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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tory right wing Nazi media gets even more cruel and vicious

For the older generations or right wing extremist groups, these front page headlines of the nasty Tory press are familiar. However, today they are increasingly becoming more extreme. This is exactly the types of headlines that the Nazis were putting out as propaganda during WW2, (copies of which are available on request). As kids, we would make cruel jokes about people in wheelchairs or people with mental health issues as faking it just to get attention. But, kids can sometimes be cruel anyway. 

Admittedly, there are some claiming they cannot work for ridiculous reasons, such as piles or sore toes, but in a recession, everyone suffers, most of all the poorest  and most vulnerable, yet these cruel bastards immediately initiate the Nero Doctrine, and scapegoat them. Cameron's evil knows no boundary, as he immediately withdrew all support from Cancer sufferers; tried to convince us that he cares about the NHS, so that he can set up the conditions to gradually destroy it so that he can sell it off to his rich buddies; withdraws legal rights from those who can't afford them, leaving them vulnerable to Cameron's crooks and vultures; throws thousands  of people out of work, then penalizes them for it by denying them any support; he rewards his thieving rich buddies for stealing from you, such as Centrica (British Gas) chairman Roger Carr, who received a Knighthood. His honour for services to business was to axe the jobs of hundreds of Cadbury staff and to hike up fuel prices by 7% just in time for the Arctic winter to hit hard-up families struggling to pay heating bills. Evil right wing Norwegian killer, Anders Behring Breivik would have felt right at home in Britain today

And, now we have the likes of this trashy nasty newspaper, worth only 10p trying to distract our attention away from what Cameron was really up to in the phone hacking scandal, by attacking the weakest victims of the recession. Even worse than that, some people will actually allow themselves to be deceived by such cruel, remorseless rhetoric, and end up scapegoating those worst effected by the gangster banking recession.