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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Britain For Sale: How the Nazi's Won The War

It is strange how history keeps repeating itself, at least until it gets it right. Napoleon wanted it. Adolf Hitler wanted it. Today, we have a European Central Government in Brussels, just as Napoleon had striven for. Hitler had written Mein Kampf (aka, My Struggle) in which he envisioned a New World Order. Today, it is coming into view, achieved by stealth.

The goal has always been the same, "A One World Government", and what we a re witnessing today is a consolidation of all nations into a Central Banking system for an eventual One World Bank. The only difference today is that the modern Adolf Hitler is David Cameron. He has certainly been keen to demonstrate that he can be much more ruthless and heartless that Tony Blair could ever wished to be when he went to war on a lie that caused thousands of deaths, atrocities and untold suffering for millions of people and future generations. Cameron wants to inflict the suffering closer to home, as he only won the job as unelected PM by demonstrating his willingness for evil.

David Cameron now wishes to force the British people into surrendering its national sovereignty. George Osborn attended a top secret  Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland in the middle of June 2011, in which he discussed the progress of Britain's surrender. Of course, you won't have heard any of this, since there is always a mainstream media blackout of such clandestine meetings. However, those of us in the alternative media did cover it. 

The analogy was already tried and tested on Ireland. In May 2010, unelected Bilderberg water-carrier David Cameron announces his trigger word, "Big" Society, as a subliminal reference to, Big Brother. Cameron brings back another known Bilderberg member, Tory veteran, Ken Clarke to oversee the transition. In 2008, Ireland overwhelmingly rejected the Lisbon Treaty. This threw the future of the EU into chaos. What is not known, is that the relatively new Irish Premiere, Brian Cowan was then brought before the elites globalist mafia and told in no uncertain terms that he "must go back to Ireland and force the Irish people to think again in another illegally imposed referendum!" Brian Cowan was reminded of the consequences should he not comply. He was already aware of the suspicious political scandal that forced his predecessor, Bertie Ahern to resign. He was reminded of how Ireland came to be the booming "Celtic Tiger" economy of the 1980/90s, and abruptly told, "You don't get a free lunch on the mob, and that if Ireland didn't play along, then all debts would be instantly recalled, `with interest', and that as a further penalty, economic and trade sanctions would be implemented against Ireland, reducing it to little more than a third world country". This gave the global elite bully boys an opportunity to flex their muscles against any other nation who decided to go against them. As a warning, immediately after Irelands original rejection of Lisbon in 2008, the world was suddenly hit with a global recession overnight. This was New World Order blackmail, and the citizens of each nation were being held hostage. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, the corporate controlled media were scare mongering the Irish people into voting for the illegal Lisbon Treaty in 2009 whilst demonising the strong "NO" campaign. Corporations who had established their European headquarters in Ireland, such as Intel and HP, were all threatening to pull out of Ireland if they rejected the treaty. The British people were to be next. During the UK recession, "small banks" were being held up as scapegoats, while they were being robbed by larger banks, especially in light of bonuses. This is a slight diversionary distraction from the truth. When we here talk of "National debt", we automatically assume that it is debt owed to the international community, when it is really to the Bank Of England , which is the main subsidiary to the Rothschild European Central Bank. People rarely ponder upon the idea of whether or not the Chancellor Of The Exchequer or Treasurer are qualified accountants. The simple answer is, they don't need to be, because, it is NOT they who do the sums. It is NOT they who regulates the budget. The very pinnacle of power, those whom you thought you'd voted for don't have any real power, since the Government has to go "cap in hand" to the Bank Of England whenever it wants any money. However, instead of having a national centralised bank, if all nations are combined, then that bank becomes consolidated into a World Bank. All that needs to be done is for the owners of such a bank to persuade the very wealthiest of each nation that they will have a stake and a handsome share if they invest in one bank. However, in reality, they don't have any real choice. So, the persuasion is just a matter of etiquette. The ultimate prize is, control over the masses by a select few. 

"Behold all the kingdoms of the earth. Follow me, and they shall be given unto you!"

BBC approaches and bribes 9/11 Conspiracists to sell their souls for yet another TV documentary of deception

Debunking the BBC's 9-11 Conspiracy Files


Here we go again. I refuse to watch any mainstream media coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, especially the BBC or Channel Four. However, nobody could have predicted how low the BBC would stoop this time.

As widely expected, the BBC pulled out all the stops in its strenuous efforts to debunk the truth. They even went to the extraordinary measure of wheeling out five 9/11 so-called conspiracy theorists and flying them out to an all expenses paid vacation to the US to do a U-turn and sacrifice their principles. Charlie Veitch now states categorically in hit pieces to the camera that 9/11 was NOT an inside job. While I looked into this further, Veitche's alleged best friend defended his betrayal, claiming that Charlie did NOT receive any payment from the BBC and wasn't betraying his principles and that indeed, he was sacrificing them by searching for the truth. "Did NOT receive any payment?" C'mon. I won't even dwell on the silliness of that statement.

The BBC even approached WeAreChange founder, Luke Rudowski and others to sell their souls over 9/11 too, but told them to take a jump. So, Charlie didn't receive any payment from the BBC eh?  Hmmm! Given that this guy has no job and no means of income and until now had disappeared into quiet oblivion since his abduction during the royal wedding, it is pretty damn mysterious that he suddenly turns up now. It is also interesting to note that Charlie never went to such lengths as even leaving the UK before to get his message across in his previous carnation in campaigning against the New World Order. So, what exactly did MI5 or MI6 do to Charlie Veitch during his disappearance to make him so drastically change his mind and do a U-turn?

It should also be remembered that when Charlie Veitch announced that he was shutting down shop on his Love Police pressure group, it was never made clear why.

You can respect an enemy, but nobody respects a traitor. Charlie sold his soul to the devil, and there is no going back now.

It is equally surprising that throughout this week in the run up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, there has been little attention of focus from Alex Jones on What on earth is going on? Has everyone suddenly been abducted and brainwashed?