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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Martial Law UK

UK police chief and Freemason, Sir Paul Stephenson is demanding that martial law be imposed by the UK's Nazi Tory Government coalition, following violence at student protests over the betrayal by puppet, Nick Clegg on the hike in student tuition fees. At this point nobody can fail to have noticed how Clegg has more recently significantly changed his rhetoric when being interviewed by the media. On a Channel 4 News interview on 22 December 2010, over a further betrayal by Clegg on his own party colleagues, Vince Cable and others, it became apparent that Mr Clegg had spent some considerable time rehearsing his interview, like a best man before a wedding reception. The interview was clearly staged, as I found myself beginning to lose count of how many times he'd blamed the previous Labour Government for the current economic crisis, when we all know by now that it is a global crisis, caused solely by the bankers, and cannot possibly be attributed to "sovereign" Government. 

When British PM, millionaire David Cameron took office and received his orders from Rothschild representative, Mervin King, he was made aware of what was to come, since it had already been planned as integral to implementing the New World Order. We already know of Cameron's timely lambasting of Pakistan as a terrorist state, while he visited India, just as Pakistan was hit by catastrophic floods, his deliberate remarks causing considerable apathy, thus lack of charitable aid, which incidentally, the banks takes back and pockets, with interest, as debt. We already know the lack of media coverage, choosing instead to cover an irrelevant cricketing scandal and the already established healthy well being of a group of trapped Chilean miners.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the Nazi agenda is being gradually implemented by truly evil people. Already, we have been conditioned to accepting that UK police officers can literally get away with murder and GBH, following their murder of Brazilian Charles De Menezes, followed by that of Ian Tomlinson and continuous unprovoked brutal assaults on peaceful protesters. It is hardly surprising then that students, exercising their civil rights know what to expect from them. Imposing martial law now officially sanctions such brutal force.

It is now apparent that police officers and intelligence agencies infiltrate demonstrations to deliberately stir up violent confrontation. This is the reason why it is now "illegal" to record police activity during such protests, and undercover officers have been seen returning back to their police stations following disturbances. These tactics are certainly nothing new, as the state has to exert controlling the masses over galvanizing public support through the media in order to make evil look good. After all, Vince Cable's critical remark about Media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch was no coincidence.

As has already been demonstrated, traitor Nick Clegg over exaggerated his role to the media, and already, due to the ongoing Pavlovian conditioning, we'd barely even noticed Cameron's role in the suffering of the people of Pakistan. We must wake up. "None are so deceived than those who want to be blind!"