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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 19 April 2012

350,000 'could lose school meals' - No Depths to David Cameron's Evil

350,000 'could lose school meals' - Yahoo! News UK

There really are no depths to the evil that David Cameron will not stoop. Most of us can remember, "Thatcher, the milk Snatcher". But Cameron takes evil to a whole new level of abomination. He recently sadistically gloated triumphantly at killing the NHS after his coincidental visit to Global Banking Terrorists, "Goldman Sachs" in New York. I am 100% convinced that he had just sold a deal that would enslave even more of us, including the NHS. He ruthlessly attacked pensioners, stealing their savings and blatantly handed it to his wealthy friends. This bastard makes no secret of his sadistic activities. He overtly flaunts it right in our faces. He took great joy in mocking impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer patients in Parliament. He visited troops in Afghanistan, only to return to announce plans to cut their pay. He deliberately timed this for Christmas. He also sacked Solar Energy workers who had good futures ahead of them. The reason he sacked them was because Solar Energy offered alternative reduced energy bills for customers which would deprive his greedy wealthy buddies from making profits, so he strangled the competition to ensure we were being ripped off. Guess when he decided to sack these workers? He insisted that they go 2 weeks before Christmas. Added to this, Cameron viciously rubbed salt into our wounds in the New Year by heaping New Years Honours & Awards on these greedy wealthy scum. He again then ruthlessly savaged the sick and disabled and announced more plans to attack children. He recently announced a further merciless onslaught on Charities. He banned people from helping the homeless in Westminster. The first thing he did once he was unelected into office was to visit India to brand Pakistan as a "Terrorist State", just while it's people were hit by catastrophic floods, displacing 20,0000. The result: a media blackout of the mass suffering and very little international charitable aid. Shortly afterward, he commissioned a national survey costing millions just to measure our tolerance to pain, dubbed "The Happiness Survey". The list of this evil, sadistic, psychopaths iniquities goes on. If we do not get our heads out of the sand soon, it will only intensify.

As laid out in my films, David Cameron has a clear, predetermined agenda. It is to force us all into eternal "debt slavery", with a cashless society and an embedded chipped population on the horizon. However, we are complicit in our own slavery, but there are simple steps we can all take to STOP the coming NWO in its tracks. If interested in finding out more, please reply yo this. Thank you for your valuable time in reading this. Much appreciated. Love & Compassion will prevail.