throughout Britain. Yet, while many may be shocked at learning this, it is not the most worrying aspect. What is truly frightening is that few even noticed that this had become `daily' news and in such a short period. Please think cautiously on what this tells us about ourselves. If we research such news reports in search engines we may find it difficult to unearth results, especially when we consider that Google is a CIA straw man and all search results come from mainstream corporate sources. We will elaborate further on the role of the intelligence services later. In the meantime the truth is often too intimidating for us to contemplate, therefore in such circumstances it is significantly easy to rationalise and justify the control of information albeit by the masterful art of deception. It is a demonstration of our willingness to sacrifice empathy for apathy. This reveals how much we rely on such control entirely for what we perceive as being the `Truth' to the extent that we are unaware that `Google' has become a verb. It is also worth remembering that Google is a monopoly, yet it is not subject to investigation by the monopolies commission. Our trust in the mainstream media only serves as a distraction from the truth, or more crucially to `protect' us from it. This is in an increasingly narcissistic age where celebrities churn out babies as `status fashion accessories', customizing them with bizarre identity labels rather than traditional forenames. From an early age, we aspire to be famous, since the seizure and control of the human ego is initiated at birth. When celebrities become aware of their role and the truth about the purpose they serve, it inevitably leads to drug and alcohol abuse and often involuntary suicide. When reminded of their contract, attention may be drawn to the point at which they sold their very souls.

At some stage we may wonder who could be responsible for such diabolic indoctrination of each generation. "Who could have the capacity for such abominable mind control and where will it lead us to in the future?" I should suggest that the devil is extremely patient. After all, he has been waiting for what we would term `an eternity', which must be remembered is only a human point of reference in our relationship with the sun, which for him may only be a few minutes in `time'.

Controlling the Media to Indoctrinate the People to accept a diabolic One World Government:

Following Abraham Lincoln's bank wars and his attempt to introduce the greenback dollar, his enemies, the wealthy industrialist banker families, the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's seized the global banking system in 1910 in what was known as the Jekyll Island plot, which established the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. A group of leading financiers acting as agents for the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's met at JP Morgans retreat on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Their opponents were conveniently killed during the Titanic disaster in 1912. The subsequent objective for the engineering of WWI was to establish the League of Nations with the intention to eventually establish a one world Global Government controlled by the banking elite. WWI also served as a useful distraction. During the early years of Queen Victoria, the fragile British monarchy was at risk from losing it's lineage to Germany. With the onset of WWI that connection was severed. The League of Nations subsequently became the United Nations in 1921 to appease the U.S. when Rockefeller built the UN building in New York as it's global headquarters. The publishing company for the new UN in 1921 was the "Lucifer Trust", founded by occultist Alice Bailey, a devout disciple of prominent Satanist, Aleister Crowley. It was renamed the Lucis Trust in 1924 to distract attention away from it's true significance. Following the enforcement of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, an illegal tax on labour was forced into law. "Income Tax" was introduced for the first time, just before WWI in 1914. Today, American and European citizens are paying a tax that they are not legally obliged to pay, hence the reason it is automatically deducted from our non-accessible income. This also helps us realise why the religion of Islam is a target for the west to demonise today, since in Islamic law, `Usury' is characterised as a sin against God, which Christ himself directed his fury at in the holy temple. Income Tax had previously been opposed by every American president since Lincoln, hence assassinations and attempted assassinations, yet not surprisingly, American school children are not taught about their nations staggering historical record for assassinating their leaders. Prior to the introduction of income tax, it had been declared illegal by several Supreme Court Judges who saw it as unethical and immoral to charge a man tax for his labour. That statute still stands today with American citizens oblivious to its legality. However, as previously explored, now it is considered a normal and acceptable practice throughout the world. Following the seizures of the banking system, free renewable energy (Nikola Tesla), illegal taxes and the consolidation of global power through WWI, there was one final conquest that needed to be dealt with and it was with an urgency.

Generational Indoctrination through progressive mind control:

Eventually the public would begin making connections and asking questions about the frequency of such monumental global events within a relatively short period of time between 1910 and 1920. The insatiable natural human instinct for knowledge had to be appeased. The banking elite had to ensure that the world would never learn of their plans. Therefore, they had to take control of the `question'. The only way to accomplish this was for mass mind control of the population and of the generations to come. Through the indoctrination of each new generation, terms such as `Conspiracy Theory' would serve as emotive language to activate preconditioned responses in the mindset of the general public. In 1917, this group of elites purchased the five most influential newspapers, including the Washington Post and placed their own editors to run them. Since then, the role and `definition' of an `editor' has never been questioned and is taken for granted today. In 1917, newspapers were the mainstream media and the main source of information to inform the public, hence the term `public(ation)'. However, the bankers knew that the thirst for knowledge was human instinct and that the inevitable questions would only be passed down for others to consider in the coming years, so controlling the question, thereby controlling our understanding of history had to be indefinite. This meant addressing our natural inquisitiveness and nobody was more inquisitive than children, therefore further corruption of the seed was crucially necessary. For this reason Walt Disney served a useful purpose.and it was only a matter of time before people began to analyze and discover innuendos in Disney creations. An example of this is Aladdin. The character of the anglicized `genie' is an embellishment of a demon described in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology as supernatural creatures, known as the `Jinn'. (There are many other examples, however they can be found in other articles in this blog). Another demonstration of this is drawn from my own experience. As an inquisitive child during the era of the Apollo missions, I would annoy adults by asking, "How a man on the moon could talk to people on earth without a wire connection?" In later years, this perplexity developed into questioning why wireless technology, such as the mobile/cell phone was not available much earlier? As `media' developed beyond newspapers into broadcasting, its power of influence was bankrolled through the establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) by JD Rockefeller and the aforementioned Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. To further divert the prying eyes of progressive generations, it was essential to keep the young subdued and anesthetized by popular culture. It had to be preoccupied and entertained. It was therefore important to commandeer youth culture in what became known as the `Roaring Twenties', a template later to be replicated by the 'Swinging Sixties'. No doubt, Sigmund Freud played a significant role in this while developing his studies of the human ego and superego. His nephew, Edward Bernays certainly did and as previously mentioned, he published his book, "Propaganda" in 1928. Bernays was employed by the U.S. intelligence services, whose role is to act as the front line to protect the bankers from their enemy, `we the people'. Again, `Intelligence' is another term that we have been conditioned to take for granted in our common language and social understanding. We automatically assume that intelligence agencies work for the Government to protect its citizens against foreign and hostile threats. The role of the CIA, MI5/MI6, Mossad and other intelligence agencies is to control information on behalf of the banking elite, who also provide every Government treasury with its funding, hence the absence of any appetite for `revolution' in western society today. Intelligence agencies have a blank cheque to control the mindset of each generation and to prevent us from asking the most basic and obvious of questions and to assign safeguards to disarm us when we do present such questions. A typical demonstration of this is to consider "Why have Islamic extremists, such as ISIS/ISIL and it's forerunner Al-Qaeda rarely targeted and committed their barbaric atrocities on Israel?" Presenting such a crucial question usually results in immediate accusations of Antisemitism. Another example is, "Why have we seldom heard the names, `Rothschild or Rockefeller' mentioned in the mainstream media for whatever reason, such as criminal activities, charitable deeds, ceremonial events etc?" Similarly, to challenge the Rothschild or Rockefeller names usually implies Antisemitism, despite the fact that the Rockefeller's are not Jewish. Another example of disarming is the aforementioned term, "Conspiracy Theorist". We now even view Al-Qaeda as being tame to the point of accepting them. Few even noticed at which point ISIS/ISIL replaced Al-Qaeda as the bogeyman. This was only done to divert us from the acknowledged connection between the CIA and Al-Qaeda as a new game-plan emerged.

The Syrian Lie:

It has often been said that the Truth is the first casualty of war. This is demonstrated in detail in my two part film series entitled "...An Epitome of Evil". These films reveal the overt mechanisms of political propaganda during conflict and the implementation of keywords such as `hospitals' and `children' to exploit and manipulate our emotions to deceive us. Due to the daily mainstream media onslaught of events in Syria, the focus was on the city of Aleppo. Each day the presstitute media have been unapologetically relentless on Hospitals and Children being deliberately targeted by Assad and the Russians with the reinforced additional narrative of `Chemical' weapons being used. It was so intense that I found myself fraternising with the obvious again, cynically inquiring how Aleppo apparently seems to have so many hospitals and how they all seem to be mostly populated by children? Is it irrational to reach the conclusion that this location has a hospital on every street corner and must be a globally dominant city for its overwhelming quantity of hospitals? Alternatively, a minimal amount are superseded by hospitals of vast scales in size. Due to such media bombardment, few will have considered why Russia and the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad are so vilified and will not even have noticed how the term `regime' has come to represent `despotic tyranny' in western culture. Many in western society would be unwilling to consider the possibility that their own Government is engaged in a secret agenda which includes targeting the innocents for propaganda purposes so that blame could be easily attached to their opponents. This is despite documented evidence of historical False Flag events and the sole function of the Hegelian Dialectic within a grander plan. Neither will anyone consider why Assad suddenly became such a monumental pariah among his own people overnight. Given his sixteen years tenure, why wait so long? Indeed, it is only since 2010 that news began to emerge that the Middle East region was ruled by a bunch of ruthless dictators and whose empires subsequently began to tumble one after another. Despite the glaringly obvious choreography, nobody was challenging the formation of a pattern. Patterns require order. Order comes from design. Presenting such questions may be preconditioned as outrageous, but only because of the built in mechanism that prohibit us from remembering that we are indirectly complicit in such atrocities through our democratic right to vote which guarantees us the protection from our worst enemy, `The Truth'. We obliviously demand such protection and react defensively when exposed to it, utilizing the embedded Government safeguards as previously explained. Could the reason for such regional instability be that the west is competing with Russia for oil? Among the terminology to emerge from our vocabulary in relatively recent times was `fracking'. If we compare the earth to an orange, it is akin to squeezing out every last drop of juice until dry or metaphorically attempting to force a car to reach that last mile despite running dry on fuel. When the leaders of the oil producing regions began trading and selling their oil and natural resources for less, it instigated a crisis in the west which impacted significantly on profits. Subsequently, when the west deployed their most effective weapon, Economic Sanctions, it resulted in starving the citizens of these regions of their most basic natural resources for survival. To prepare us for accepting the once unthinkable, water charges were introduced throughout parts of Europe so that we would relinquish natural resources as a presupposition. With the enforcement of economic sanctions in place, the flow of imports and exports halted. These dynamics result in the people becoming restless as they demand food and energy. With their leaders rendered powerless to provide, insurrection and a demand for a change of leadership is only a matter of time. Inevitably, a substitute leadership is always on standby waiting on western shores who will sell off all the regions resources on their terms with maximum profit. Profit (Usury) is forbidden under Islamic law, originating from Christ throwing out the money traders from the holy temple. Fracking is the result of the earths blood flow (oil) becoming restricted and unstable. The veins are the pipelines that flow from Russia and from the oil producing nations to the west. All points converge on the Middle East.

The Media's Use of Neo-Linguistic Programming and Mind Control

Finally, to understand how our current global crisis developed after the 1910 - 1920 stage, we must also address the objectives of WWII and identify similar patterns that followed WWI, such as the indoctrination of a new generation. In the aftermath of WWII European countries were more prepared to surrender their liberties and individual sovereignty and accept a consolidation of sovereign states into one dominating unit. (i.e. European Union >Global Government >One ruler). Or, more accurately, the citizens of Europe could be much easier manipulated to accept something they never would have agreed to in the first place. This Problem, Reaction, Solution process is otherwise known as the "Hegelian Dialectic" as previously mentioned or as I term, The Nero Doctrine. It is designed to eliminate inquiry into the most basic yet most fundamental questions and to turn the most Obvious into the most Ridiculous, with the specific purpose of relegating such questions to `theories' with the incremental amendment to add the prefix `conspiracy' to adjust to modern thinking. With each new generation it also reinvents and redefines our perception of morals and ethics (as David Cameron did so masterfully in the UK in just six years). History may record the events surrounding definitive moments in our evolution, but it will rarely consider why or how they occurred and how we reached such a critical point today. An example are the events in Germany and the U.S. prior to WWII. 

Germany was economically on its knees and financially bankrupt. It was an impoverished nation in crisis. Yet, few are prepared to inquire the source of its finances and resources to build a huge military war machine that almost conquered Europe and the scientific minds that dominate our understanding today, such as NASA. The answer originates in the U.S. and involves the main protagonists, wealthy industrialists and bankers. Most Americans believe that the closest they ever came to an attempt to overthrow their Government was when JFK was assassinated in 1963. However, few are aware that a coups d'état was staged in 1934 and that it was led by the Bush family patriarch, Prescott Bush, who's son, former US president, George HB Bush later became Director of the CIA in the 1970s after his involvement in the Kennedy assassination in Dallas in 1963. By 1934 Prescott Bush was the Director of the Brown Brothers Harriman Union Banking Corporation.  Brown Brothers Harriman acted as a U.S. base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance the rise of Hitler throughout the 1930s. Prescott Bush, the DuPont family, the Remington family and JP Morgan banking plotted to assassinate president Franklin D. Roosevelt and overthrow the American Government and install a Nazi style regime which Adolf Hitler himself was to adopt. The coup attempt only failed because the general they recruited to lead it, Major General Smedly Butler exposed the plot. He was a decorated hero who remained long enough with the conspirators to identify them and blow the whistle. However, after being ordered by the FBI to disband and cease their activities, the plotters kept their assets and remained until 1951. This gave them the opportunity to formulate the introduction of the 1948 National Security Act, which gave special powers and unaccountability to the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA replaced the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The agency was headed by Allan Dulles who was appointed its director. Over the next twenty years, all seven deputy directors of the CIA were drawn from the Wall Street financial aristocracy; and six were listed in the New York social register. From the beginning the CIA was an exclusive Wall Street club. Dulles himself was a Wall Street lawyer who had protected bankers and was later implicated in the assassination of JFK after Kennedy sacked him as CIA director. Dulles was then appointed to steer the Warren Commission into its findings on the Kennedy assassination.

Americans would never learn of this part of their history while Allan Dulles and his brother, John Foster Dulles oversaw the formation of the illusion, The American Dream, which was a Trojan horse for infiltrating the American family and instilling family values as a typical wholesome American ideology. It was much more difficult to control the individual, so establishing a unit in which they could be contained would be more manageable. This gave the CIA access to American youth culture throughout the 1950s, which they subsequently nurtured through an induced stage of incoherence by introducing drugs such as LSD during the 1960s with the likes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles being valuable assets. In the 1920's model it was alcohol, hence the introduction of prohibition, designed to fuel cultural hysteria and youth rebellion. The ideology of the The American Dream was fully ingrained into the American mindset by the seizure and annexation of Hollywood, under the pretext of the 1950s McCarthy Witch Hunts masquerading as a project to expose Communist sympathisers. The McCarthy era was a CIA operation to infiltrate Hollywood and thereby control movie scripts and overall output as content to influence and indoctrinate the American people. Just as the bankers seized control of the media back in 1917 and appointed their own people to influence and steer the thoughts of the American public, they replicated this model to every controlling section of society ever since, including pharmaceuticals, education and the music industry. Teenagers began to view drug and alcohol abuse as `cool' due to its association with stardom. As it became common for families in the UK to have family doctors, it was not uncommon for American families to have family therapists.
Non Americans may assume that this applies only to the U.S. However, such a diabolical plan of human indoctrination originated in Europe long before 1910. It was initiated in Ingolstadt, a town in the Bavarian province of Germany in 1776. Its author was Adam Weishaupt, a German philosopher bitterly opposed to Christian ideals who set about writing an alternative based on hidden science and esoteric knowledge. Once Weishaupt's doctrine had gathered influence, its plans were discovered during a plot to ferment political instability and anarchy across Europe. On the 17 July 1785, a courier, Jacob Lanz was struck by lightening and killed as he was thrown from his horse en route to France. Sewn into his tunic were found the instructions for starting the French Revolution. These, among other compromising papers were addressed to the the masonic Grand Master of the Grand Orient in Paris. Weishaupt fled to the German town of Gotha, where he was placed under the protection of Saxe-Coburg and his work funded by the Rothschild family. This was a period of political and religious upheaval across Europe and America in the battle for the control of mans destiny. The church had been a dominating force ever since it emerged from the dark ages of the crusades, followed by the consolidation of power in Europe during the middle ages. The elite forces of the crusades, the persecuted Knights Templar were determined to exact revenge on the church for what they saw as betrayal. After they fled underground they later emerged as Freemasons. Weishaupt based his revolutionary doctrine on the ancient mystery religions in the search for the hidden power that controlled mankind. The more he studied, the more enlightened he became. As he increasingly became more aware he described himself as becoming illuminated with knowledge and attributed it to the light-bearer. To the Freemasonry, the light-bearer was known as the "First Free Thinker" and the "Great Emancipator" who set man free from his imprisonment in the Garden of Eden through the granting of knowledge. To us, he is more commonly known as Lucifer. Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath" in 1777. As founder of the Order of the Illuminati, his project of illumination and enlightening masonic understanding was an unwelcome reform. Since Freemasonry consisted of highly influential figures, it provided the Illuminati access to infiltrate those sections of society that we take for granted today, such as the medical profession, law, religion, banking, politics, science, academia etc. With such influence it gave men dominion over our minds to control what we know and are forbidden from knowing.

G is Grace, the Flaming Star is the Torch of Reason. Those who possess this knowledge are indeed Illuminati. - Adam Weishaupt
As expressed throughout, such references to the Illuminati are today routinely greeted with skepticism and mockery in the human assembly line of conditioned behavior. Although, in historical terms the Order of the Illuminati may no longer exist as a secretive organisation or individual singular body. It has merely evolved, just as it's objective was to infiltrate the masonry so that nobody would know where Freemasonry ended and the Illuminati began. This infiltration disturbed American president and 33+ Freemason George Washington when he received a warning letter alerting him about those with the power over man's destiny. Today, the Illuminati are instead a global network of surreptitious groups leading an amalgam of corporations. They include the Bilderberg Group, which meets every summer in June at secret locations where the mainstream media is forbidden to report. They consist of royalty, politicians, wealthy industrialists and celebrities and their role is to chose political leaders who are selected in advance and given a specific remit known to only a few with the rest of us only to speculate, which translates into `conspiracy theory'.  This clandestine network also includes the previously mentioned CFR of which both Bill and Hillary Clinton are members as are media tycoons such as Rupert Murdoch. The UK branch of the CFR is The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA or Chatham House). Although they were given different names to mask their autonomy, the RIIA and CFR are just sub-branches of the Rhodes-Milner Round Table.

Most of us have ambitions. Usually, they are to be wealthy and successful. There is nothing wrong with this. It depends on what we aspire to be wealthy and successful on and at what cost. Those ambitions become corrupted once we attribute our success to material gain and profit. We rarely challenge whether our careers has any negative impact on the lives of others. Today, we follow a pattern that fits into our program of denial. The CIA calls this `compartmentalization'. From the moment we are born our destiny is already predetermined and if we refuse to follow our social conditioning, we are marked as outcasts for the rest of our lives. We want the best education for our children. We put them through a system of one size fits all with an embedded assumption that all children are naturally competitive, then we isolate them when they respond with disruptive behavior because their natural talents have been suppressed. When we fail to restrain their methods of expression, we encroach upon them and attempt to influence such expression. They are subjected to the pressures of being like their friends and identifying with them to the point of following the same path, such as university. Once there, they spend 3-4 years studying a single subject that can be achieved in a much lesser period by research and few carefully chosen books. Their university subject (which is more likely to be decided by peer pressure) will imprison them within it for the rest of their lives until they reach retirement. This is designed to focus attention thus preventing diversion. University life guides them toward middle class aspirations and choosing a partner who has similar manufactured false hopes with both becoming increasingly unaware of the program to become "Career `Minded' Professionals". They will only share their combined denial of their complicity in a social holocaust around lavish dining tables. They rely on a mainstream media to protect them from being reminded of their part in a world order that has plundered the worlds natural resources while the human carnage streams across Europe.

The stories of dead toddlers being washed up on beaches decline while the media diverts our attention from our complicit barbarity through indifference. An old foe has been wheeled out on queue to distract us from the earths blood and other natural resources being drained by the greedy western alliance, choreographed by a hidden hand to adopt a new order of the world. They have no shame in exploiting children as nothing more than a useful asset while we make charitable donations to buy off our accountability, believing that money solves all instead of compassion and selfless love. Money only means we can forget the fate of millions for a short period until the next annual charitable appeal to ease our collective conscience. A dark cabal exists which deems us as useless eaters that consumes everything and constantly need fed. We are but stock to be traded. To them we are expendable containers that need to be controlled. We see little significance in the language we have come to accept and take for granted and apply such terms to ourselves as `consumers'. We consume too much and the diabolic eugenicists despise us for it and make wars to deteriorate the non-productive populace among us. They make us despise them so that we will one day come to accept our own demise and eventual extermination.

One day someone will reveal to us the cost of our Apathy towards human suffering when each one of us will be called to account for abandoning our individuality. When that day arrives we will each fall to your knees with such overwhelming shame and guilt for neglecting a single moment that could have removed a lifetime of pain from what we were oblivious to.........

In the above film, independent journalist Eva Bartlett exposes the lies and deceit of the corporate mainstream media in Syria.