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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Enslavement By Consent

Evil in your name
Without realising it, every day we give rationale to justify evil in our name. We do this just to make it more palatable for our acceptance. We rely on our media to protect us from knowing about it so that we don't have to suffer the pain of guilt. But, one day we each will experience that pain. I am prepared for the day when my eyes painfully swell, as my  cheeks sting with tears.

Someone recently referred to my view as a worrying new development in society, since we sanction such evil. It is not new at all. We have been endorsing an "acceptable level of evil" for years. We just gave it an ideology and even a name. It is called, `Politics'. Little wonder people refuse to engage in conversation about it, with the excuse that it is a `sensitive subject', oblivious that they are just avoiding guilt by association.

Whenever we hear disdain from those who succumb to the indoctrination of the "Divide & Conquer" enslavement strategy, about those on social welfare, who have lost their jobs or cannot find work in a "recession", just remind them that if they are unhappy about their taxes being wasted on the poor, what they are endorsing them to be spent on instead. Then show them the disturbing image of a parent holding the bloodied dead body of their baby in their arms in Gaza or Syria. Much worse than this, they will be in denial, feigning ignorance. However, although they may be fooling themselves, and attempt to insult our intelligence, they are insulting a much superior being, who sees right into our very souls from the moment we were born. Perhaps one day, they will be introduced to the parents of that dead child.

If you don't support campaigns against Workfare and Bedroom Tax and their equivalent across Europe and the US, you are endorsing the encroaching global enslavement of humanity, since wages are being driven down, inflation is rising and the paper IOU's in your purse or wallet are increasingly worthless. DO NOT apathetically think for a moment that such enslavement programs will not happen to you. It will, and soon you will have nothing left to trade for your false freedom, since all is being plundered by the globalists, hence Cyprus, Greece etc. The only remaining asset you'll have left is your soul, and the bastards are even currently devouring that through eradicating the will of the human spirit, hence "apathy" (the hidden virus). You may try thinking about that the next time you scan your retail loyalty card, or apologize to the human android you accidentally bump into on the street who doesn't hear you due to their earplugs and instead responds with hostility for disturbing their programming, due to resume during the daily consumption of the TV soap opera that they are in such a rush to get home to.