Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Only a Tory could think they have a right to be corrupt

As former Conservative Party MP, `Sir' Malcolm Rifkind  and Labour MP, Jack Straw face charges over receiving cash for access, a defiant Malcolm Rifkind obviously feels he has the right to be corrupt as he protests that he has done nothing wrong. This is a typical characteristic of the Conservative Party or what has been dubbed the "Self-Servative Party".  Is this what David Cameron meant when the theme of two of his recent party conferences was the endorsement of, "Privilege" followed by another conference where gave a ringing endorsement of "Profit" (through the misery and suffering of others) by his greedy friends and donors?

Are we expected to believe fabricated polls, indicating that this is what the majority of the country wish to vote for? We MUST consider the Tory Party record on falsifying statistics and figures. There is no use to any of us if we just whine and moan about it apathetically. We MUST take action and do more much, much more to force the media to stop supporting false unemployment figures and other lies to falsify a recovering economy.  So, please, if you support what is written here, don't just agree. Do something about it by ramming it down the throats of the mainstream media.